Working at a hotel can be equal parts rewarding and exhausting. Despite the fact that travelers use hotels to get some much-needed shut-eye, the hotel itself never sleeps. Day or night, there is always someone on the hotel staff available for guests who encounter a problem or simply need to check in late.

Anyone who has worked for a hotel is privy to its multi-layered system. There are so many departments that help make a hotel run smoothly, which means that the staff is usually a tight-knit crowd. So no matter what section of the hotel they work in, chances are that housekeeping is going to warn room delivery service about the messy half-naked guy in room 213B. And while there are no secrets amongst the staff, the staff definitely has secrets that they keep from their customers.

Here are 10 secrets hotel staff doesn't want you to know.

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10 10. Finders Keepers

It's only natural to forget to grab items when you're in a rush to meet check out times. Like most establishments, if you happen to lose or forget a personal item at a hotel, it goes straight to the Lost and Found. Some employees will even try to go above and beyond to locate the owner of the lost item.

However, if something has been in Lost and Found for several weeks, most hotel employees enact the Finders Keepers rule. Meaning the one who called dibs will take your long lost item home with them.

9 9. Extra-Martial Affairs Are Not Kept Secret

Everyone knows what goes on in hotels. And extramarital affairs are not as uncommon as one would hope. Unfortunately for them, the hotel staff is pretty quick to pick up on those couples who are being unfaithful. Especially those who become regulars at specific hotels. And if you think that your extramarital affairs are being swept under the rug-- well you'd be wrong.

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Hotel staff is just as eager to share gossip as anyone else. So if it's blatantly obvious that a guest is cheating, it's safe to assume the entire hotel knows. And probably the staff friends. And family. And Reddit.

8 8. They're Eating Your Food

This isn't true for all hotels. Corporate hotels are less likely to offer free meals to their staff, along with any hotel branch with a decent size staff. However, when it comes to banquets or leftover breakfast food, you can bet that the staff is in the back eating the leftovers.

Which is saying something considering the fact that the guests are the ones paying for that food.

7 7. You Can Cancel Your Reservation For Free

Typical hotel policy states that reserved rooms must be canceled within certain time restrictions. If travelers fail to cancel a room before this deadline, they will be charged regardless of whether or not they actually stay there.

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But hotel staff claim that there is a loophole around this rule. If you need to cancel a reservation, all you need to do is call and change your reservation to a later date that would fall under the free cancellation range. Then all you have to do is simply call and cancel the reservation a couple of hours later. Some hotels have picked up on these tactics, however, so it's recommended to check to see if there are fees added for changing the dates of your stay.

6 6. Secrets In The Secrets

The hotel cleaning staff is generally meticulous in their work. However, when a complaint comes in regarding room cleanliness, the cleaning crew's work will be scrutinized by their managers before a room can be marked off as guest ready.

What housekeeping won't ever tell you is what they find in the sheets. Hotel linen is always changed and washed either in-house or by a professional service. But that doesn't negate the fact that these sheets are used by hundreds of people a year. You never know what's been going on in between the sheets-- but the hotel staff does. Tales of finding used contraceptives to excrements are not uncommon amongst hotel staff. And there's a reason they use black lights to check the sheets.

5 5. Bad Behavior Equals Bad Service

The ethos that "the customer is always right" has become an old age policy. Nowadays, those who work in hospitality stick more towards the idea of "respect is earned." Guests who act superior, talk down to the employees, or just generally treat the hotel staff poorly are met with bad service.

Of course, this is done subtly so that the guests won't notice. A short cocktail pour, an itchy blanket, fewer towels stocked in their bathroom-- hotel staff can find plenty of ways to make your stay more problematic for guests who don't act appropriately.

4 4. Upgrades Are Easy

Yes, you can get a hotel room upgrade, and no you don't have to pay extra for it. Hotel staff is encouraged to make guests' stay as rememberable as possible. So if you want free access to the mini bar, a free breakfast, or even a free room upgrade, all you have to do is tell the staff that you're celebrating a special occasion.

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Whether it's true or not is at your own discretion. If there is an upgraded room available when you let the front desk staff know that you're celebrating your sixth month anniversary, they may just do something special for you.

3 3. Bring Your Own Towels

Much like the sheets, hotel towels are used by a disturbing amount of people. Hotel staff will be the first ones to tell you to bring your own towels. Especially if you have a prolonged stay. Towels are used to clean up extra bodily fluids, spills, and who knows what else. So if you know someone who works in this line of hospitality, ask them what they think of the hotel towels. Chances are they will encourage you to pack your own. More than likely you're hotel will have a laundry facility available for you to clean your towels. And at least you know where they've been.

2 2. A-Listers Come First

As much as people deny giving celebrities preferential treatment, it does happen. Especially at hotels. Just like airlines, hotels have a tendency to overbook their rooms. And if there's a movie star or a well-known politician in need of a room for the night, guess who's reservation is getting canceled?

As unfair as it seems, hotels are allowed to cancel your room at the last minute. And they do it to accommodate A-List celebrities more often than you'd think.

1 The Dirtiest Items In Your Hotel Room

Ever wonder which hotel room items contain the most germs? As thorough as the hotel cleaning staff may be, it doesn't mean they always cover everything nook and cranny. There are a few mainstay items in hotel rooms that are famous for the amount of grime they carry. The top contenders are:

The remote: because hotel staff sometimes forget to give this item a quick wipedown.

The Bible: because almost every guest touches this item and almost every hotel person forgets to clean it.

And finally: the coffee cups. Coffee cups have a tendency to hold lipstick residue more than anything. And rather than traveling downstairs to get a fresh mug, the hotel staffer might just give it a quick polish with water and a napkin.

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