Lake vacations are the best and no place beats Georgia when it comes to that. Adventurers looking to spend a day or two in Georgia have many options. From the calming sound of lapping water to adrenaline-rushing activities like paddleboarding, there is always something for everyone.

Whether looking for a freshwater lake, salty lake, manmade or natural, Georgia has never run out of options.

Here are 10 spectacular lakes to explore in Georgia.

10 Lake Oconee

The formation of Lake Oconee dates back to the 1979 construction of Wallace Dam by Georgia Power. The beauty of this lake is largely centered on its surroundings. Decorated with lavish hotels, a beach area, and a campsite, this area has more to explore than just the lake. Vacationers are also privileged to enjoy adventurous activities such as fishing, camping, swimming, and wakeboarding, among others.

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9 Tallulah Falls Lake

Located within Tallulah Gorge State Park, the Tallulah Falls Lake is a beauty every vacationer would want to be part of. The lake gives vacationers the luxury to explore the second-deepest gorge in North America. The area around the lake has a magnificent hiking trail that leads to various tourist destinations in the area. Lovers of whitewater rafting will also love it here.

8 Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun is a family-friendly tourist destination located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The lake enjoys a whopping 25 miles of shoreline, which shows how much space lake-goers have to explore. The lake is famous for its pristine waters that invite visitors to swim. Also, the lake has exceptional hiking trails that lead to nearby waterfalls. Around the lake are high-end restaurants that give vacationers a place to rest and enjoy their favorite meals.

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7 Lake Lanier

What makes a lake be counted as a gateway? Is it the water inside there, the surroundings, or the hiking trails? Well, Lake Lanier incorporates all three properties, meaning vacationers can’t afford to ignore it when on a Georgia trip. The lake is a famous reservoir estimated to be 59 square miles which is a lot of water. The holiday lights associated with the area during winter are something vacationers must look forward to exploring during winter.

6 Lake Russell

For vacationers looking for a beautiful and peaceful lake, this one is a great pick. The lake serves as an extension of the Savannah River. Unlike other water bodies, this lake is left undisturbed with residents not being allowed to construct ducks. Lakes all over America are losing their appeal because real estate has taken over those areas. However, Lake Russell prohibits the construction of properties along its shoreline. The underdeveloped state of the lake region makes it a unique and worthwhile place for adventurers.

5 Lake Seminole

One doesn’t need to be a fisherman to enjoy fishing and that’s all Lake Seminole is all about. Marked as a prime fishing territory, this lake is a good pick for recreational fishing. The area around the lake has enough grass beds, meaning vacationers have a place to bask and enjoy the soothing Georgia sunshine. The fish population in the lake is quite high, which means even beginners will not leave the shore empty-handed.

4 Lake Allatoona

Winding through the counties of Bartow, Cherokee, and cobb, Lake Allatoona is among the most reliable providers of clean water in Georgia. Seated on 12,000 acres, this lake offers enough space for water sports. A day in Georgia is never enough. It becomes virtually impossible to explore all that this lake has to offer in a day. Vacationers are thus encouraged to book a camping spot around the lake and let the adventure flow.

3 Lake Burton

Man-made lakes are the real deal in Georgia, and Lake Burton isn’t an exception. The lake has made a name for itself by being the second-largest lake in the vast Rabun County. Apart from its large size, the lake is also a good fishing point. With varieties ranging from rainbow trout to largemouth bass and spotted bass, the lake automatically becomes a hotcake for recreational fishing. Watersports are also rife in the lake. Besides, it is a camping destination where vacationers see the night away in a wild fashion.

2 Lake Blue Ridge

The world of man-made lakes in Georgia is explored further in Lake Blue Ridge. The lake is a reservoir constructed on the Toccoa River during the great depression. The time of its construction draws back memories of the financial woes the American economy faced. Repairs in the dam hosting the lake led to the draining of some water, since then it hasn’t regained its initial water volumes. However, nothing much has changed since the shoreline is as bright as it would be expected.

1 Lake Spivey

This is a privately owned lake worth visiting. It is seated on private property, which has been left to stand as a popular tourist destination site. This lake is best for water-skiing and wakeboarding. The area around Lake Spivey has a country club, golf course, and a water park, making it a good location for tourism activities.