Being upgraded to first class on a flight doesn't happen to people often, but this little trick might help increase your chances of it happening to you.

Unfortunately, most of us will never get to experience the luxury that is first class on an airplane. Air travel costs a pretty penny as it is, so doing it in style often breaks the bank. However, on occasion, we may luck out and be bumped up to business or even first-class just because there happens to be a spare seat among the elite.


For the most part, there's no way of making that happen or even increase your chances of happening to you. Or is there? The lucky few from economy who get to experience first-class might seem as if they are selected at random, but flight attendant Oak Lynn Woods recently explained to Money that there are ways in which economy passengers can up their chances of being upgraded.

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There's no complicated trick or deep trade secret to it either. The key is to just be kind to those in charge of seating you. Well, a little more than kind. Woods revealed that bringing treats and gifts for your flight attendants will go a long way. A bar of chocolate or something like that handed to your flight attendant as you board a flight could land you a seat in first class if there's one free.

Now, Woods also wanted to point out that this is no guarantee. However, if you don't receive an upgrade, it should get you a first-class perk like a complimentary glass of champagne at the very least. Don't forget the gate agents too. They bear the brunt of the abuse from passengers when a flight is delayed or canceled so they are probably treated nicely by customers rarely. They're also the ones in charge of seating you, so ultimately have the power to place you in a different class.

Again, none of the above is going to guarantee you sit in first-class for the cost of a chocolate bar on every single flight you take from now on. However, if you're the only one doing it on the flight, and there's only one spare seat in first class, chances are if it's going to be anyone, that anyone is going to be you.

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