Scotland is among the top sites for Muggles to experience the world of Harry Potter with majestic hills, captivating rivers, and the actual Hogwarts Express. It is home not just to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series but also a slew of Harry Potter shooting sites.

Tourists may see tombstones that may resemble several of their favorite Harry Potter characters view streets and buildings that motivated JK Rowling, lounge out in cafés and resorts where parts were penned, and spend in Harry Potter-themed boutiques in this historical city.


Beloved Harry Potter Spots In Edinburgh

The Elephant House Cafe

  • A trip to Edinburgh's The Elephant House, which is credited as the origin of Harry Potter, is a must-do for any Potter enthusiast.
  • According to rumors, this charming café acted as a literary retreat for the lady behind the enchantment and a simple way for her to save money on her electrical bills in her apartment.

Getting There

Via Tram

  • Nearest Tram Stop- Princes Street tram stop
  • It is a twenty-minute walk to the cafe.

Via Bus

  • Nearest Bus Stop- Merchant StreetBus stop
  • It is a three-minute to the cafe.

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The Balmoral Hotel

  • The Balmoral Hotel, an Edinburgh landmark, and classic elegant hotel is a charming edifice with aesthetic charm.
  • It was where Rowling took refuge to finish The Deathly Hallows without intervention.HP fanatics with a deep purse can lodge in the same accommodation suitably titled the J.K. Rowling Deluxe for a hefty fee per night.
  • Visitors will come face to face with Rowling's actual writing workstation, the inscribed granite Hermes sculpture, and the bronze owl doorway buzzer.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct

  • The Glenfinnan Viaduct, on the Western Highlands Route, is a stunning railway bridge that every die-hard Harry Potter enthusiast will appreciate.
  • The Hogwarts Express is finding its way to the castle in Chamber of Secrets, while Ron and Harry are passing overhead in Arthur Weasley's flying Ford Anglia.
  • It is the location of among the most memorable moments in all of the films.

Victoria Street

  • This charming, scenic alleyway is credited with providing the idea for Diagon Alley.
  • A plethora of HP locations can be found throughout the city, such as the true Diagon Alley in the style of Victoria Street, with its eclectic mix of tempting stores and dazzling tints, as well as Candlemaker Row.
  • George Heriot's School, a spectacular historical beauty with historic schoolhouses, is a stone's throw away from both avenues.
  • Heriot's and Hogwarts have a striking resemblance.

Harry Potter Spots In Glencoe

  • Many scenes were shot in this gorgeous Highland Glen.
  • In the third film, the setting was utilized for the sequence in which Hermione smacks Malfoy in the face.
  • The location for Hagrid's Cottage was also Glencoe. This place is eerily gorgeous, and Harry Potter fanatics must visit.
  • This site is transformed into a drive-through movie theatre screening Harry Potter films during the summers.

Getting There

Via Tram

  • Nearest tram Station- Princes Street, Edinburgh station
  • It is an eight-minute walk to the street.

Via Bus

  • Nearest Bus Stop- Victoria Street Bus Stop
  • It is a two-minute walk to the street.

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Greyfriars Kirkyard

  • J. K. Rowling has expressed her gratitude to her adopted hometown, Edinburgh, for providing her with so many ideas.
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard, a disturbingly gorgeous old cemetery near The Elephant House Café, has provided some of that imagery.
  • Rowling is a frequent visitor to Greyfriars Kirkyard. The actual gravestone of Thomas Riddell Esq is also located here.
  • William McGonagall and Elizabeth Moodie, dubbed Professor McGonagall and Mad-Eye Moody, are both buried at Greyfriars.

Getting There

Via Tram

  • Nearest Tram Station- Light rail stations
  • It is a four-minute to the graveyard.

Via Bus

  • Nearest Bus Stop- Merchant Street Bus stop
  • It is a three-minute walk to the graveyard.

Where To Stay

ibis Styles Glasgow Central

  • Digital check and check-out, sensitized accommodation, dining, complimentary internet access, and a pub are all available at the ibis Styles Glasgow Central.
  • The hotel offers its guests a 24-hour reception desk, concierge services, and baggage storage in addition to a communal lounge.
  • A cooling system, a Television, a teapot, a refrigerator, a hairdryer, and a closet are included in the rooms.
  • Each room has an en suite bathroom, complimentary toiletries, and bedspreads.
  • A European or breakfast buffet is available at the motel.
  • Snooker can also be played at the ibis Styles Glasgow Central.

Sleeperz Hotel Dundee

  • Sleeperz Hotel Dundee is a 120-room hotel in the town center.
  • The accommodations are air-conditioned and include Sleepeezee bedding and complimentary internet access.
  • Every unit has its bath and washroom.
  • The Sleeperz Hotel Dundee has a leisure bar and a sophisticated restaurant that serves brunch and a full menu the whole day.
  • In the morning, visitors can rest on couches in the lounge, which offers tea, espressos, and croissants.
  • And in the evenings the lounge offers cocktails, ales, and liquor.

Sheraton Grand Hotel And Spa

  • Complimentary WiFi, 24-hour concierge services, a Television, modest console table, and restrooms with a private shower and bathtub are available in the opulent, beautiful accommodations.
  • Exquisite decor and lighting fixtures can be found in the vast air-conditioned bedrooms.
  • Guests at the hotel can use the outdoor pool, gymnasium, and health facilities for free, as well as engage in a selection of grooming and spa therapies during their vacation.
  • The bustling One Square Bar + Bistro features contemporary Scottish cuisine and a distinctive Gin Testing session.

Scotland is a lovely nation to explore, with a rich cultural heritage in its historical cities and fantastic natural wonders. Every Harry Potter fan's checklist should include this location, which they should not overlook.

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