Following a hotel visit, many people post a review on the internet. Hotel owners will hopefully read a meaningful review and change the state of their rooms. A review can warn future guests, so they don't experience the same hardship the reviewer did. Hotel ownership is a challenging ordeal, but there is no excuse for the alarming state of hotels described below.

If you're like most people who travel, you probably have seen spectacular hotels as well as not so good ones; you may even have a few scathing reviews of your own. According to a article, a hotel owner was so infuriated by his hotel's criticisms that he decided to strike back in writing. According to the website of, "In one scathing response, Paul Chatwin even accused one customer of blackmail, reminding them they had the proof in an email to the hotel." Not all reviews have this result, thankfully.

The reviews you are about read can be nauseating and unpleasant. Guests were not happy with their hotel, and there might be a pattern to the negative reviews. Including a hotel filled with cockroaches and one that is presumably haunted, these are 25 scathing reviews about hotels we should 100% avoid.

25 Leland Hotel In Detroit - stains everywhere

A user named Michael C. from said, "The rooms themselves are nothing special. I was loathed to shower in the shower simply because it looked like it hadn't been serviced in a while (mildew, yuck). The remote for the television looked like it had been used as a soccer ball at one point (lots and lots of scotch tape), and the couch in the "sitting" area was just a little too stained to invite me to repose."

Your first impression of the hotel is its exterior, and second, the lobby. This lobby is falling apart, so guest should expect that their rooms are similar. The wallpaper is falling off, or there is damage to the wall. Leland Hotel In Detroit is a total nightmare.

24 La Quinta Inn & Suites Clearwater South - Roaches everywhere

TripAdvisor user Scarlet30133 said, "My experience here was awful. Jeff was very pleasant and helpful. They had roaches everywhere. There were roaches in the closet, several crawling the wall, several came from behind the mirror, and to top it off, found some dead ones in the refrigerator. The room phone had a few crawling on it. For the price my company paid, we need a complete refund".

Yuck! It's too gross to think that cockroaches could be crawling your hotel room's walls and under your bed. Guests at La Quinta Inn & Suites Clearwater South discovered cockroaches in their pillowcase. TripAdvisor user Scarlet30133's experience of cockroaches in a closet, on the wall, on the refrigerator and all over the room seems to be the norm at La Quinta Inn & Suites Clearwater South based on its reviews.

23 Sheridan Hotel - Came back to a used room

Herminia d's review posted on said, "My family and I left the hotel early one morning and when we came back our key was not working and it seemed like someone had been in our room. The bed was in disarray and there were [fluid] stains. The bathroom was [gross]. Someone had a bowel movement and didn't flush. While waiting in the lobby for housekeeping to clean the room, several men came in to rent rooms on an hourly basis. We suspect that they must have rented the room to other people while we were out. The most disgusting experience ever. DO NOT stay at this hotel EVER."

Room preparation is a simple task. It's expected that hotel rooms must be clean with tidy floors and new bed sheets. Hotels accept damage deposits, so most issues should be an easy fix. A room such as one at the Sheridan Hotel in Bronx, New York is strangely out of place.

22 Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 - woken up every hour

"We were absolutely horrified when we arrived! - It's in the middle of a red light district, smoking is allowed seemingly all over the building, the capsules do not shut they just have a cover which you pull down but this doesn't stop the smoke seeping in. And people are smoking 24/7 in this place. I woke up pretty much every hour coughing up second-hand smoke coming from the surrounding capsules. If you want to clean yourself it's a shared-style bath/showers, there's cameras in the toilet pointing at the urinals (what??), and possibly worst of all they don't provide you with hand wash they have shared bars of soaps which is absolutely bizarre for a shared toilet!!"

It's a long review, but every word of it makes us want to avoid Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510. Sleeping in a small capsule room is popular Tokyo and usually not as bad as this reviewer's stay. It sounds like the neighborhood is to blame for many of its problems, but the hotel is far from perfect.

21 Britannia Hotel Birmingham - "smells like urine"

"I don't really know where to start... The hotel smells like urine, the carpets are threadbare and looks like nothing has been done on the hotel in 30 years. The lift didn't work and the corridors were something like the film "Hostel."

Any hotel that can be compared to the horror movie Hostel is far below standards. The Grand Budapest Hotel would be a fair comparison. Thanks to Trip Advisor user Odyssey03268722711, we now know to avoid Britannia Hotel in Birmingham. Probably, if the lift is out of order and you've got a bad feeling, you should just skip the hotel and go somewhere else.

