Seattle is home to many attractions, and people visit the city in millions every year to participate in unique activities there. However, the foodie city has a special side not found anywhere else in the States.

Delicious and innovative dishes are served every day at the unique restaurants in Seattle. Authentic Thai food, tasty croissants, fresh oysters, and more are some of the fantastic eats that Seattle has to offer through its unique food scene. Moreover, whenever people talk about Seattle, they immediately think of seafood, and despite that, the city has so much more to offer other than what comes from the sea. For instance, hundreds of restaurants line the city streets in Seattle, with each neighborhood offering its unique version of delicious food. Here is a guide detailing the best restaurants in Seattle, along with the delightful and specialty foods that they provide to their hungry clients.


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These Restaurants In Ballard Are A Must Visit In Seattle

The neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle is home to several upscale restaurants in the city. People enjoy having a delicious breakfast or brunch at the small Porkchop & co, which serves the tastiest brunch in the area. For dinner in Ballard, people head to Sawyer, an airy and open restaurant with innovative indoor seating arrangements and a beautiful patio. The food served at Sawyer is Asian and American, and the restaurant is considered one of the tops in Seattle.

Oysters, innovative and fresh seafood, and small plates can all be found at The Walrus and the Carpenter.

What to know: The Walrus and the Carpenter is owned by the Sea Creatures group, which also owns several top restaurants in Seattle. Reservations to this restaurant are not accepted, and people may wait for around 2.5 hours to find a table at The Walrus and the Carpenter.

  • Recommended: People are advised to visit Barnacle, the sister bar of The Walrus and the Carpenter, after putting their name on the waiting list. At Barnacle, they can enjoy some small plates and apéritifs.

For lunch or dinner, or take-out, Un Bien is a casual Caribbean sandwich shop that offers some of the tastiest sandwiches in Seattle. It is best to indulge in a Caribbean sandwich on the beach at the Golden Gardens Park near Un Bien.

The Neighborhoods Of Beacon Hill And Capitol Hill Have Some Of The Best Restaurants In Seattle

People looking for an authentic Italian dinner in Seattle should head to the Beacon Hill neighborhood and enjoy tasty pasta and pizza at Bar Del Corso, a popular restaurant among neighborhood locals and residents of Seattle. On the other hand, lovers of Mediterranean cuisine can have a yummy Greek dinner at Homer.

  • Recommended: At night, people are advised to order soft-serve ice cream from Homer in Beacon Hill. This yummy dessert is served out of the restaurant's side window.

The Mexican restaurant Tacos Chuki's is another place in Beacon Hill where people can enjoy dinner, lunch, or take out. The latter offers delicious cheap food and to-die-for Mexican tacos.

Another neighborhood famous for its restaurants in Seattle is Capitol Hill. This is where the tastiest croissants and pastries can be found in the city at Bakery Nouveau. The latter also offers deliciously-tasting savory treats. The eats served at Bakery Nouveau are best enjoyed outside in nature with a freshly brewed Seattle coffee. Although people must expect to wait to get their order at Bakery Nouveau, the delicious treats are worth the wait.

Bar Melusine is another restaurant owned by Sea Creatures in Seattle and offers innovative seafood to its visitors.

  • Recommended: In addition to the delicious seafood options offered at Bar Melusine in Capitol Hill, it is also worth trying its tasty and unique meat burger.

Bateau is considered one of the best steakhouses in Seattle and falls under the Sea Creatures category.

People hit Momiji in Capitol Hill for delicious sushi, while those who wish to try tasty international street food can head to Nue in the neighborhood. Oddfellows Cafe and Bar and Terra Plata offer delicious appetizers in Capitol Hill.

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Here Are The Most Quintessential Foods To Try In Seattle

While Seattle is home to the best restaurants located in its various neighborhoods around the city, it's also known for the unique quintessential foods to its locals and visitors. For instance, people head to The Walrus and the Carpenter restaurant in Ballard to try its outstanding oysters. At the same time, they visit Toshi's Teriyaki Grill in Mill Creek to eat the tasty Chicken Teriyaki. It is worth trying the Short rib pho served at the Pho Bac Súp Shop for the yummiest meat bowl in Seattle. Dahlia Bakery is another unique place in Belltown, Seattle, serving the utterly delicious dessert, Triple coconut cream pie.

  • Recommended: While hot dogs are not something special to eat since this food is available globally, there is a Hot Dog dish served exclusively at Deep Dive in South Lake Union, Seattle. This plate which sells for $18, is filled with yummy cream cheese, red onions, pickled jalapeños, and salty pops of salmon caviar, which gives the Hot Dog a heavenly taste.

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