China is making smart investments and is rapidly growing their economy. They are world leaders in industries such as tech and automotive, but the items you will find on this list are uninventive and are a reflection of what shouldn't exist in China's market. There is an abundance of distasteful products that might be served unusually or have some defect, making them weird.

What may seem normal to the Chinese is totally weird in other places. Avoiding grocery stores like Walmart entirely could save you from an unpleasant surprise. Maybe avoid the meat section of Walmart if choosing to vacation in China. You'll find out why later.

In some cases, companies from China copy existing products and brands. Your discounted Beats by Dr. Dre headphones could be a fake. It's difficult to spot a fake product, which is a reason for why they are prevalent. It is, however, the inferior fake products that are creepily disturbing.

From crabs served in vending machines, to canned air, the list of unwanted and strange things that are sold in China are endless. The expression "buyer beware" has the utmost importance when in China. There are at least 25 seriously weird things we can only buy in China.

23 Crabs from a vending machine

We already know that Eastern Asian people love to serve crab with many of their dishes. Sushi commonly includes crab meat and Chinese restaurants often serve multiple crab dishes. Being able to choose a crab from a water tank is easy, but the convenience of buying crab from a vending machine may have gone too far.

Crabs should be purchased in appropriate places since they can be expensive. Cheap snacks such as chocolate bars and chips are meant for vending machines. Almost any place that would have a crab vending machine could and should store their crabs in a different place.

22 Live Turtle Keyring

Your first guess might be that the turtle inside this key ring is fake, but unfortunately, it is a real turtle trapped in a key ring. It's uncertain how this trend started, but they can be found in China. It must be animal cruelty or against some type of rule. How the people of China can sell products like these is baffling. What would anyone do with a live turtle keyring? You could stick it on your keychain as intended, but it would be really awkward to show to people. It's a keychain best left at home or even better, never purchased.

21 Daddy Barbie

There's almost a 100% chance that this product has no affiliation with the original Barbie toy line. No version of Barbie's dad which resembles this toy. This man is dressed in pink, and the typical Barbie dads do not wear pink like Barbie. In fact, what does this character have to do with Barbie at all? It's another attempt for China to copy an American product and sell it at a discount. Sure, to receive a bargain, it may seem like a smart buy, but some people would be seriously weirded out by this strange toy. His eyes are dazed and confused just like the manufacturer.

20 KFG

At first glance, you might notice something is off about this picture. That's because someone accidentally drew a horizontal line after making the logo's "C." Instead of making the KFC logo we received a KFG logo. Okay, someone didn't actually make a mistake—the place is called "KFG."

China can be like a bizarro version of the rest of the world at times—there was even a place in China called "Obama Fried Chicken." The less we know about this establishment the better. Rather than find out what "G" in "KFG" stands for, we are going to head to the next entry, which is also unsettling. Will this list ever end?

19 Balsam Apple

There is only a short time-period when one can eat a Balsam apple in Japan. They aren't like traditional apples in appearance or taste. When they are green early in their life, Balsam apples can be eaten. If anyone tries to eat a Balsam apple later in the life of the apple, chances are he or she will fall ill and induce vomiting. One can take the seeds out at the appropriate time to take a bite of flavourful and sweet seeds. According to the website of, This plant is from tropical Africa and was also introduced to Asia where it is used to treat wounds.

18 Cucumber Flavored Lays

The transition of companies can involve a change in the products they sell. Companies who sell products in foreign countries have to sell products that appeal to the consumers of that country. Lay's cucumber chips could sound like a gross or tasty flavor depending on whom you ask. It's possible that hardly anyone buys Lay's cucumber in China, but we must admit that the flavor isn't what we'd expect a chip to have. Sour cream and onion maybe, but cucumber on a chip? By definition, since cucumbers have seeds, they are a fruit. It's a fruit that shouldn't be associated with chips.

17 Canned Air

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to invent the most ridiculous thing on the planet. We can somewhat understand why someone would want to sell air in a can since China's air is one of the most polluted in the world. It sounds implausible that someone could consume air from a can without it escaping.

In China, you can also find canned air that contains air from different countries. According to, "the first batch of 500 canisters filled with fresh air from the Rocky Mountain town of Banff went on sale in China last month and sold out within two weeks."

16 Tea Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs can be combined with tea to create a flavorful meal that is commonly served in China. The eggs that are produced from the process of making tea eggs are marbled with lines of tea. The website of says, "This will lead to a marble-like pattern on the egg white when peeled. In addition, egg yolks become less dry than the ones found in normal hard boil eggs." It depends on how long you boil hard boil eggs, but generally, they do have a dry texture. Soft boiled eggs are an alternative for a more runny yolk, but tea eggs provide the best of both worlds with an added tea flavor.

15 Chicken Feet

Skip the visit to the Chinese grocery store or at least stay out of the meat section. Chicken feet among other disgusting foods are available for purchase in Chinese grocery stores. Of course, to the Chinese people, finding foods that are not found in other places in the world is normal. Chances are, most people do not eat chicken feet in China, but to sell it in any grocery store is strange. There are at least 25 strange meats alone found in Chinese grocery stores. Cleanup in aisle 3! Bring a bucket for the queasy shopper.

