Traveling can get really expensive. Everything costs money when you're traveling, like the flight or drive to your destination, booking a nice hotel room or Airbnb, the food you eat while you're there, and a lot of the things you do while on the trip. It can add up quickly, and even though traveling is fun, it's definitely easy to rack up a hefty bill.

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Luckily, a lot of cities have really fun things that you can do - completely free! That means that while there may be a lot of other costs to traveling, it's not going to completely break the bank. Seattle is a city that has a lot to offer, but there are some things you can do while visiting this coastal town that are completely free. Let's take a look!

10 Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Seattle. It was founded in 1899 by J. E. Standley. The shop became popular almost immediately, for the truly unique collection of strange things that Standley had accumulated in his shop.

Today, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is home to all things unusual and unique. Although they sell their curios out of this shop, it's also just a fun place to come look around. You can take in a piece of Seattle's history and also take a look at all the interesting artifacts and items that have come from all over the world.

9 Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park is a great place for lovers of the arts to visit. There are free tours given here on a regular basis and visitors are welcome to explore the park and look at the sculptures on their own.

It's located near the Seattle Art Museum and opened in 2007. This 9-acre open air museum has a mixture of both permanent exhibits and attractions that change periodically. Events are sometimes held here, so for fans of art, it can be a really fun place to visit.

8 Visit The Fremont Troll

Trolls that live under bridges are totally just made up for stories and fairytales, right? Not in Seattle! The Fremont Troll is a sculpture that has been in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle since 1990.

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The area under this bridge was a dangerous one before 1990, which lead the Fremont Arts Council to hold a contest to get the best design for a piece of art that could be placed under this bridge. They wanted to take up space and deter crime from happening here. A group of four local artists came together and sculpted this troll, which is now free for visitors to Seattle to see!

7 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discover Center is located in Downtown Seattle and is open for visitors from Tuesday to Saturday. Admission into this center is completely free and gives visitors to the center a really unique experience.

The center showcases the ways that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working to improve the lives of people in need all over the world through technology. It's located near the Seattle Center and shows the way that unique inventions and ideas have completely changed the lives of people all over the world.

6 Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is among the oldest farmers markets in the US. It's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seattle. Although there are a lot of things here to buy, it's also a great place to just go for a walk and take a look around without spending any money.

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Buskers play live music while vendors sell all kinds of different things, from fresh produce and baked goods to arts and crafts. There are sellers that sell rare items like comic books and toys and even some that do magic tricks to amaze visitors.

5 Take Advantage Of Free Museum Days

Going to museums can be a really fun way to learn new things. It's a lot of fun to step back in time at a history museum or see an exhibit dedicated to something that interests you. But, admission into a museum can be on the expensive side. This is especially true if you're traveling as a family and need to pay to get all of them in.

Luckily, in Seattle, there are special days dedicated to letting visitors come into certain participating museums completely free or at a reduced price! Some museums are free all the time, while others have a day or two each month when they waive the admission price.

4 Walk Around Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a park located in Seattle that spans over 500-acres and is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Seattle is located right on the coast, meaning that the weather stays pretty nice all year and there are a lot of things for visitors to do.

The park was built on the grounds of Fort Lawton. There are walking trails, beaches and a lighthouse for visitors to explore and experience. If you're looking for something free to do in Seattle, try getting out to Discovery Park if the weather is nice!

3 Visit Waterfall Garden Park

Waterfall Garden Park used to be the headquarters for UPS. UPS was founded in Seattle in 1907 and had their headquarters there through the 1970s before they moved to a new location. Pioneer Square is a neighborhood that developed in this area after that move happened.

Today, Pioneer Square is home to Waterfall Garden Park. This park sits on what used to be the home of UPS when it was first founded back in 1907. It features a man-made waterfall and areas to sit. If you want to take in a really unique part of Seattle, visiting Waterfall Garden Park is a must.

2 Seattle Public Library

If you're into reading, visiting a library or a bookstore can be a ton of fun. It's always a good time to wander among the books and even pick up something new to read off the shelves. Even if you're not from Seattle, visiting the really unique and modern Seattle Public Library is a fun, free thing to do while in the city.

The Seattle Public Library has become known around the web for its incredibly unique and interesting architecture. Even if you're not a fan of reading, taking a trip to see this famous library is definitely something fun to do in Seattle, completely free.

1 Ballard Farmers Market

For people that truly love food, there are few things better than being able to pick up some super fresh produce to cook into a meal. Going to a farmers market in order to support local growers and artisans is always a good time. There are a lot of farmers markets around the country and Ballard Farmers Market is a very popular one.

Even though you can definitely buy fresh produce, delicious food, and freshly grown flowers from the growers and artisans that have set up stands at Ballard Farmers Market, you can also just walk around for free and enjoy the sights and smells.

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