Some of you probably can't even imagine having to rely on public transportation to travel from Point A to Point B. You drive your car with ample cup holders and heated seats (we're not judging, just jealous) to and from work without even thinking about it. You know, plus or minus a few minutes, exactly how long your trip is going to take you and you know that the dog hair covering the backseat is from your own dog. Even better, you know that the Chinese food you brought home for dinner last night is the reason there is a faint fast-food odor in the vehicle.

For others, taking a train or bus is a way of life. These folks don't know why there are certain smells or where that hair came from. A typical Monday commute involves jostling for space, spilling coffee, and realizing the preferred stop is closed for repairs for the tenth time this month. Of course, it wouldn't be public transit without delays. So many delays.

One thing that is certain about public transportation is that you never know what you're going to see. From the truly astonishing (performances as though it were a ticketed event) to the downright awful (please don't eat that here), there is never a dull moment.

We uncovered twenty-five images of things seen on public transportation that will make you question everything. If you don't believe us, just keep scrolling to see the guy with his pet peacock, a woman lounging in a hammock, and so much more.

25 The Guy That Has Very Odd Reading Habits

In New York City, it is very easy to differentiate between the tourists and the locals.

Exhibit A: a guy hangs upside down on the subway to read, as shown by Noteabley. Riders to the left and right of him carry on with their business (locals) while the woman with a shopping bag further down the train takes a photo (tourist).

Back to the issue at hand, it is unclear how the words are absorbed any better from this angle. However, we're giving the bar grip a solid ten out of ten points.

24 The Gentleman That Did Some Serious Shopping

Washington, D.C. has a lot of great activities, including many boutique and antique shops.

Greater Greater Washington snapped a photo of a guy with his loot snoozing from a hard day of shopping. Or maybe he had to take the lamp from his living room to be fixed (do people even do that?). On the other hand, if this guy is moving apartments and doing it one item at a time, he's going to be at it for a while.

Either way, lamps on the metro are odd.

23 The Lazy Traveler That Is Just Hanging Out

We thought we had seen it all, until now. This woman took the idea of bringing your own seat on the train to a whole new level with her European stunt.

On her way to a camping trip, according to the Pinterest post, she wanted to be sure she had packed everything needed. Rather than just assume the newly purchased hammock was equipped with all its pieces, she strung it up to test it out.

Looks sturdy and comfortable from here, though we imagine other riders might not have shared her love for the great outdoors.

22 The Mascot That Might Have Missed His Stop

New York City is home to many professional sports teams. These numbers are multiplied during college tournaments and other events that draw fans from around the country. Of course, these fans have to be able to get to the games, which usually involves public transit. And that includes the team mascots.

A rider took to Twitter during the Big East basketball tournament to share a photo of the Seton Hall Pirates mascot on his way to the game. We hope no fans from the opposite team gave him bad directions.

21 The Group Of People That Formed A Perfect And Patient Line

In 1996, Taipei opened its metro system making it the first fully functional system in all of Taiwan. With nearly two million trips made each day, it would be easy to see how the Taipei metro would be a very overwhelming experience. However, that's not exactly correct.

According to the MIT Urban Mobility Lab, the passengers on the Taipei rapid transit system form orderly lines and patiently wait their turn. This is something we haven't seen before (usually it's a total free-for-all).

20 The Riders That Were Treated To A Concert

Something small like a harmonica or kazoo might have traveled better, but TripSavvy reported on a guy that pulled out a clarinet during his subway ride. No word on whether he was a successful clarinetist sharing his talent, someone looking for donations, or a guy with a new hobby (practice makes perfect).

It looks to us like the rush hour crowd might not be super excited about the concert, but they would have been even less excited if the clarinet was a drum set.

19 The Good Dog In A Very Big Bag

Last year, the powers that be in New York City implemented a rule that dogs could only ride the subway if they were contained in a bag (there had been incidents of misbehaved dogs/dog owners running free). For owners with small dogs, this wasn't a major issue. However, owners with larger dogs had to get a bit creative.

According to a story submitted to BlazePress, one guy stuck his big dog in an even bigger bag. The dog doesn't look too upset to be carried around (in fact, it seems like he enjoys it).

18 The Employee That Wishes He Had Called Into Work Sick

Deliveries happen in the city just like they do anyplace else. The only difference is that the people making the deliveries often have to do it using public transit.

WNYC proclaimed the delivery guy from Balloon Saloon (an NYC staple) as the hands-down winner of delivery transit. He was spotted maneuvering dozens of green balloons onto the subway (after failing to make space on two other train cars and asking a passerby to give the balloons a gentle push).

Somebody tip this guy!

17 The Real-Life GI Joe That Is As Casual As Ever

Tourists think they have to go to Times Square to see characters in New York City (at least the "official" ones). However, if you ride the subway around for long enough you can see your share of characters.

BlazePress put out a story of the top twenty strangest people ever spotted riding the subway and without a doubt, the guy dressed as a plastic GI Joe toy was at the top of the list. He was just so very, very green.

We get it, not everybody wears a suit and tie to work.

