25 Perfectly-Timed Selfies That Show The Best Side Of Travel (And The Worst)

Selfies are a big part of life and travelling nowadays. And capturing that perfect selfie while you are on one of your adventures is a must do while adventuring around the world. One of the most amazing things to see when travelling is the different type of animals and wildlife that exist in different countries. Maybe it's monkeys in Thailand, kangaroos in Australia, Lions in South Africa or Moose in Canada, it is always, always an exciting moment in your life if you are an animal lover or not. It is not always possible to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures but when you do, you better have your camera ready.

Not all amazing travelling selfies have to involve animals though, sometimes it's just capturing that perfect moment that will make your social media blow up with likes and comments and maybe even go viral. Whatever you do, wherever you go on your adventures, make sure to always have your camera ready because you never know what you are going to capture that day! Obviously, memories don’t have to be captured on camera to be remembered but it definitely helps to be able to look at your favourite memories over and over again. Here are some amazing, perfectly-timed selfies that these travellers have captured. Not all of them will make you envious of travelling, but some will definitely warm your heart and fuel your fire to book a ticket to somewhere new!

25 Camel Breath

Via blikk.hu

Have you ever wondered what a camel’s breath smells like? Probably not, it is not a very common thought I don’t think, however this travel buddy had the pleasure of finding out in this amazing selfie with this magical animal. If you are thinking of travelling somewhere where Camels exist try the Middle East or Africa. Fun fact: If you wish to get up close and personal with Camels, Somalia is the country with the most camels, with over 7 million of these furry creatures (Blue Marble Citizen).

24 Giraffe kiss

Via pinterest.com

These long necked gorgeous creatures often get close to humans; this lucky little girl got a big smooch from this not so little guy. When you are travelling to Africa look out for these majestic creatures. They are kind of hard to miss as they are the tallest mammals in the world (National Geographic Kids). There is no reason to be afraid of these animals as they are herbivores and have no desire to do much else besides eat and stick out their giant tongues.

23 I sea you

Via wsbuzz.com

How amazing is this shot? Perfectly timed, right before the wave took over. Nothing better than spending some well-deserved time in the ocean and feeling that salty water hit your face while you play in the waves. Take some time off from work, pack a bag and go somewhere new to soak up the sun and enjoy the feeling of the sand beneath your toes. Why not book a flight to Bali, Barbados or Hawaii, and enjoy some of the most amazing beaches in the world? (Conde Nast Traveler).

22 Popping over for some tea

Via liveinternet.ru

Well Hello there big guy! Imagine being this close to a giant Polar Bear. How fantastic! These big creatures are so beautiful but you may not want to get this close if you are not inside somewhere safe like this guy. Did you know that you could go on Polar Bear Tours whilst you are visiting countries such Canada, Norway or hopping over to Alaska? (Trip Savvy). That is definitely going on my bucket list for future travels.

21 Best selfie ever!

Via storytrender.com

Ok, this one is definitely my favourite selfie ever! Stingrays are so amazing, they look like they fly in the water and there are multiple countries that allow you to swim with them, such as: Mexico, Ecuador, Hawaii, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji or Maldives (Padi Travel). You can even do night dives with them. All those countries have amazing views and adding a dive with Manta rays would just be a bonus on your getaway!

20 Camel kiss

Via topsimages.com

These hump-backed animals aren’t seen everywhere in the world, so when you are travelling and have the pleasure to see one, you might as well try and get a memorable selfie like this one. Camels are fantastic animals that can be seen in the Middle East. You may not want to get too close, as they are known to spit on people when they feel threatened (Spana). Last thing you need is camel spit all over you when you are trying to capture that perfect holiday moment.

19 Can I please come in?

Via bigbangnews.com

If you are a giraffe lover like me you will love this photo! Imagine going on a safari and becoming best friends with a giraffe! That’s the dream! What a great picture and memory to have. Going on an African Safari is a “must-do” in life. According to The Telegraph some of the best places to do this are: Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda), Etosha National Park (Namibia), Kruger National Park (South Africa), etc. I hope I’m as lucky as this guy and get to get up close and personal with these long neck magical creatures.

