Scotland is one of the most intriguing countries on the face of the planet, and there are plenty of reasons as to why someone would describe it as such. Today, we're going to take a look through a series of stereotypes and attempt to dissect why some of these generalizations have been made - and whether or not they're actually true.

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A few may have slipped through the cracks along the way, but such is the nature of stereotyping in this world. It can legitimately be hard to keep track, and as a result, we've gone with the most popular ones out there.

10 NOT TRUE - Haggis Is Awful

Haggis is a delicacy that is made up of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs amongst a series of other things, and because of those ingredients, most people have automatically assumed that they would absolutely hate it.

Some of them have tried it and wound up maintaining that opinion, which is fair enough, but for the most part, the doubters haven’t even given it so much as a try. If you gave it the ol’ college try, you’d soon learn that you’ve been missing something that should’ve been in your life all along.

9 KIND OF TRUE - Big Drinkers

They love a good bevvy and that’s just a fact. The same truth can be spoken for most of the United Kingdom, and very few people would go out of their way to disagree with that theory. Alas, it just turns out that the Scots’ drinking seems to be publicized a bit more so than most – especially in the modern age.

They aren’t all alcoholics or anything like that, but they certainly enjoy sitting down with a nice cold one after a long, hard day at work. Who doesn’t, right?

8 NOT TRUE - You Can’t Understand The Accent

The Scottish accent comes across as being incredibly harsh in the way it sounds, and in itself, that kind of stereotype automatically comes across as being a little bit arrogant. The deeper Scots are perhaps a little bit harder to understand, but it quite literally only takes a few split seconds for you to adjust before realizing that you can understand them perfectly fine.

We tend to believe that it’s a much nicer accent than a lot of folks give them credit for, too, mainly because it adds a lot of character.

7 KIND OF TRUE - Can Be Aggressive

We aren’t suggesting that they fly off the hinges or anything like that, but instead, that quite a few Scots have the tendency within them to get more agitated than your average punter. It’s that kind of heart and determination which makes them so beloved by so money, but that can obviously swing back in the other direction, too.

It’s nobody’s fault and it doesn’t go for everyone, either. We’re just saying that you shouldn’t be surprised if you catch a fight going on outside a club in Glasgow on a Saturday night.

6 NOT TRUE - They All Play The Bagpipes

Bagpipes are played throughout the world but they are particularly known for being utilized in Scottish culture. This tends to be because one of the original incarnations of the instrument originates over in Scotland, and in the years ever since, it has become an increasingly big part of their way of life.

However, not all of them know how to play them. In fact, you could argue that the majority don’t know how to play them and haven’t even given it a go. They’re fun to listen to from time to time, but that’s about it.

5 KIND OF TRUE - Quick Wit

The further north you go in the United Kingdom, the more likely you are to find some folks with real, honest quick wit. As such, a place like Glasgow is understandably going to be an absolute goldmine for such a genre.

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Quick wit essentially means that you can hold a conversation incredibly well and that you’re able to come out with entertaining and amusing remarks even when it seems as if it has come from absolutely nowhere. Judging by the fact that we had to explain it, you can tell we do not fall into this category.

4 NOT TRUE - It Isn’t That Picturesque

The Scottish Highlands alone make this point well and truly redundant because there are some sights up there that would take your breath away ten times over. It’s one of the most peaceful destinations on the planet, and one of the biggest factors behind that is because it’s so raw.

Even some of the bigger cities hold up this reputation, with Edinburgh being an obvious example. From the castle to the general vibe around that place, you really do feel like a local within minutes of arriving – and we love that.

3 KIND OF TRUE - Best Football Fans In The World

Rangers vs Celtic is known as the Old Firm derby, and it is widely considered to be one of the biggest rivalries in the history of association football aka soccer. We can tell you for a fact that this is true, and that there’s certainly an argument to be made for Scottish football fans being amongst the best on Earth.

We aren’t suggesting it’s a stonewall fact and that there aren’t any other contenders for such a crown, and we certainly aren’t attempting to convince you that the Scottish national team is any good (because they aren’t).

2 NOT TRUE - The Weather Is Bad

It doesn’t rain all the time and that’s just such a boring stereotype to throw in the direction of anyone that stems from the British Isles. It’s also pretty lazy, too, because it doesn’t take all too much research for you to realize that theory is a joke.

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The sun shines around 25 percent of the time according to past reports up in Scotland, so while it may be a little bit more murky than some areas, acting as if it is utterly miserable for 365 days of the year serves as nothing more than a piece of mockery from the media.

1 KIND OF TRUE - They’re Patriotic

There’s a reason why so many Scottish people want independence: because they want to be able to separate themselves from the tragedy that is the United Kingdom’s current state, in order to prove what they can do on their own.

It’s not universal, but there is definitely a level of patriotism up there that supersedes anything you’re likely to see in England by quite some distance. For those who wave the Scottish flag high, we salute you, because you certainly have a nation that you can (for the most part) be proud of.

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