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Sitting quietly in the middle of the threshold of the Bristol Channel is the island of Lundy. Though in the terms of distance, Lundy is not far from the busier parts of the UK, it couldn’t be more separate.

With little to no access to the modern technological comforts and even limited access to electricity, Lundy is a place to truly escape too.

Now a protected wildlife reserve, Lundy’s beautiful coast remains unmarred, stunning, and open to exploration. With puffins, a variety of other bird species, grazing Sika deer and Soay sheep, and even Atlantic gray seals bobbing in the waves, Lundy Island is a place to escape the anxiety of the modern world.


Lundy Island in Devon

Owned by National Trust and managed by the Land Mark Trust since 1969, Lundy sits unspoiled at the point where the Bristol Channel opens into the Atlantic. With a turbulent history of being used for smuggling and piracy, there are still remnants of fortifications and batteries on the island.

However, in the past half-century, Lundy has been a simple place and refuge for wildlife. Travelers to the island can enjoy humble but comfortable accommodations and separation from the digitally connected world of the mainland.

Walks along the coastal cliffs, vistas from humble observatories, and unfettered views of the night sky make Lundy a magical destination. Reachable by ferry, Lundy is an excellent destination for both a day trip and an extended stay.

What to Do?

Tour the Island on Foot

Just three miles long and half a mile wide, Lundy is an easy destination to explore on foot. Take a tour of the buildings and monuments of the island while sneaking peeks at the wildlife that inhabits it too.

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Experience the Wildlife of Lundy

Lundy’s isolation has led to some comparing it to the Galápagos. With many unique creatures living on the island such as the pygmy shrews and pipistrelle bats. Over time, many were introduced like rabbits, Sika deer, Soay sheep, goats, ponies, Highland cattle, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, and domestic sheep.

The bird species of the island are also a massive draw, especially the Puffins who nest on the island from April and July. These incredible birds can be found on the island year-round, but they are more prevalent during this time.

Another species of note are the Atlantic gray seals that live along the island’s coast. They can be seen almost everywhere along the island either resting on rocks or bobbing their heads out of the water. If you wish to see their pups, they are born between September and November each year.

  • 5-day Wildlife Tour - Naturetrek, Lundy in Summer, “A 5-day holiday to explore the quiet charm and natural history of Lundy in the company of island expert Andrew Cleave.”
  • 6-hour wildlife Tour - Bluefin, 6hr Lundy Wildlife Sightseeing Trip, “ hour wildlife trip to Lundy Island to see dolphins, porpoises lots of seals and puffins, gannets, razorbills, guillemots,etc also amazingly dramatic island scenery.”

Stargazing in Lundy

Lundy is a designated Dark Sky Discovery Site. This means that all electricity on the island is turned off at midnight allowing for a pure and clear view of the night sky. There are many points on the island that are great to observe the night sky, and with electricity fully turned off you don’t even need to attempt to get away from the few concentrations of buildings on the island.

Diving and Snorkeling

With such an expansive coast full of life, Lundy is an excellent destination to dive beneath the waves and experience the sea life up close and in person. Lundy has also been the location of many shipwrecks which has left many interesting sunken vessels beneath the waves to be explored.

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Where to Rest?

Marisco Tavern

As the only pub on Lundy, Marisco Tavern holds special importance to the community here. It never shuts down, though it still needs to adhere to rules about when alcohol is allowed to be served. It does however have permission to run electricity after all other generators on the island have been shut down. It is the only place on Lundy to be able to do so.

  • Address - Lundy EX39 2EY, United Kingdom
  • Contact - +441237431831
  • Cost - $-$$


With various small accommodation locations scattered throughout the island, and with their availability changing constantly. They range from small homes and cottages to historical locations. It is best to check and see what is available at the time of your trip, so you can properly find what will work best for you. The Land Mark Trust keeps a list of these properties updated with cost and details, so you can find what will work best for you.