New York City is more than just the Big Apple City, and there are still a lot of places that every traveler should visit aside from the famous tourist spots, such as the Manhattan Bridge, Lady Liberty, Time Square, Central Park, and the like. New York City has the nickname “the city that never sleeps”, because well, it truly doesn’t. With over 100+ bars and shops, New York City has rooftop bars, and open-air lounge bars, to hidden bars located on the outskirts of the city, with secret doors and even forefronts like antique shops or coffee shops during the day.

10 Apotheke

Being one of the oldest bars in New York City, this stylish, European speakeasy bar is quite known for the historic vials, the custom-built marble bar, a ceiling with an artistic gold leaf painting, and light sconces filled with medicinal liquids decorating. They are popular for their unique mixes of drinks, wherein their absinthe is grown from their rooftop garden. This bar is something on every traveler’s bucket list, however, locating it might be quite misleading. Visitors just need to find a red-gold Flower restaurant signage, and that’s where the bar should be headed.

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9 Saint Tuesday

This bar, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, somehow topped off as one of the "coolest bars in New York City." Yes, after being operational for almost 2 years, the bar has somehow caught a lot of attention with its classic, fresh and tangy mix of cocktails. Their cocktail menu focuses on their ingredients being fresh and of high quality, and even if they are offering the most common and basic cocktails everyone still seems to keep coming back for more. The bar offers a cocktail menu for only $20.

8 Venice Bar

Saint Theo’s has introduced its newest addition in their restaurant, an Italian-themed bar called Venice Bar. The menu bar will give every guest a hint of the Venetian style, authenticity, and modernized experience. The concept was actually from the owner’s trip to Venice and wanted to bring a whole new face of experience to the Manhattan area. Among their best options are their cocktail program, which is quite humbling with wine and Italian drinks from the Amari and Vermouth collections.

7 Attaboy

Attaboy has been on every traveler’s list when visiting New York bars. It has been featured in the "World’s best 50 Bars” nine times. No wonder this has always been that New York City Bar that one should drink at. With its no-reservation policies, people would flock to try their menu — a menu that is famous to be unlimited — a “no menu, menu”. With that being said, guests can order their very own mixed cocktails.

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6 Bathtub Gin

Have a tough long day and want to escape the busy streets of New York City? Take a detour back to the 90s, and step through the Stone Street coffee shop in Chelsea where guests will find themselves back in the 1920s. This is a vintage-themed bar laid back with its wooden carving tables and stool bars, and even the classic Chesterfield sofas. This coffee shop by day, and a dramatic bar at night, will take every tourist and every local out of their reality.

5 The Back Room

This speakeasy bar is located at 102 Norfolk St, New York, NY 10002, United States — guests may check for signage that says “The Lower East Side Toy Company” hanging from an old steel gate, leading to a subway rail. With cocktails being served in teacups, this old and authentic New York Bar is not only known for its menu program but as well as for the preservation of its New York History where it has been featured in several movie scenes.

4 The Garret West

The Garret West is a bar located in the attic of the Five Burger and Fries, wherein the guests are recommended to grab and order their favorite burgers and proceed to have their cocktails upstairs. With no signage whatsoever, guests may want to look for a neon light that says, “Soul”, to lead them to the bar. This discrete speakeasy bar will surely make everyone around the area wonder why there are guys in their suits stepping inside the fast-food joint. Although the bar and restaurant are owned and operated separately, they work together.

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3 The Lab At The Patent Pending

The concept of The Lab is that it operates a full-time coffee shop by day and a relaxing, laid-back bar at night. Guests who are looking for a place to bring their date, this is the place to be. It has five bar stools, a plush seat, and lounge banquettes. It caters to big group events wherein everyone can chill and have their night away with its 1800s-themed bar and drinks that would fulfill every man’s thirst. Located at 49 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, this bar is a must-visit for every first-timer.

2 Dear Irving

Looking for that vintage chic style, with a complete overlooking view of the New York Horizon? Then Dear Irving is the right place to be. It has been considered the Manhattans’ highest open-air bar lounge, it is complete with a spacious area, with an overlooking deck and the perfect view. It is located on the 40th and 41st floor of the Aliz Hotel, the bar is quite spacious, Instagrammable, and has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Manhattan.

1 Blind Barber

The Blind Barber is not everyone’s ordinary Barbershop, this famous local bar has a lot more to offer than razors and a massage in the back. The business goes from cutting hair and styling gels to serving a cocktail menu during the night. Located in Alphabet City, this speakeasy bar will dance everyone’s heart out with its late-night events hosted by a DJ. It is perfect for people who just want to have a fun and crazy night.