The US East Coast features numerous top-notch tourist destinations. Visitors love touring vintage cities in the country, such as Washington, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Maryland, among others. Even though a road trip down the American coast is one of the greatest ways to see breathtaking scenery, train rides are the most rewarding choice. The rail rides furnish travelers with a nostalgic and romantic way of enjoying their trips while marveling at nature and other wonders of life. Every traveler should try some of these scenic train rides on the East Coast.


More Scenic Train Rides On The East Coast

There's nothing more enchanting than taking a scenic train trip on the East Coast of the United States. This list was updated to include additional train rides that people can enjoy on the East Coast, such as a trip to Williamsburg in Virginia and another to Florida.

11 The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad has a major role in preserving its two-foot gauge equipment. It is a major museum that teaches railway history to kids and history buffs. It showcases rail artifacts from the 19 and 20th centuries. Additionally, the railroad hosts the famous Christmas Polar Express events each season. It also provides a scenic railroad trip along Casco Bay to give its guests a chance to explore the station’s surroundings. The trip starts at the Ocean Gateway Terminal, goes through Portland’s Waterfront, and ends at the Grand Trunk Railroad Swing bridge.

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10 Mount Washington Cog Railway

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is among the world’s most iconic rail adventures. Being the oldest Mountain climbing Cog railway, it takes travelers back in history and gives them a chance to appreciate how far railway engineering technology has come. Climbing Mount Washington on a rack and pinion railway of a 2,700 feet elevation can’t get any more thrilling. Despite experiencing unpredictable weather changes, the railroad’s Trips to the Summit run all year round. In Winter, Snow-covered Mount Washington gives the most picturesque roundtrip, and when at the mountain top, tourists have a clear view of the Maine Coastline.

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9 Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway offers one of the most therapeutic train rides on the East Coast. The journey starts from the historic Blue Ridge deport and takes a four-hour round trip along the Tobacco River. It gets more interesting as it cuts through the Chattahoochee National Forest, where tourists can enjoy watching native wildlife. Photographers capture the round trip's picturesque arrays, while history buffs learn a thing or two from the tour guides. Travelers then take a one-hour return trip to Georgia through the dense forest.

8 Adventures By Disney

The Wonderful Train Ride presents a Disney tour full of historical lessons. The trip leads to the iconic Colonial Williamsburg, Mount venom, and the National Mall. Vacationers begin the trip in Philadelphia, where they visit amazing historical sites premiering the Liberty Bell Center, the Independence and Congress Halls, and the Museum of the American Revolution. The ride then stops at Jamestown, Virginia, and Williamsburg, where travelers can check out other interesting landmarks, such as Elfreth’s Alley.

7 Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad offers one of the most scenic nature rides on the East Coast. The 32 miles Tuckasegee River Excursion leads through the Western North Carolina countryside. It further explores the historic Dillsboro town, which treats guests to its beautiful architecture and colorful foliage ending at the Bryson City depot. The fun doesn’t end at the depot. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad offers vast door experiences, including zip-lining adventures across the valleys and above Fontana Lake. Guests can choose to end their trip by trying out the local cuisines offered at the Stone Brook Lodge or taking a hike along the rail tracks.

6 Cape Cod Central Railroad Coastal Excursion

For the best memories of Cape Cod, tourists should try the Cape Cod Central Railroad Coastal Excursion. The ride offers awe-inspiring views of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and West Barnstable. Passengers will have a good time as they enjoy the natural scenery through cranberry bogs, salt marshes, and sand dunes. They also have a chance to enjoy meals at the Cape Cod Dinner Train. Passengers onboard can as well explore the Fine Art and Craft instigated by Sandwich Artisans.

5 The Downeast Scenic Railroad

For the most vintage, scenic travel experience, the Downeast Scenic Railroad offers a ten-mile train tour that sets at Ellsworth and runs through a preserved old truck. The trip around the local area gives tourists a chance to learn Maine's history. In addition, this scenic rail trip excursion showcases the diversity of Maine's landscape from the ocean views through the beautiful wetlands and Marshy swamps.

4 The Ethan Allen Express

The Ethan Allen Express offers a modern and faster train travel experience. It provides guests with a chance to explore the wonderful sceneries of Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. This outdoor adventure offers a clear view of the photogenic Hudson River Valley, the colorful vegetative countryside, and Vermont's spring skiing.

3 Seminole Gulf Railway

The Seminole Gulf Railway is popular for the Murder Mystery Dinner Experience. It offers travelers a world-class culinary experience. Additionally, passengers get to enjoy the Murder Mystery show played live while onboard. It is a rewarding 40-mile trip hauling down the Caloosahatchee Rivers, lush forests, and rough terrain.

2 A-Train Trip Through Williamsburg, Virginia

The beautiful and historic city of Williamsburg in Virginia is also worth visiting on a scenic train trip on the east coast. People are also recommended to enjoy the one-hour train ride beyond Richmond and spend a night in Williamsburg. During that time, travelers to the city and history lovers will have the chance to learn more about life in the 1700s.

  • Tip: People are encouraged to visit Colonial Williamsburg, a history museum that offers various types of lodgings, entertainment, period dining, and history. Other places to visit in the area include Jamestown, Yorktown, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park.

1 Train Ride To Florida

The Silver Star, Silver Meteor, and Auto Train travel to several Amtrak stations in Florida. People will enjoy escaping to the beach any time of the year by taking an overnight train trip from the East Coast's major cities to the Sunshine State. Some of the most amazing stops include Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.