Florida is known for its marvelous and attractive pristine beaches, perfect for a sunny getaway for families, couples, or even solo travelers. From Miramar Beach in South Walton and Cocoa Beach in Brevard County to Bowman's Beach in Sanibel Island and South Beach in Miami Beach, people never get enough of the beautiful shores in Florida. With more than 8,436 miles of coastline, crystal clear waters and soft sand are something that anyone who visits Florida can enjoy.

However, there's one unique beach in the state where people can head to escape the crowds, spot some dolphins, enjoy a picnic, or just stroll along the massive pier, and that is Navarre Beach. The latter is located in northeast Florida and is recognized as one of the most relaxing beach destinations in the southeast.


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Here Are The Best Activities To Enjoy When Visiting Florida's Navarre Beach

Natural beauty is the most appreciated feature around Navarre Beach. People will enjoy walking on the crystal white sand and dipping their toes into the gulf's aquamarine sparkling waters. Sunset-watching will also relax the spirit and mind in Navarre Beach.

  • Tip: Renting a scooter would be a great idea when in Florida's Navarre Beach. People will enjoy riding along the seashore. Sage's Paddle Company is an excellent place to choose for renting a scooter in the area.

People will enjoy riding through the Gulf Islands National Seashore. This might prove to be the most scenic and unforgettable ride in their lives for many. The Santa Rosa area is home to the marvelous Opal Beach, which is worth visiting. People will also enjoy strolling along Florida's longest pier, the Navarre Beach Pier. The latter stretches for 1,545 feet and is located 30 feet above the water.

Snorkeling is also one of the most unique activities to take part in Navarre Beach. With three artificial reefs, one will be amazed by the vast array of sea creatures they can witness when snorkeling in the area. The easiest to visit of the three is the East Sound Side Reef. This is also the smallest reef in Navarre Beach. The others are the West Sound Side Reef and the Gulf Side Reef. All three reefs in the area are accessible and can be found near the shore in Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf of Mexico.

Even novice snorkelers will find it very convenient to spot marine life, including stingrays, sea turtles, and more since the reefs are part of the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary. For people who don't enjoy snorkeling, they can take a kayak tour of the Gulf Side Reef.

Adventures Unlimited's zipline tour is another activity worth taking in Navarre Beach that allows visitors to enjoy a bird's eye view of the beaches, rivers, and forests.

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Here's When To Visit Navarre Beach And How To Get Around

Visitors to Navarre Beach will enjoy various attractions and partake in several unique activities no matter what time of the year they come. Depending on their preferences and they'd like to do more, people will choose the season or month that is most suitable for them to visit Navarre Beach. For example, those looking for outdoor fun will find it best to come when the temperature and humidity are most favorable for such activities, that is, between the middle of February and the end of May.

Also, Navarre Beach gets particularly busy in the summer season, particularly during June, May, and July. This is when prices get the most expensive in the region. This is why those who want to save some money may find it more convenient to plan a trip to Navarre Beach during the fall, winter, or the early spring. As for the multiple festivals and events that Navarre Beach hosts, people need not worry about these because they are held during all the year's seasons.

  • How to get there: Flying into the Pensacola Airport, people can easily reach Navarre Beach in Florida by simply renting a car from the airport and driving to their final destination. Those who don't wish to drive during their trip have the option of booking a Uber, taxi, or Lyft. As for those living in the southeast, the best option to reach Navarre Beach is a scenic road trip. They can do it by taking State Road 87 and US Route 98.

Here's What To Know Before Visiting Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is known for its unique sea turtle habitat because of the low light pollution in the area. With flourishing wildlife in Navarre Beach, people are expected to protect the sea turtles when they visit during the nesting season. That is, they should turn off their lights to any beach-facing rooms if they visit Navarre Beach between May and October.

That is because sea turtle hatchlings will lose their way when they come out of their nests if exposed to light. Hence, the name light pollution. After the sunset, people must close their blinds and curtains to prevent light from coming out to the sea turtles.

Other creatures that may be spotted along Navarre Beach include dolphins, rabbits, deer, birds, or even bears. People are advised never to disturb these creatures and observe them only from a distance.

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