Situated off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles is a group of 115 islands that is drawing more and more tourists in with its spectacular scenery and relaxing beaches. A remote island getaway, Seychelles offers visitors the chance to hike through lush rainforest, explore national parks, swim in serene waters, snorkel above colorful reefs, and admire rare native animals.

You will never run out of things to do in Seychelles, but many people come to the islands just to relax and soak up the sun on the peaceful stretches of sand. Keep reading to find out what 10 things you should do in Seychelles.

10 Hike The Copolia Trail

Seychelles is the perfect destination for travelers who like to enjoy the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities to enjoy against the backdrop of the stunning scenery, including the Copolia Trail, which is popular amongst hikers. The Travel Triangle blog advises that this is a must for anyone visiting Seychelles.

Located on Mahe Island, the trail will give you breathtaking views of the sparkling beaches and white-sand coastline. You might also get the chance to spot some native wildlife. The best part about the gorgeous Copolia Trail is that it’s absolutely free.

9 Chill Out At Beau Vallon

Most people think of Seychelles as a relaxing group of islands where they can chill out on the beach and escape from the stress of everyday life. And those people are right! When visiting the island of Mahe, pay a visit to Beau Vallon. Where’s Sharon travel blog recommends Beau Vallon as the ideal place to catch some rays, walk along the sand, and paddle in the calm water.

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The beach is surrounded by jaw-dropping natural sights but is also home to eateries and resorts. Everything is at your fingertips!

8 Snorkel At Bay Ternay

If there’s one activity you simply must do while in Seychelles, it’s snorkeling. With the mesmerizing reefs sprawling beneath the crystal-blue waters, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to swim under and check them out.

Bay Ternay is one of the most popular spots on Mahe Island when it comes to snorkeling. Here, you’ll get the chance to witness some outstanding natural beauty beneath the surface of the ocean. Elsewhere in Seychelles, you will get the chance to see wreckages and marine walls through scuba excursions.

7 Meet A Tortoise On La Digue

La Digue is the fifth largest island in Seychelles, and the third most populated. There are charming and secluded beaches to explore there, as well as historic buildings to discover. But you can’t visit the island without getting the chance to see a giant tortoise.

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According to You Could Travel, the tortoises often just walk around the island at random. This isn’t an excuse to go up and disrupt them, but you will get the chance to see them up close. They also live in enclosures throughout La Digue and the rest of Seychelles.

6 Take A Tour Of Vallee De Mai

There’s an abundance of natural scenery to discover in Seychelles. One location to add to your itinerary is Vallee de Mai, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Praslin, the second largest of the country.

Vallee de Mai is one of the rarest and most unique landscapes in the world, hosting an array of endangered birds. As you walk along the three hiking trails, you’ll have ample opportunity to spot some beautiful wildlife. Vallee de Mai also features the coco de mer palm growing naturally.

5 Visit The Aride Island Nature Reserve

Nature-lovers flock to Seychelles because of the flourishing flora and fauna. Be sure to visit the Aride Island Nature Reserve to see one of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes. The island is home to no less than 18 species of seabirds, many of which are living in the world’s largest colonies of their genus.

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Aride Island also has a higher density of lizards than anywhere else on the planet, which might be a little confronting to some travelers! You’ll also find several species of vibrant and colorful native flowers that are unique to Seychelles.

4 Browse At Victoria Bazaar

The capital city of Seychelles, Victoria, is home to an exciting market known as the Victoria Bazaar. If you like to browse through local handcrafted goodies, this is the ideal place to come and do a spot of shopping.

The local and friendly vendors sell everything (for competitive prices) from clothes to jewelry to other souvenirs that you won’t be able to resist bringing back home. There are also plenty of food outlets located in and around the market where you’ll be able to sample some traditional fare.

3 Stroll Through Victoria

Even if you don’t make it to the Victoria Bazaar, the city of Victoria on Mahe is a beautiful city and one that’s well worth exploring during your visit to Seychelles. Planet Ware explains that the city was named after the English Queen Victoria, and is home to several points of interest that attract visitors from all over the world.

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There are plenty of historic buildings to admire in the city, some of which have been standing since colonial times. Look out for Little Ben, a much smaller version of London’s famous Big Ben, and the charming St. Paul’s Cathedral.

2 Learn About The Past At The Natural History Museum

Victoria is also home to the Natural History Museum, where you will get a chance to learn about the rich history of Seychelles. The museum itself is contained within a colonial building and is affordable for families. Indian Ocean explains that part of the low entrance fees is used to contribute to environmental protection.

Many of the descriptions of the artifacts on display in the museum will be in French, but there are still staff members available to explain things to you. Be sure to look out for the display cabinets full of insects and bugs.

1 Pay A Visit To L’Union Estate & Copra Factory

There are several museums to discover in Seychelles. One of the most popular amongst travelers is L’Union Estate, which is an open-air museum on La Digue. For the price of approximately 7 USD, you will get to see an original plantation house, a working copra mill and kiln where coconut oil is made, the vanilla plantation, and the graveyard of the original settlers.

L’Union Estate is also home to a tortoise enclosure, in case you didn’t get a chance to run into any of the gentle giants on the island.

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