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10 Best Places For Afternoon Tea In NYC

The origin of afternoon tea is believed to have begun in England with Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford in 1840. Anna, who struggled with hunger pains every afternoon, began having small sweets and...


10 Locations You Must Visit If You Love Seafood

Seafood is woven into many international cuisines, often becoming a core source of protein. Historically, locals turned to seafood where meat wasn’t available or was too expensive for the average pers...


The 10 Best Places To Eat In Montreal

One of the most common promises travelers hear before embarking on a maiden voyage to an exciting destination is that the food will be amazing. While it is true that most locations do have a wonderful...


The Top 10 Tapas Dishes To Try In Barcelona

While in Barcelona, you must do as the locals do and visit a tapas bar for a delicious array of appetizers or snacks. Tapas can be hot or cold and are always served in small portions. Whether you’re m...


10 Starbucks Drinks You Won’t Find In The US

Who doesn't love going to Starbucks? They have so many delicious drinks and foods, even people who don't like to drink coffee are sure to be able to find something on the menu that they're going to lo...


10 Things To Do In Melbourne If You’re A Foodie

Melbourne is a lot of things. It’s the sporting capital of Australia, playing host to some of the nation’s premier sporting events; it’s one of the worlds most coffee-centric cities, with latté art th...


10 Oreo Cookies You Can’t Find In America

Oreos are a staple of American snack foods. There’s something about an oreo cookie that is hard to resist. While the original might be a classic, there have been many other flavors created over the ye...


10 Cities Perfect For Coffee Snobs

It doesn’t matter if your drink of choice if a decaf flat white with two sugars, an extra-hot three-quarter soy latte with a couple of sweeteners, or just a standard black cuppa Joe, we can all apprec...


10 LA Restaurants Celebrities Actually Eat At

With so many amazing places to dine in Hollywood and Los Angeles, it can be really difficult to narrow down your choices. New York City and Los Angeles are some of the biggest, fanciest, and most cult...

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