Road trips have, in recent times, become a must-try exploration activity among vacationers. This activity takes more than just being behind the wheel and driving off. The routes taken must be chosen wisely, especially if the vacationers are after scenic views.

While scenic road trips are common across the globe, few places can match what Canada has to offer. With over 23,000 miles of major highways and thousands of country roads, vacationers are not even ready for what awaits them here.

Here are Canada’s most stunning road trips.

10 Cabot Trail

Among the top routes to consider for a Canada trip is the Cabot Trail. This trail tops this list for a reason. One, it is a coastal drive with beautiful views of the sea. Two, it is on the edge of a mountain with no settlements around. In short, it is the perfect definition of a nature date. This route can be maneuvered in a day, if not hours. However, vacationers are advised to stick around for at least two nights to explore the region even further.

  • Distance: 186 Miles

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9 Fundy Coastal Drive

Coastal drives in Canada are known to serve a different kind of vibe. With Fundy Coastal Drive, vacationers are treated to incredible landscapes. The 248 miles between Maine and Nova Scotia will take about two hours to clear. The Bay of Fundy is one phenomenon vacationers cannot afford to miss. The area experiences high ocean tides that can go as high as 52 feet, with eroded rocks to show the same.

  • Distance: 248 Miles

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8 Sea To Sky Highway

The name of this route in itself speaks volumes about what vacationers can expect. This two-hour drive serves incredible views of gorgeous mountain ranges. It is an equally thrilling ride that winds through ranges for approximately 254 miles. Through this distance, vacationers are advised to make regular stopovers at various patios set strategically on the highway to enjoy the view.

  • Distance: 254 Miles

7 Icefields Parkway

Canada is a great country when it comes to amazing road trips. Icefields Parkway is a crucial part of the routes vacationers need to explore. From incredible landscapes to the glaciers, vacationers are not even ready for this part of Canada. The ride is relatively smooth, with not so many steep elevations. The green vegetation by the roadside is a new breath of life to an already suffocating universe.

  • Distance: 142 Miles

6 Trans-Canada Highway

This route is not for the faint-hearted. It is a preserve for people who have fun cruising around without being exhausted. Also, this route is not meant for people coming to Canada for a single day’s vacation. Those opting for this exploration must be ready to spend one to two weeks on the road. Covering a whopping 4860 miles is no joke. Nevertheless, the experience is worth it all in the end.

  • Distance: 4860 miles

5 Prince Edwards Island

Road trips are not a preserve for the major highways alone. Driving through the full length of specific islands is also a crucial part of the exercise. With a distance of only 140 miles to be covered, vacationers will have an easy time navigating through Prince Edwards Island. Despite the short distance, this island does not run short of scenic views that will leave the vacationers wowed. The island’s parks and lighthouses are also worth a moment.

  • Distance: 140 Miles

4 Pelee Island

Pelee Island is another gem vacationers cannot afford to ignore in their quest for scenic road trips in Canada. Stretching approximately nine miles in length, driving through this island is relatively easy. Vacationers should be set for meandering roads all over the island, with great coastal views underlining the whole experience. Those who like bird-watching will adore this drive more.

3 Lake Superior Tour

Lake Superior Tour is another drive that cannot be perused in totality within a day. Unless there are no stops, then the trip can take upwards of two days. Covering a whopping 1300-mile, patience is key. For those not ready for this, there is the option of doing half of it on the Canadian side. This drive makes the lake feel more like an ocean, thanks to its size. The incredible views of the calm waters closely hugging the shores of the lake make the whole experience worthwhile.

  • Distance: 1300 Miles

2 Viking Trail

The Viking Trail serves real Viking vibes. Stretching approximately 275 miles long, vacationers can be assured of quite a good one here. It is an area rich in cultures, and it is easy to say so from the immediate environment. All along the journey, vacationers are treated to wonderful views of mountains and wooded valleys. After the journey, vacationers will look back and be proud of their new adventures and discoveries.

  • Distance: 275 Miles

1 Badlands Trail

The last and equally significant route to consider is Badlands Trail. As the name suggests, this route is different from the vibes served in other routes. There is no forest vegetation or green ranges to explore here. All along are huge rock formations that will tempt vacationers to jump out of their cars and hike on them.

  • Distance: 31 Miles