18 Checking out the scenery

Via nationalgeographic.com

Yes, selfies have become a huge thing, but now animals taking them?! That’s a whole other level of skill. How perfect is this shot? Well we know this amazing shot was probably taken by a great photographer but it is way more fun to think that this little guy grabbed a camera, worked his angles and captured the perfect shot. Whilst you are travelling, on your own, with your friends or with your boo, always have your camera ready because you never know when you can capture a moment like this.

17 Can I get in this with you?

Via yzgeneration.com

Smile for the camera little Quokka! These guys love pictures and it is impossible to not fall in love with them as well. This picture looks like they had an amazing day exploring these sandy parts of Australia together. It is not rare to be able to get this close to these creatures as they are very friendly but can also be quite vicious if they feel threatened, and use their sharp claws to defend themselves (Mental Floss). Be careful and gentle if you wish to get an adorable picture like this with them!

16 Happy reindeer

Via pinterest.com

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen, On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen! I wonder which one this little guy is. We all loved seeing that reindeer at the Christmas markets when we were little but let's get real and admit that no matter how old we all we always love seeing these magical furry creatures. The best places to see these Christmassy wonders is in countries such as: Alaska, Norway, Scotland, Sweden or Finland (Smithsonian). So hop on your sleigh and go pay them a little visit!

15 Can I please get an autograph Federer?

Via gala.de

I don’t know who is happier to be in this selfie, if it is this adorable quokka or Roger Federer. Either way it is an amazing moment that was captured. Just goes to show that celebrities get just as excited as we “normal” folk do when we travel, and no matter how much you achieve in your life seeing wildlife from different parts of the globe is always an amazing thing. Book your flight and go see these little ones on some of the most gorgeous Australian Islands.

14 Caribbean Ponytail

Via Pinterest.com

Did you think she had a high ponytail? Well look again, and notice it is just a man passing behind her. What a perfectly timed photo. Couldn’t have planned it better if they wanted to. Besides this hilarious coincidence, look how amazing that blue water is in the background. Doesn’t it just make you want to pack your bags and head to the Caribbean for a dip and a tan? Maybe whilst, you are there you can get some funny pictures that will end up circling the Internet as well.

13 Say cheese!

Via noticiasaominuto.com

Have you ever seen a camel smiling? Well here you go. This little guy is smiling for the selfie. Nothing would be cooler than wandering around the desert and ending up with this furry buddy by your side and capturing these fun moments. According to a blogger named E. A. Stewart, camels are really friendly and approachable creatures and getting up close and personal with them is quite alright when you are travelling in countries throughout the Middle East. Pack your bags and go find yourself a friendly camel, and capture the moment!

12 Long reach selfie

Via edition.cnn.com

Elephants are very smart creatures and often you see them performing tricks at the circus but have you ever seen one take a selfie? You’d definitely get that long reach and wide angles if your elephant buddy helped you out like this guy. In some countries like Thailand you can pay to ride elephants, but maybe when you are thinking of doing something like that, you could change your mind and go to an elephants sanctuary instead and enjoy washing them in the Elephant Sanctuary Phuket for example.

11 Sloth selfie

Via picturesboss.com

How adorable is this picture? Sloths are definitely my spirit animal; they are lazy, fluffy and adorable. If you are travelling through Central or South America keep an eye out for these little guys (Live Science). Fun fact about these little creatures: sloths used to be much bigger. Ancient sloths used to grow to the size of elephants and roamed North America. They became extinct 10,000 years ago (Live Science). Now that is hard to believe, but how cool would that be to see one of them?

10 Horse face

Via scoopwhoop.com

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals to walk the earth and they are also very smart. However, not always photogenic apparently. This photo was perfectly timed and this guy clearly has a wonderful smile. You can pet and ride horses in most countries but if you decide to travel to Mongolia, you should go and appreciate one of the only places left in the world where you can see true wild horses (BBC earth).