14 Breathing Masks For Walking

Many residents of China choose to wear a breathing mask since the country's air is of the most polluted on Earth. There are cheap and designer brands for breathing masks that are available for sale in China because of how popular they are. Air pollution is an issue that is being addressed. China's export market is taking a toll on the air quality of the nation. Hopefully one day, residents won't feel the need to use a breathing mask. As stated by, it is advisable to purchase a breathing mask when visiting a country with poor air quality.

13 McDonald's Matcha Waffle Sundae

Matcha green tea is becoming a popular commodity due to its high amount of antioxidants and flavorful taste. You may think that all Match green tea is the same, but they are entirely different. The website of says, "Chinese tea leaves are not generally grown in the shade, and are "pan-fried" to stop oxidation. As a result, Chinese "matcha" does not froth as much and its texture is more sandy."

In the above photo, we see a McDonald's menu item, which is a bizarre combination of Matcha green tea and a waffle. It's but one of the several strange McDonald's menu items found in China.

12 Kung Pao Frog Legs

Frogs can be purchased in many grocery stores in China, which seems odd to most other people in the world, but in China, buying meats such as duck, frogs, alligators, and eel is normal. If you're like most people, the idea of eating frog legs is one that should be taken out to the back of the barn and shot! Yuck, frog legs in Kung Pao? Kung Pao is accepted worldwide as one of the tastiest Chinese dishes. At least China didn't push to make Kung Pao frog legs a delicacy to be served in the rest of the world.

11 Specialty Chopsticks

One can find chopsticks of higher quality in China, the country where chopsticks were invented. The chopsticks in the picture (above) have a red ruby-like tip which could make a dining experience captivating. After all, people use silverware and other utensils made of rare earth elements.

It makes sense that chopsticks other than the standard wooden versions would arise in China. Of course, elegant chopsticks have been used in China for thousands of years. According to, "chopsticks were created roughly 4,000-5,000 years ago in China." The website of also said, "the chopsticks were most likely made from twigs."

10 Buy Crocodile Meat At Walmart

Of the various types of strange meats available for sale in China, crocodile meat has to top the list. While lying on the ice, gators are put on display and can be purchased by customers. Anyone who is brave enough to buy an alligator and carry it home must be a person with no fear. The website of said, "Is that orange in its mouth supposed to make that crock look more appetizing?"Buzzfeed got it right this time by saying what we were all thinking. According to, the taste of alligator is like a chicken with a fishy blend.

9 Roasted Duck

Roasted duck is commonly eaten in China. Even in the Western world, one can head to a Chinese restaurant and find Roasted BBQ duck with ease. It's difficult to know for sure if the Chinese consume duck more than chicken, but it's close. Duck has advantages such as having more protein, fewer carbs, and fewer grams of fat. It is unhealthier in ways also. Duck contains much cholesterol and should be consumed in moderation. People who visit China for the first time might be surprised when they walk by a long line of hanging duck. Ya, it's a little gross, but not totally ridiculous since we already eat chicken and turkey.

8 Teabucks Instead Of Starbucks

Do you really want to shop at a place that claims to be Starbucks, but is actually Teabucks? You don't have to be a beverage expert to know that Teabucks is like Starbucks and sells tea. In China, Teabucks are not as rare as you might think. Various Teabucks locations sell tea products. In the Western world, Starbucks has more stores than almost any service company. Teabucks is nowhere near as widespread as Starbucks, yet it has a place in the market for selling sweet teas, green tea variations, and new concoctions which appeal to consumers. Strange, but perhaps not a bad idea.

7 Rice in bulk

Please don't start a new trend that allows people to buy rice in bulk. Many people don't wash their rice as they want to avoid removing starch or don't care to wash it. Regardless of if someone washes their rice or not, rice should not be placed in bulk containers. Apparently, people in China grab rice with their hands to put it into bags. Much like how people sometimes do that in bulk containers elsewhere. Kids especially can grab items in bulk containers with their unclean hands. Besides, airborne contaminants can touch the rice. It makes sense to sell rice in traditional bags or packaging.

6 Crust Toothpaste Instead Of Crest Toothpaste

At least the bottle of toothpaste comes with a free toothbrush. You can't blame Chinese manufacturers for wanting to copy American companies, but in most cases, copying a product to this degree is considered copyright infringement, which can lead to a company being sued. The color scheme, the similarity of the name, and the claim of extra whitening make this toothpaste too similar to the company Crest. Surely a brand that put no effort towards creating a unique logo didn't make a tube of toothpaste that is recommended by dentists. Hopefully, the toothbrush isn't also a fake.

5 PolyStation (A PlayStation Knockoff)

Aut0-correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the leading video game console from Eastern Asia called the PlayStation? The PolyStation is not the PlayStation, but it claims to have 10,000,000 games built into its memory. Of course, the company decided to make a replica without DualShock copycats—they instead chose to make the standard controllers without analog sticks. It's doubtful that the PolyStation has 10,000,000 games built in unless at least 60% of the games were duplicates. It doesn't take a gaming expert to realize this is a fake. PlayStation is the revolutionary Japanese invention, and this gaming console from China is absurd.

4 Fake Pokémon Cards

Fake Pokémon cards are exceedingly common in China. Pokémon was invented in Japan, but China is a major producer of the various Pokémon trading card sets. When buying Pokémon cards online, only buy from an official seller, any other option could be problematic.

You would think that spotting a fake Pokémon card would be easy, yet it seems to be not the case. Pokémon fakes only have slight differences from the real versions. The back of the card might be a giveaway, or the front of cards could have lighter colors. You might also find misspelled words on fake cards.