20 Nanford Hotel - mold and rot galore

A review posted on from user Disgruntled wrote, "How can a place so awful be a part of such a beautiful city? As soon as we pulled up outside and looked at the dirty, holey curtains hanging like rags behind the stinking glass of the rotting windows we should have turned and run.

Disgruntled then went on to say, "The room was tiny and stank, as did the rest of the building. It was a combination of cats, mold, rot, damp, the local petting farm and a pair of Zoo Keepers’ wellies." The above review is either the funniest or the most unsettling. Witnessing holes in a hotel's curtains upon arrival is an indicator to leave immediately and find a new hotel to visit.

19 Grand Hotel Prishtina - Rooms smell

TripAdvisor user Jo S said, "The room carpets are stained and dirty, the bathroom dirty, the toilet still had urine on the bowl and seat. Bed linen was clean. The foyer looks pretty good, but do not be fooled by that... Looks are very deceiving. No air conditioning, so lots of street noise with window open for much needed fresh air. Rooms smell dusty. Very old and not maintained or loved... And it shows, as per pictures added. The 5-star sign out front is surely a feeble attempt at a joke!"

It's one of the lowest quality hotels in Pristina, Kosovo. As a place that claims to be grand, its reviews do not follow suit. Judging by how old this hotel looks, it should be bulldozed. Moreover, the hotel claims to be 5-star? Absurd.

18 Manhattan Brussels - chunks of the walls missing

Trip Advisor user AnneT3020 said, "The hotel was very dirty and in some of the rooms we stayed in, it still felt dirty due to the cleaning or lack of it! I'm never gonna stay in such a [gross] and disgusting place again. There were holes in the walls and when you ran up the stairs you could see, that chunks of it were missing and in total darkness, never again!"

Structural damage to a hotel building is okay if its owners plan to fix the damage. Manhattan Brussels is like many low-quality hotels whose owners feel that money is more important than their customers. A 4-star rating can easily plummet to a 1-star rating solely based on damage to building and rooms.

17 SilverOaks Resort Heritage - musty beds

Trip Advisor user paulrA5781WP said, "Walked into a musty, moldy room, toilet had toilet paper, didn't flush, had to call them in, the heater didn't work, so had to ask for this. Was given a small fan heater to heat up the room. Beds were musty, towels had stains, 2 of the 4 beds we had were extremely itchy, felt like there were bed bugs crawling around. If I could give ZERO stars or even a negative score I would- unfortunately this doesn't give the option to do so."

At least they provided a small fan heater to keep the room warm temporarily. It's not the most scathing review we've seen, but one who pays for a hotel should expect nothing less than near-perfect. It sounds like paulrA5781WP's 1-star rating is accurate.

16 Meson De Mesilla Hotel

Yelp user Carolyn P. left a scathing review of Meson De Mesilla Hotel. Carolyn P. said, "We went here after seeing Hotel Hell. We were disappointed to see the menu had largely gone away from New Mexican and the choices were quite limited. We had the wings Chef Ramsay introduced but the current Chef changed the preparation to included smoking the wings which caused the spices to become bitter. The margarita was also disappointing. It was fun to see the place after seeing the show and see/hear the owner living up to her reputation but there are so many better places to eat and have a drink."

Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell attempted to rescue Meson De Mesilla Hotel, which is now closed. An incompetent chef prepares the advertised grille & bar. Regardless of if the rooms are up to standards, the hotel has to have a satisfactory menu for dining and room service. Food quality alone could influence someone's decision to leave a 1-star review.

15 Ramada By Wyndham - out of their way to write a bad review

An anonymous traveler from said, "I never write reviews, but this time I went out of my way to figure out how and tell people Not To Book This Hotel. The website pictures are misleading. The real thing does not look at all like the pictures. The hotel is dark, sad and dated. No elevator. Stained carpets. If the pix had been truthful I wouldn't have minded a simple hotel, and I've certainly stayed at worse places - knowingly. But this is a bait and switch. The staff was nice but it does not compensate for the awfulness of the facilities."

If a hotel can't provide the courtesy of vacuuming the floor and ridding it of trash, why bother staying open? Poor management among other factors can lead to rotten reviews such as the one above. Reviews alone can significantly affect the success of a company.

14 Bowery Grand Hotel - unsafe

User S A from Trip Advisor had a terrible experience at Bowery Grand Hotel. TripAdvisor user S A said, "The place and the room was not clean. Nothing looked not nice. Service sucks. The rooms were separated by board panel, you could even hear someone whispering from the other room. So hard to get good night sleep after a tiring day. I did not feel safe. Stay away from this place if you can"

New York City's Bower Grand Hotel is not as grand as it claims to be. The majority of its reviews give the hotel a 1-star rotten rating. You'd have to be crazy to visit the place after finding out what people are saying.

