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Summer is here and is in full swing. It's time to get out and have some good old summer fun. If one is planning on traveling down the legendary Route 66, then one of the fun places to pay a visit is Canyon Coaster Adventure Park. The park is home to a number of thrilling adventures - including Arizona's only mountain coaster.

Williams may be a long way from anywhere, but it is on the way if one is going to the Grand Canyon, if one is exploring Route 66, or if one is just crossing the country on I-40. Williams and its Canyon Coaster Adventure Park are undoubtedly some of the best stops one can enjoy along Route 66.


Williams - The Perfect Stop On Route 66

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park is located in Williams, Arizona. Williams is a town located on the historic Route 66 in northern Arizona. It has a population of only around 3,000 and is located west of Flagstaff. While the town was bypassed by Interstate 40 in 1984, it continues to thrive as a tourist attraction along the Interstate and historic route.

  • Located: On Route 66
  • Population: 3,000

Williams is also the southern terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway that takes visitors to the Grand Canyon Village. Williams is known as the "Gateway to the Grand Canyon."

  • Known As: The Gateway to the Grand Canyon

The small town is home to many restaurants, motels, and inns as it is a popular destination for tourists during the summer and holiday periods.

Attractions in Williams include hiking trails, fishing lakes, Sycamore Canyon, skiing, wildlife, and many other outdoor attractions and fun.

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The Canyon Coaster - Arizona's Only Mountain Coaster

The thrilling Canyon Coaster enjoys stunning mountain scenery on the way up and heart-pounding rides on the way down. Experience steep descents, twists, hairpin turns, dips, and 360-degree corkscrews. The track is one mile long and is open year-round.

  • Season: Year-Round
  • Length: 1 Mile Track

The adventure park is brand new - just a year or two ago the area was just dirt, and now it is a unique attraction in the Grand Canyon State. The track is around a mile long and drops 310 feet in elevation. At the top, riders can enjoy stunning views of Williams and then scenic views all the way down.

Joyriders get to control the descent. They control the speed on the way down with speeds possible of up to 35 miles per hour for those who dare. At times riders are 35 feet in the air.

  • Peak Speed: 35 Miles Per Hour
  • Control: Riders Control the Descent Speed

The ride is nothing like a normal coaster ride - on this ride, one can control the speed and descent by themselves.


  • Adults: $20.00 Per Person Per Ride
  • Children: $10.00 For Kids - Less Than 54 Inches Tall (Minimum Height 38 Inches)

The Canyon Coaster is a Wiegand Coaster. These coasters are karts attached to a track. Riders have seat belts and have controls of the kart to control the speed. There is also a distance control system that stops karts from getting too close to one another.

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Visiting Canyon Coaster Adventure Park & Other Attractions

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park also has a couple of other thrilling rides - summer mountain tubing and snow attractions in the winter.

  • Location: 700 East Route 66- Williams, AZ 86046

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm / Dusk (Extended Hours Begin Memorial Day Weekend)

Just because it's summer, that doesn't mean one can't go tubing! At the park, visitors can experience the thrill of snow tubing without the snow. They also have uphill conveyors - so one doesn't need to haul oneself back up the hill after every ride. The converts are also covered in plexiglass for the rider's comfort.

  • Lanes: 4 Lanes
  • Tubes: Tube Rental Included

Come in the winter, and summer tubing transforms into winter snow tubing. This is a perfect family winter activity and a very fun and exciting attraction while crossing the country in the winter months. They have four state-of-the-art snowmakers and with them, they guarantee snow from mid-November to Easter.

  • Snow Season: Mid-November to Easter

The winter admission for snow tubing is $59 per adult for a full day and $35 for a child.