Africa is the delight of Safari trips. There are numerous national parks and wildlife reserves all over the Sub-Saharan part of the continent. These draw tourists from far and wide from all over the world to see these magnificent animals. The two regional hotspots for game Safaris are in Southern Africa (with South Africa, Botswana, etc.) and East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda - Uganda, and Rwanda are famous for their gorillas trekking).  Tanzania and Kenya are famous for their Serengeti Safaris and were the inspiration for the setting of the Disney classic The Lion King.


For those coming to see the circle of life on the Serengeti Plains and to find one's place with the great and mighty, there are some tips to keep in mind on a safari trip.

Park Entrance Fees

The park entrance fees in much of Africa for non-resident foreigners (aka tourists) are often expensive. This varies widely depending on the park being visited and the country. Park entrance fees can easily be $100.00 per day, so it is important that when booking a Safari that one check to see exactly what is included.

  • Park Entrance Fees: They Vary And Can Be Very Expensive

Check which parks are the safari is going to. Not all the parks have the vast herds of animals that one may be expecting to see. One may see a cheap Nairobi National Park Safari for example, but this is just outside and partly surrounded by the sprawling city and its tiny. It is a great way to see animals if staying in Nairobi, but not the Serengeti one is hoping to see after flying all around the world.

Serengeti National Park vs Maasai Mara

The Serengeti and the Serengeti National Park are located in Tanzania. This is a massive area and where one can see the migration and where so many of the nature documentaries are filmed. The Serengeti runs north straight up to the border with Kenya, over the border in Kenya it is known as Maasai Mara National Park and is the northern extension of the Serengeti region (the animals don't care about the border).

Infrastructure and Safety

Regardless of what one may see in the news, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc. are safe for tourists. Tourists who book a full safari package will feel very safe and will be fully comfortable throughout. Local people in these countries are also very friendly and welcoming. If one sees news headlines about trouble in the Congo, the collapse of the Central African Republic, and school kidnappings of girls in northern Nigeria - then that's Congo, the CAR, and Nigeria and not Kenya, etc. Trouble in Venezuela doesn't make Argentina unsafe, nor did the Cuban Missle Crisis make Florida unsafe.

  • Tip: East Africa Is Safe For Tourists
  • Tip: Be Prepared To See Numerous Armed Guards In Africa - In The National Parks Park Rangers Can Have Open Battles With Poachers

The infrastructure in Kenya is reasonably developed, especially anything touristic. One can expect great vehicles and stunning lodges in Kenya and Tanzania. In this part of Africa, the main roads are also generally in good condition (another story off the main roads!).

Bring A Sweater And Jacket

This depends on exactly where one goes, but much of Tanzania and Kenya is high in elevation. Nairobi for example is over 1,600 meters or 5,300 feet above sea level and so it can get quite chilly with nighttime temperatures falling to around 10°C or 50°F.

  • Tip: When Traveling Even To Equatorial And Tropical Destinations In The World, It Is Always Prudent To Pack A Sweater or Light Jacket

Visas & Yellow Fever Vaccination

Countries in East Africa all have E-visas and Visas on Arrival (Visas on Arrival may have been suspended during Covid - one will need to check the latest). The fee for the tourist visa is normally $50.00 and one normally needs an onward ticket.

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  • Cost Of Visa: Normally $50.00

In some countries in East Africa like Uganda, yellow fever vaccination is mandatory before entering the country. If one is planning to go to Africa, it is strongly advised to get a yellow fever vaccination.

  • Yellow Fever: Proof Of A Yellow Fever Vaccination Is Compulsory For Many African Countries.

Don't Worry About Packing

Don't worry about packing too much. If one forgets to pack things, then there are fully modern shopping malls in the big cities in East Africa. So one can normally buy anything one may have forgotten.

Going on a safari in East Africa is stress-free, hassle-free, and safe. Just one can expect them to be a little pricey - as these Sarafis are one of the countries' greatest sources of revenue and pays for the conservation of the animals.

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