Travel easily gets expensive. You often have to pay for food, hotel, taxi, souvenirs, and so much more. With all that in mind, it may be a good idea to find some free activities to do while traveling. There are places free to enter that you can spend an entire day at such as museums, beaches, and art galleries.

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Scotland is a great destination due to its long history, haunted tours, castles, pubs, and natural beauty. However, it can be easy to go a little wild in spending. Do not worry though, we have you covered! Here is a list of ten activities that will not hurt your wallet.

10 Hike Arthur’s Seat

If you pay a visit to Holyrood Park in Edinburgh then you can hike to the top of an extinct volcano. It now serves as a huge hill that overlooks the city. Not only is it beautiful, but there is a lot a history behind it. Some historians have theorized it is one of the possible locations for Camelot. It is also referenced in a ton of literature such as Frankenstein, Moonseed, and  Seventeen Coffins.

9 See The National Museum Of Scotland

Scotland is home to a lot of museums, and a good number have free entry. The National Museum of Scotland has a bit of everything from fossils to art to international treasures. The building has a Grand Gallery that is four stories high and feels pretty epic to stand in.

Obviously, you can learn a lot about Scottish history here. They even have Dolly the Sheep, which is the first-ever successfully cloned animal.

8 Visit Greyfriars Kirkyard

This graveyard if internationally famous for various reasons. The location is associated with Greyfriars Boddy, a dog who guarded his masters grave for 14 years. Besides Bobby, the graveyard is known for its beautiful murals and monuments.

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Also, if you are a fan of ghosts, the tomb of Sir George MacKenzie is said to be haunted. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you can visit the graves of Tom Riddell, Moody, and McGonagall since the names of these gravestones inspired the names of some of the characters.

7 Go To Museum On The Mound

This museum is located in the Bank of Scotland Head Office and it is all about money. It looks at everything about money from its design, crimes, trade, history, and technology.

Notable things you may see during your visit is Scotland's oldest banknote, a ledger placed in a pub to attract the bank's first investors, and the Bank's 18th-century iron money kist. There is a lot of activities to do at the museum as well such as trying your hand at cracking a safe and apply for a 1820s-style life assurance policy.

If you like art, then this gallery is a must-see. The art is spread between two buildings with a beautiful garden. They have both pieces from famous artists and others that are lesser-known. While the galleries are small, their content is high quality.

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While entry is free, certain exhibitions do cost money to enter. However, the free entry is still worth it.

5 Attend The Museum Of Childhood

This unique museum is all about collecting artifacts of the British childhood experience. Their collection highlights include a 1905 Shoe Doll, a Queen Anne Doll from 1740,  and a Kindertransport bear from 1939. It is said that this is the first childhood-centered museum ever.

The building is much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. For adults, it is a nostalgic trip down memory lane and obviously children will love the place. Also, it is a nice insight into British culture.

4 Travel To Portobello Beach

If you are feeling sick of cobblestone and castles, then you can visit one of Scotland's beaches. Portobello Beach is known as an ideal location for swimming and sunbathing. It draws large crowds when the weather is good. Definitely check the weather though, as Scottish weather is often more chilly and rainy than sunny.

The suburbs near the beach have Georgian and Victorian architecture that is worth checking out as well. If you are lucky, you may even get to see one of the beach events such as the annual Big Beach Busk, one of the international volleyball competitions, or triathlon events.

If you are in Glasglow, this museum is a perfect free location to explore. It has 22 different galleries with over 8,000 displayed objects and has constantly changing exhibits. There is something for everyone here, as the museum as objects related to a wide range of subjects such as natural history, armor, and art.

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The most famous painting you can find on display is the Salvador Dali masterpiece "Christ of St John of the Cross."

2 Walk On The Royal Mile

Located in Edinburgh, this area is seen as Scotland's historic capital. The Royal Mile goes through the heart of Old Town and connects famous sights such as Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

While walking down the street is certainly free, you may be tempted to spend money on the many attractions on the road. You can find the best places to eat and drink here. There are also often street entertainers such as musicians, mimes, and artists. Besides that, there are a ton of tours you can take that explore the different parts of the town.

1 Look Around The Royal Botanic Gardens

Founded as far back as 1670, the Royal Botanic Gardens are major players in biodiversity and plant science. You can walk around for free and see their notable living collections such as their Rock Garden, Scottish Health Garden, Woodland Garden, and The Queen Mother's Memorial Garden. The entire Royal Botanic Garden covers 72 acres of land, so it can be easy to spend a lot of time there.

Even if the Scottish weather gets cold and breezy, you can enjoy your visit to one of their glasses houses which are full of tropical plants.

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