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Welcome to Jurassic Park! Or at least the Jurassic Park nostalgia visitors may get when visiting Hanapepe Valley in Hawaii. Many may have mixed feelings about the Jurassic Park sequels and the Jurassic World series, but the original is a timeless classic. The filming location of the original movie was Kauai Island in Hawaii.

Kauai Island is the land of Jurassic Park and is the Hawaiian Island every Jurassic Park and dino fan should visit. Kauai Island is one of the oldest and most stunning islands in Hawaii. There are also a number of things one should know about Kauai Island before visiting so that one can make the most out of one's visit.


Manawaiopuna Falls - Hawaii's Famous Jurassic Park Falls

One of the most iconic scenes of Jurassic Park was at the beginning of the movie on the fictitious "Isla Nublar." How can we forget the helicopter scene as John Hammond arrives back on the island with Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the lawyer Donald Gennaro?

  • Height: 400 Feet or 122 Meters
  • Access: Only By Helicopter Tour
  • Ownership: Private Waterfall

That iconic helicopter scene was Manawaiopuna Falls (otherwise now known as Jurassic Falls) on Kauai Island in Hawaii. It is a privately owned waterfall in the Hanapepe Valley, falling some 400 feet or 122 meters. Hanapepe Valley is rugged and roadless and is located on the western side of Kauai Island.

Kauai is one of the wettest places in the world and has other-worldly and rugged landscapes. It is full of waterfalls.

The waterfall is only accessible by helicopter, although it wasn't permitted to land there until 2009. Since then, Island Helicopters have been the only helicopter company in Hawaii permitted to land at the falls.

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Island Helicopter Tour Of Jurassic Falls

Island Helicopters offers a 75-80 minute helicopter tour to the famous waterfall. After landing, passengers can get out of the helicopter and at the base of the Manawaiopuna Falls and walk around. There is a jungle path to the base of the falls.

  • Exclusive: Island Helicopters Has Exclusive Access To The Falls

Visitors see why the native plants, geologic formations, and geologic history make the valley feel so exotic and why it was chosen for filming Jurassic Park. Narration is provided by the helicopter pilot.

The tour also includes the Grand Skies Island Tour - so one will be seeing much more of the island than just the famous waterfall. This Jurassic Falls landing adventure is only offered five days a week. To learn more about the tour, one should contact Island Helicopters directly.

The exact flight route around the island may vary on the day due to the weather. Sometimes if there is bad weather, landing at the waterfall may not be possible. On these occasions, the tour continues with the "Grand Skies Island Tour," and the difference will be refunded.

  • Duration: 75-80 Minutes
  • Cost: $388 Per Person
  • Includes: Jurassic Falls Landing & Grand Skies Island Tour
  • Location: Kauai Island, Hawaii

Before booking the tour, take the time to read the restrictions - like weight restrictions (every passenger is discreetly weighed at check-in).

If planning to take this tour, one should plan ahead because the tours may sell out.

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Grand Skies Island Tour

If it's not possible to land at the falls, then still consider their Grand Skies Island Tour. The helicopter tour explores the stunning beauty of the island and offers close-up views of the lands that gave birth to "Jurassic Park." They fly lower than anyone else so that one can get close and personal with the stunning landscapes.

The tour also flies over the Jurassic Falls - one will just be unable to land at them.

  • Duration: 50-55 Minutes
  • Cost: $234 Per Person

The tour departs from the Lihua Airport (Heliport) and soars over, past, and through Kauai's most magnificent landmarks. On tour, passengers will see:

  • Hanapepe Valley
  • The Manawaiopuna Falls
  • Waimea Canyon (aka the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific")
  • Na Pali Coast
  • Bali Hai and Lumahai Beach (Seen In the Movie South Pacific)
  • Hanalei Bay and Valley
  • The Inside of The Crater of Mt. Waialeale

The tour will be one of the most memorable experiences in the Hawaiian Islands. While one is unlikely to see any non-avian dinosaurs on the island, one is sure to see some of the world's most dramatic landscapes.