9 Photobomb

Via pinterest.co.uk

This one is also a phenomenal selfie! In case you don’t know, this little adorable animal is called a quokka, and they are the happiest creatures alive (Yummy pets)! They are always seen with the most adorable smile on their face and can be found in some islands in Australia, such as Bald Island and Rottnest Island. And although you can get up close and these little guys love a good photo you can get fined quite heavily if you catch or feed them, so just stick to the selfies!

8 I thought I taw a “Puddy Tat”

Via pinterest.com

Now this is a big cat! Lions are the kings of the jungle and they are amazing to look at. I don’t know if I would get this close to one but they seem to be good old friends. If you are ever travelling through South Africa and you wish to see these beautiful animals there are plenty of Safaris you can go on and explore the amazing wildlife. They only live outside of reserves, naturally in Northern and Eastern parts of South Africa so you are most likely to find them in the South in protected habitats (Wildlife South Africa).

7 “I Wallaby in this picture sir!”

Via yzgeneration.com

How adorable is this little guy? I want a wallaby! Often wallabies are confused with kangaroos, mainly baby kangaroos, because they are basically a smaller version of the big, strong Roo. They are very similar in general but while you are adventuring around Australia make sure you spot the difference so you can tick both these bouncy animals off your list of “animals to see”. These herbivores are found mainly in the islands in Australia and if you get close they are quite friendly creatures (National Geographic).

6 Another camel kiss

Via noticiasaominuto.com.br

So it seems like these creatures enjoy giving kisses, or just enjoy the smell of the human head. I don’t think this girl was expecting this to happen but she definitely captured an unforgettable and hilarious picture. This could be you too! Pack your bags and go on an adventure, maybe you weren’t planning, through the Middle East. Get close to camels, enjoy the warm weather and see some of the most amazing sites while you are out there! And don’t forget to snap some amazing pictures while you are there.

5 Peak-a-boo I seal you

Via yukle.mobi

I am so jealous of this picture. How amazing must it be to swim so close to such an adorable animal? Although seals look cute and cuddly they have been known to be quite vicious, especially during mating and breeding season (Seals World). If you wish to see these sea creatures you can travel to places like, La Jolla in California or to the Orkney Islands in Scotland (Country Life). They literally lie on land and allow you to get quite close to them, even though you might not want to because they tend to not be the best smelling creatures! Still cute though!

4 Surprise from “down unda”

Via ilgazzettino.it

Another amazing selfie from “Down under”! Although kangaroos can be quite scary and muscular, they are also very soft and love a good selfie. Make sure that while you are travelling to Australia you make a pit stop at Australia Zoo, in Queensland and visit Roo Haven (Lonely Planet)! You will be able to lie on the ground and enjoy hours with these guys. You can also spot them in the wild all through Australia in places like Hamilton Island, Jervis Bay, Kangaroo Island, etc.

3 Can I please get a ride?

Via topimages.com

Look, it’s a Zebra! This guy is basically having a ride-along with this black and white, striped “horse”. I would love to have a zebra hangout with me in my car.Whilst you are travelling to Africa, don’t forget to stop at Kruger's National Park in South Africa and enjoy watching these beautiful animals (Kruger Park). You can see them in Zoos all around the world but there is nothing like seeing them in the wild in their own Natural Habitat. Get your camera ready and capture a perfect moment!

2 Twinning

Via twitter.com

They say we all have a look-a-like somewhere in the world, looks like this guy found his! How adorable are these wooly creatures? Well, if you love alpacas and want to see them you need to go to New Zealand. You can go to Alpaca farms and get close and cuddly with these furry animals (Backpacker Guide New Zealand). They are quite friendly and very soft. They prance around and you won't be able to contain yourself and laugh the whole time you are around them.

1 Fish lips

Via thoughtco.com

So we all know “duck lips” was a big thing when it came to the selfie game but here we have fish lips. A perfectly timed selfie! Although diving in the ocean can be quite scary because we do not know what we will encounter, it is also so gorgeous and you will never be disappointed to see all the colourful fish around. When travelling to the Bahamas, Maldives, Australia, or any place with big amounts of sea life you definitely need to go diving or snorkeling and enjoy your underwater views!

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