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Venture up to the Canadian Arctic for an ultimate outdoor experience. Peterson's Point Lake Lodge offers year-round tours of northern Northwest Territories close to the border with Nunavut and the Arctic tundra. It is located on the cusp of the Arctic Circle and is a choice location for Arctic barren land experiences.

The Northwest Territories has some of Canada's most dramatic and underrated national parks, far removed from the crowds of more accessible parks. The Northwest Territories offer some of the most remote and extreme Arctic landscapes Canada has on offer. Its neighboring territory of Nunavut is even more extreme; it is almost completely made up of tundra and the High Arctic of Canada.


Peterson's Point Lake Lodge - Canada's Premier Barrenland Lodge

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge is incredibly remote and stunningly perched on the southwest end of Point Lake. It is located some 201 air miles or 320 kilometers north of Yellowknife.

  • Location: 201 Air Miles / 320 km North Of Yellowknife

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge is a destination for much of the year. The Point Lake stretches for over 70 miles and is perfect for fishing for large populations of giant trophy lake trout.

Activities at the lodge include hiking, Arctic safaris, photography tours, seeing the Northern Lights, and just relaxing in the vast and wild landscape far from civilization. They have three packages to choose from:

  • Multiday Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Packages
  • Aurora Borealis Viewing
  • Autumn Arctic Photography Workshops

Additionally, visitors can create their own customized trips. The lodge is ideal for those looking for an adventure in one of the world's remotest (and most spectacular) places.

The lodge has been run by a family from the Northwest Territories since 1979. The humble origins started with a tent camp focused mostly on hunting and trophy lake trout fishing trips. Over the years, it has grown and evolved to what it is today - Canada's premier barren land lodge.

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The Northern Lights Experience

Come in the autumn and winter and gaze up and behold the remarkable natural light show of the night's sky. Peterson's Point Lake Lodge is one of the best places to enjoy the northern lights hundreds of miles from the city lights.

The Aurora package is for a 3-night stay at the lodge. There are guided daily excursions, including both hiking and boating options. A photo lead accompanies guests on the adventure to guide and assist in capturing the magic of the nighttime performance.

If one would like to take this experience, then one will need to plan ahead as there are only two available dates for 2022.

  • Cost: $3,999 CAD ($3,100 USD)
  • Duration: Three Nights

2022 Dates:

  • September 7-10
  • September 10-13

The package includes a charter float plane flight to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge, three nights of accommodation, meals at the lodge, an aurora photo leader, lodge gear, and more.

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Wild Arctic Tundra Aurora & Autumn Photography Expedition

One of the most adventurous options is to embark on their six-day Wild Arctic Tundra Photography Expedition. This adventure immerses guests in the barren lands combining the northern lights with the vibrant colors that that blanket the barrens during the winter.

This workshop takes place in the prime aurora season. Not only will one see the northern lights and the colorful Arctic tundra, but one will have the chance to see some of the Arctic wildlife - like caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, moose, and various bird species.


  • Photography Of The Colorful Arctic Autumn Tundra
  • The Northern Lights
  • Wildlife Viewing

The days are spent field hiking and/or exploring the area by boat. See the landscapes of the Arctic autumn followed by the dark sky with the aurora dancing across the heavens reflecting off the lake.

The tour is suitable for all levels of photography experience. The minimum size of the group is 4 participants and the maximum size is twelve.

2022 Season:

  • Dates: August 28 to September 2 & September 2 to 7
  • Price: $6,595 CAD ($5,100)

2023 Season:

  • Dates: August 28 to September 2 & September 2 to 7
  • Price: $6,780 CAD ($5,280)

The package includes a return charter float plane from Yellowknife, five nights of accommodation, five nights of aurora photography, meals at the lodge, a professional photo leader, guided daily excursion options (which include a fishing option), photographic tutorials, lodge gear, and more.