Australia is often a second home for those who crave adventure. From its expansive Outback to the adjacent island of New Zealand, there's no shortage of ways for thrill-seekers to find their next favorite spot. When it comes to hiking in Australia, there's plenty to choose from in regard to terrain and setting; however, the newest Great Walk might just be the best one yet.

Prior to this, New Zealand has been known for its incredibly scenic (and sometimes, strenuous) Great Walks, leading hikers all over the country in search of the best views. Now, locals native to Australia and visitors to Queensland will have the chance to walk the Scenic Rim Trail. The newest hike in the country features access to sorely underrated scenery and lush rainforests that would otherwise have gone unexplored. Here's how to plan a trip for this extraordinary multi-day hike.


About The Scenic Rim Trail

In total, the Scenic Rim Trail is about 37 miles in length, winding its way through various parts of the Gondwana Rainforests. Specifically, the Scenic Rim refers to southeast Queensland where the region is mountainous and carpeted with lush green forests. There are four national parks that make up a total of 30 that can be found in these rainforests, and the trail follows the ridgeline in Main Range National Park. Though the trail is long, it's not entirely difficult. And, while the first day is challenging, the trail itself is as scenic as it could possibly be, complete with eco-friendly lodge stops on each day of the trek led by Spicers.

Forest bathing, wildlife spotting, and a general appreciation for the untouched beauty of Australia's most green mountains are all things that hikers can expect.

Booking A Scenic Rim Trail Hike

Following Australia's devastating bushfires, many parts of the country's wilderness faced catastrophic damage, and parts of the Scenic Rim Trail did not escape unscathed. Now that plant life has started to grow back in these previously scorched areas, some might argue that the region is even more beautiful as new growth replaces what was once lost. Therefore, trips to the Scenic Rim Trail have been in high demand for those in the know, but interested parties can still book trips for the future, giving them time to prepare.

The best way to book a trip is through Spicers, a tour guide company that leads guided hikes throughout Australia. Booking a package includes everything a traveler needs from lodging to meals (including adult beverages) and hiking gear for the trek ahead. Travelers will begin their journey at Spicers Balfour Hotel in Brisbane, which is where they will end their hiking journey, as well. This is no ordinary hike, though - resorts and lodges created by Spicers feature gourmet meals and luxe accommodations, each of which is sustainable and with a low impact on the surrounding environment. Packages and multi-day hikes vary and include the following options.

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2 & 3-Day Scenic Rim Walks

The two and three-day hikes on the Scenic Rim Trail start bright and early with a 6:30 AM pickup time from the Spicers Balfour Hotel. Interested parties may also choose to drive to the privately-owned property that serves as the morning rendezvous point but will need to be there no later than 8 AM. From there, hikers are taken to Main Range National Park, where they summit Mt. Mathieson, learn about the ancient settlers who dwelled there, stop for lunch, and then head to their first glamping location at Spicers Hidden Vale. Meals are locally sourced by an on-site chef, and hikers can use the hot tub and showers before meeting for a communal dinner.

On the second and third days, hikers will start by trekking through Oakley Creek while keeping an eye out for wallabies, goannas, and wedge-tail eagles. Then comes the ascent to Spicer's Peak and a mid-morning break for tea. Along the way, hikers may see parts of the rainforest that still bear the scars of the 2019 bush fires.

At the summit, hikers have grand views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the Gondwana Rainforest below. After a well-earned lunch, hikers will begin their descent down, and ascent back up Cedar Mountain to Spicers Peak Lodge. A celebratory dinner ends the hike, with hikers spending the final day back down at Spicers Canopy.

5-Day & 7-Day Scenic Rim Trail Hikes

These longer hikes give hikers more of a chance to commune with the Scenic Rim Trail and bond with their hiking group. The itinerary is planned out so that each night brings hikers back to a Spicers lodging location, which varies depending on the ground being covered on each day. A five-day hike also includes daily activities such as a Koala Safari and Market Garden Tours on the first day. Days 2-5 are spent hiking on the trails, with lodging accommodations at Spicers Hidden Vale Retreat, Spicers Mount Mistake Farmhouse, National Park cabins, Spicers Timber Getters, and Spicers Hidden Peaks.

A seven-day hike includes a tour of the five-million-dollar Wildlife Centre near Spicers Hidden Vale Retreat. Additional lodging accommodations include Spicers Amphitheater Eco Cabins and Spicers Luxury Tents.

Hike Details & Costs

2 & 3-Day Scenic Rim Trail Hike

  • Location: 1.5hrs from Brisbane
  • Duration: 2 or 3 days/nights
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Season: March to November
  • Departs: Fridays
  • Group size: Max. 12
  • Distance: Avg. 10km per day
  • Cost: $1,490 per person twin share
  • Stay: Glamping at Spicers Canopy

5-Day Scenic Rim Trail Hike

  • Location: 1.5 hours from Brisbane
  • Duration: 5 days / 5 nights
  • Walking days: 4 days
  • Grade: Moderate to hard
  • Trails: Grade 3 to Grade 5
  • Season: February to November
  • Group size: Max. 12
  • Distance: Avg 13km per day
  • Cost: $3,390 per person twin share
  • Stay: Retreat, farmhouse, eco-cabins, and timber huts

7-day Scenic Rim Trail Hike

  • Duration: 7 days / 7 nights
  • Walking days: 6 days
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Season: March to December
  • Departs: Sundays
  • Group size: Max. 12
  • Distance: Avg. of 10km per day
  • Cost $4,880 per person twin share all-inclusive
  • Stay: 6 different Spicers locations

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