While there's no shortage of folks who would have jumped at the chance to join Taylor Swift on the red carpet at Sunday's Golden Globes in Hawaii, one of her best friends decided to do something else.

That buddy, Selena Gomez, opted to head to Hawaii to chill in the middle of the Pacific with a few of her girlfriends she's hung out with long before she was famous.

Friendship with Swift

That's understandable, considering Gomez has been admired for staying as grounded as possible, given how quickly stardom can turn a pop star's head at the drop of a dime.


As for her friendship with Swift, Gomez has been quick to point out that the famed songstress has never judged her for anything she might have said. That's a lofty status for a normally tight-lipped Gomez, considering Swift's infamous feuds with a lengthy list of celebs that include Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

Time off before album

In Hawaii, Gomez and her friends have been seen lounging on a yacht and in a rented beach house. She was reportedly low-key during her downtime in Oahu, and although she was stung by a man o' war while swimming, by all accounts she's doing fine.

That mishap aside, one of her handlers has indicated Gomez is making the most of her stay in Hawaii to take as much time off as she can. Later this week, Gomez gets back into the spotlight to release Rare, her third album and her first in more than four years. The album is slated to drop Jan. 10, in conjunction with a streaming party hosted by iHeartRadio.

Skipped Globes

Yet one can't resist speculating that Gomez also skipped the Globes to avoid any connection between Taylor Swift and the musical Cats, already panned as the worst movie of 2019. Swift not only starred in the feline bomb, but she also wrote a song for the flick with Andrew Lloyd Webber that was nominated but lost to an entry in the Elton John biopic Rocketman.