16 The Bachelor That Is Ready To Make A Move

Busted! This guy got caught reading a book about how to meet women on the subway (while riding the subway...sitting between two women), a photo that quickly made it onto Pinterest.

Granted, there is a practical joke known to take place on public transit in which people put fake book covers over their actual books just to get a reaction out of others. That said, we kind of hope this guy is serious (and we hope he does meet someone).

15 The Rhino That Is Taking Up A Lot Of Space

We've had to politely (sometimes not politely) ask people to move their oversize luggage out of the way so we could squeeze past to exit the train, but never have we had to ask a person dressed as a rhinoceros to move his or her horn to make space.

This rhino, sporting a "save the rhino" informational poster, took the London underground home after visiting the zoo to spread awareness about the threats that rhinos face.

Just another day in London, nothing to see here.

14 The Woman That Couldn't Wait Any Longer For Dinner

It seems a bit unappetizing to eat on a crowded subway car, but sometimes you just have to do it (because hungry people get angry and angry people don't make for good travelers). However, the people that just have to eat should stick with something like a sandwich or a smoothie. These items are relatively low mess and don't require you to touch them necessarily (public transit is full of germs). That would be acceptable, unlike the woman photographed using a knife to cut a block of cheese (on a cutting board on her lap, no less).

13 The Young Guy Showing Off His Dancing Skills To An Uninterested Audience

It's common knowledge in New York City that if you are onboard the train and hear the word "showtime", your day is about to go from bad to worse.

At the mention of the phrase, a boombox appears and a small group of boys start breakdancing and climbing the poles (the ones meant for hanging onto so you don't careen into someone when the train makes a sudden stop).

According to a story in Politico, law enforcement is cracking down on train performers. Yeah, we'll believe it when we see it. For now, we just try to act uninterested when it happens (like everyone in this picture).

12 The Shark That Made Its Way Onto The Train During Rush Hour

Rule number one when riding the New York City subway is that there is a reason some train cars are left empty. So, if you encounter an empty car, do not enter it. Chances are it either smells funny for no reason, something spilled on the floor, or the heat is on in the middle of summer (sometimes it's a combination of all three).

So, when one brave rider entered an empty car and noted that it smelled "fishy" he did a quick scan before bolting to another car. According to NY Daily News, the rider had encountered a deceased sand shark that someone had put on the train.

Not phased, the conductor reported the shark to transit authorities, picked it up, and went about his day.

11 The Guy That Wanted To Be Sure He Had A Seat

Subway cars are often crowded, which means you are probably going to spend at least part of your ride if not all of it standing up. That is, of course, unless you bring your own seat.

This guy is by no means the first to bring a chair onto the subway (it happens quite regularly), but the Tweet did get a lot of attention as people mocked the audacity of the gentleman.

Hey, if you want to push the limits of what is allowed by law, you may as well be comfortable doing it.

10 The Sleepiest Person That Needed A Nap

When done correctly, you can fit roughly three people on each section of seats (between poles) on the New York City subway (at least in the newer cars). This equation maximizes space and comfort. Sometimes, people try to squeeze a fourth person in and it becomes just very awkward as one person is left trying to wrap their body around the pole to get a little more room.

The three-person equation is also ruined when someone doesn't adhere to the basic rules of etiquette and decides to lay down.

9 The Packed Train That Was About To Get More Packed

Every New Yorker is in a rush and wherever they have to be is ten times more important than where you have to be (just ask them). This often leads to people desperately trying to shove themselves into a crowded subway car to the point where people literally spill out onto the platform the next time the doors open, rather than just waiting for the next (likely less crowded) train two minutes away.

Reuters has reported on the record-breaking ridership on the New York City subway each of the past few years. It's showing no signs of a decline anytime soon, which means more squishing for everyone.

8 The Lizard And His Human Out For A Stroll

Dogs and cats are a pretty common occurrence on the subway in New York City. So much so that people generally don't notice their presence. However, walk onto the train with a huge lizard and people are going to pay attention (probably with very wide eyes and a dropped jaw).

The Independent wrote a story on the, shall we say "oddities", encountered on public transit that give the city a little extra flair. In this case, the flair is named Reggie and this green guy does tricks for his dinner.

7 The Person That Doesn't Have Any Respect For The Seats

There may be no greater feeling than putting your feet up after a long day. However, we typically refrain from doing that until we get home. It never fails, though, that there is someone on the train that finds it appropriate to kick back and use a nearby seat for their feet. It is frustrating to have to ask someone to move their feet so you can sit down, but also alarming because you don't know where those shoes have been.

Pro tip: keep your feet off the seats (because you weren't raised in a barn)!

6 The Guy Doing The One Thing We All Hate

Stop the spread!

Just one step above backpack wearers (space hogs), New York City transit officials launched a campaign to target a phenomenon known as "manspreading". This unsightly gesture occurs when a person (usually a man, though women are not immune) sits on a subway seat with their legs spread apart so wide that either makes it impossible for others to sit down or cuts into the personal space of those already sitting there.

According to Buzzfeed News, New Yorkers have taken to social media to shame "manspreaders" and spread (no pun intended) awareness of the issue.