Just the name of Seychelles brings the images of cool sandy beaches, plain turquoise water, huge palm trees, mesmerizing sunset views, and plush beachside resorts. With so much to offer, Seychelles has become a luxurious enclave for people who love to spend their holidays lavishly. It is one of the most popular islands for vacationing among celebrities and billionaires across the world.

Even though Seychelles features everything lush and expensive, demanding a dig in the pocket, travelers can make a budget-friendly trip to this paradise. Visiting Seychelles is on the bucket list of many. While some retreat seeing the hefty prices, some make efforts to plan their visit in ways that can be pocket-friendly. But, how and when? Let’s check it out.


Plan Budget-Friendly Trip To Seychelles

Seychelles archipelago nestles 115 islands. While most of them are uninhabited, the three islands to plan the trip are Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. Out of these, Mahe is the largest and the most popular among the vacationers, mostly because it abodes international airport. For reaching Praslin and La Digue, travelers can get planes and a ferry, respectively. La Digue will be the best if the interest is more towards a smaller, quieter, calmer island with fewer crowds.

All three islands are within proximity, so travelers can also plan to visit all and explore. However, it will add to their cost and time. For a budget-friendly visit, focusing on one island is the best. At the same time, when tourists stay at one place for a longer duration, the accommodation price tends to be lower.

Some important points to note are:

  • Mahe is the cheapest island among the three, with more competitive accommodations
  • From Mahe to Praslin ferry takes about one hour and will cost around €100 return.From Mahe to La Digue (via Praslin) will take one and half hours with around €120 return cost.
  • In whichever island traveler plans his visit, carrying plenty of sunscreens, mosquito repellent, and essential toiletries will avoid the high imported prices of Seychelles.

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When And Where To Visit Seychelles

Best Time To Visit Seychelles For A Budget-Friendly Trip

Traveling the popular holiday gateways in the peak season increases the trip cost significantly. It is because the prices of everything spike in the peak season.

When it comes to Seychelles, the season with maximum rush is from December to January and from June to August. If the tourist visits Seychelles in these months, the chances of him paying extra for everything increase. From January to February, rains are expected that retreat many travelers from visiting the island.

Even though it rains, the downpours are usually short and warm. So, if the traveler does not mind risking short showers, saving on flight and accommodations can be made.

Best Place To Stay At Seychelles For A Budget-Friendly Trip

Booking in advance is always a wise decision, and when the traveler is heading for Seychelles, it becomes necessary. It is because airport authorities ask for proof of booked accommodation before entering their island.

Accommodations in Seychelles, especially hotels, are expensive. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for family-run guesthouses or homestays where you get plenty of space as well as a kitchen for self-cooking. Expect to pay around $80 to $150 per room per night. It will depend upon the location and the facilities.

Getting Around Seychelles

Exploring the three popular islands in Seychelles is pretty convenient. The tourists can take public buses or hire a car. These services are needed only when the tourists are in Mahe and Praslin. La Digue is so small that there are only a few taxis available to get around and explore- mostly, people are seen using bikes or ox carts.

If the traveler is looking for a convenient option, hiring a car to explore Mahe and Praslin is the best choice. It may cost around $40 to $50 per day. Mostly the cars available are small automatics but nimble enough to ride on Mahe’s windy mountain roads. Tourists need to fill the fuel tank and pay as per the petrol price.

Public buses will be the right choice for travelers looking for more economical options. Tata minibusses can be found roaming around 40 different routes across Mahe and Praslin. Travelers can check the timetables if they wish to take buses and plan their exploration accordingly.

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Eat And Drink On A Budget In Seychelles

Seychelles is dependent upon imported items. Other than fish and a few vegetable varieties, everything else is imported, which increases the price significantly. Until the traveler is interested in having seafood for all the days, he can save some bucks in food. However, for trying other meals, be ready to spend well.

A basic main course can cost around $20 per person in a basic restaurant. The price will spike if the traveler intends to visit a high-end resort. It is why choosing a homestay or guesthouse that offers a kitchen area was recommended in the ‘where to stay section.

However, we suggest trying the local and freshly cooked food like grilled fish, coconut curry, and satay from the local market at least once. Vacationers can also try out the food trucks and inexpensive takeaways that offer a big portion at a relatively reasonable price.

Talking about drinks, Takamaka rum, and Seybrew beer are produced locally on the island. It makes them cost low than the imported drinks. Trying local drinks is a must for every traveler for a memorable experience.

Even though Seychelles is all about expensive and luxurious life, it also offers gateways to vacationers not willing to dig a hole in their pocket while traveling. Travelers can plan and manage their flight and accommodation bookings in advance and keep an eye on the budget while exploring the island. It can help make the expedition worthy; after all, it is a paradise of the Indian Ocean.

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