So there’s a coffee stand in Seattle where you get served by shirtless (and pantless) male baristas. Which sounds pretty cool until one of them spills a drink.

Once upon a time in Seattle, there was a coffee stand called 45 LadyBug Bikini Espresso. The stand’s shtick was to serve expressos with the help of buxom women wearing bikinis. Which sounds like a fine idea, but in Seattle, it flopped. The owners couldn’t break even, so they closed the shop down to leave their less-than-clothed female staffers out in the cold.

Although apparently not misogynistic enough to support a topless female coffee bar, Seattle is still capitalistic enough for the owners to think that swapping the overall theme might be more successful. So they reopened the stand as Dreamboyz Espresso.

And things have apparently gotten much hotter.

"There was a topless guy sitting in there with swollen pecs and whatnot," said local resident Jacob Haeger in an interview with KIRO 7 Seattle News. “I thought it was fun. I've never seen anything like it and I was like yeah, hell yeah this is Capitol Hill. Bring it on.”

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So far Dreamboyz Espresso is still in its “soft opening” phase, but the response has been entirely positive. Even the teriyaki restaurant that shares a parking lot with Dreamboyz says the old stand got nothing but complaints, but so far Dreamboyz is the talk of the town.

Folks are taking note and taking pics with their smartphones. Dreamboyz also has an Instagram account where the two male baristas, Brandon Peters and Ja’shaun Williams, show off their hot bods for free.

“I worked for Starbucks a couple years back and I really enjoyed being a barista,” Peters said.

Williams added, “I felt like why can women do it but men can't?”

Apparently, man can. And in Seattle at least, it can work out better than expected.

(via The Takeout)

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