Maldive resorts are perfect for second honeymoons, but there's something magical at Réunion Island. The tropical land of Réunion Island is a tiny piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean, offering travelers a “little piece of France!” This tropical Island sits between Madagascar and Mauritius, equipped with incredibly blue waters and lush tropical forests. Despite its beauty, the island is infamous for the staggering number of shark attacks in recent years, gaining the nickname “The Shark Capital of the World.” Due to this reputation, the Réunion Island government banned swimming and surfing along the coast, permitting water activities within lagoons and areas protected by an anti-shark net. Despite these protective measures, some travelers are wary of visiting this beautiful tropical Island.

However, travelers seeking a tropical vacation shouldn’t be quick to judge Réunion Island. This tiny island is home to incredible landscapes in the world. There’s a reason they nickname it a country of land, sea, and sky—Réunion Island will blow visitors away with these scenic sites and unique excursions!

9 Draw Underwater!

Just because swimming is banned in some regions of the Island, that doesn’t mean tourists can’t swim on the Island at all. There are still many designated spots for swimming on Réunion, especially in its beautiful lagoons. More uniquely, why should tourists settle for just swimming and snorkeling when they can channel their creativity into creating some underground art? Budding artists can learn more about marine diversity and try drawing a fish underwater. Then, using a drawing board and “magic” chalks, tourists can get creative and draw a picture underwater with a local artist! This activity is great for young travelers and families.

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8 Explore Réunion Island’s Local Culture

Visitors can learn about the fantastic diversity the Island has to offer, as the ethnicity of the Island is influenced by Asian, Indian, African, and European cultures. Due to its variety, tourists can see Hindu temples, churches, and Pagodas, all in one Island! The diversity of the island pairs well with its native Créole culture, where tourists are more than welcome to explore. People come from all walks of life on Réunion Island, enjoying a healthy population of over 850,000 people.

7 Go Dolphin And Whale Watching

Witness the majesty of pan-tropical spotted dolphins or blower dolphins year-round, which greet travelers along the coast or while diving! Lucky tourists may even spot the Risso’s Dolphin, a rare species native to the Réunion Island. Otherwise, enjoy the view of sperm whales, humpback whales, or fin whales on an animal-watching excursion!

6 Explore The Cirque Of Mafate

The Cirque of Mafate is only accessible by foot or helicopter! Enclosed within a UNESCO World Heritage site, travelers can explore 10 peaks that range over 2,000 meters. During their visit, hikers can check out local villages nearby (known as îlets) like Grand Place, Roche Plate, La Nouvelle, Marla, or Aurère. In addition, there is over 140 km of trails at Mafate, perfect for hikers and travelers passionate about eco-tourism.

5 Part Onboard A Musical Cruise!

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