13 Best Western Plus Yosemite Way Station Motel - "choose anything else"

User gamora5110 from said, "IF you want to know what it is like to be in a room with furniture that is from the 70's. This is the place for you. Our room was sooo gross. Hair clumps, dirty carpet and disgusting bedding. In fact, I had brought with me a throw blanket in the car - and I slept in that blanket without a pillow because I thought the bedding was so disgusting. I know this hotel is one of the only ones closest to Yosemite; but, do yourself a favor and choose anything else."

Best Western Hotels are cheap for a reason. They provide all the essentials and rarely go above and beyond. For this Best Western to fall way short of expectations is unsurprising. A few issues such as untidiness can drastically influence guests' opinions. It's more than unsettling that gameora5110 had to use bedding from their car. Our guess is that gameora5110 didn't return for another night's stay.

12 Boulevard Hotel Ocean Drive - ''straight out of Scarface"

Trip Advisor user Joel R said, "After we book online with Expedia, we arrive at the hotel $22.00 for valet parking, we walk into the room and it was the most disgusting room I have ever visit. The smell was like mold, cigarettes, dirty and alcohol together. It was dirty with empty beer bottles, the rooms look like the movie Scarface, dirty walls, bent mattress, stained carpet, noisy a/c on the window, the toilet didn't work."

You can't judge a book by its cover, and you can't judge a hotel by its exterior. This Boulevard hotel on Ocean Drive doesn't sound like a suitable family hotel. A hotel this mismanaged that is worthy of a review consequently low should be out of business for eternity.

11 EZ 8 Motel Old Town - 'Should be closed down'

"NO STARS!! THIS SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!!! Please RUN! This was a complete farce. This is a very very *** Motel.NOT in OLD TOWn at all. We pulled in to find a frightening, [gross] dump under the freeway. The photos on the ez 8 website are a lie. It is not near a trolly... there is no restaurant across the street. The room was disgusting and had blankets with cigarette burns all over and thru them."

No sane person on the planet Earth would describe such a horrifying scene if it weren't true. EZ 8 Motel Old Town of San Diego is possibly the lowest quality hotel found in America.

10 Quality Hotel Regina - 'Never stay here'

A review from user jkostyk said, "Horrible customer service. Had a room surrounded by screaming kids and adults. I Asked to move, I was told they would have someone come and tell them to be quiet. That Lasted about 10 min. Then Went on until 11 pm. And started again at 6:30 am. After seeing the pamphlet (in picture) I thought they would be more helpful. It also smelled and is very run down. Gross. Never stay here!!!"

Ideally, you want to sleep when staying at a hotel. Hotels are costly for a one night's stay in comparison to costs related to renting. You can spend an entire month's rent in a single week at a place like Quality Hotel Regina.

9 Pocono Plaza Hotel - Bed bugs!

Trip Advisor user Partycja S met an unfortunate surprise in the United States. Partycja S said, "Please stay away from this hotel it has a BED BUGS!!! I was happy until the next morning when my husband have bites all over his chest, belly and arms. The hotel refused to take any responsibility and reimburse me for the costs of the room. We went to a dermatologist and is confirmed as a bed bugs bites, the hotel manager is a joke."

Hotels that do not change their furniture every couple of years or keep their rooms clean can lead the way for an infestation of bed bugs. "Don't let the bed bugs bite" is a phrase that is often said hearteningly. Partycja S's husband, however, will be taking that expression earnestly now that he's spent a night at the Pocono Plaza Hotel in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

8 Motel 6 (Worst Hotel Chain)

"The housekeeper didn't clean room, and when I questioned at the front desk, I got a call from the manager saying she wanted me to check out in the morning when I had planned to stay a week. It was [gross], due to housekeeping not cleaning the wooden floors, bathroom and never making the bed. I had my dog with me who got deathly ill, maybe from a spider bite, and they didn't care when they were kicking me out because I questioned why at $75.00 weekend rate, why don't they clean the rooms."

It's rated the least favorite hotel chain by Motel 6 is a horror-show even in broad daylight. At the least, hotels should clean the room even if they have some damage.

7 Days Inn - undesirable location

Days Inn Vancouver Metro guest Peter H said, "While the photography of the rooms on various websites makes this look like a luxury property, the reality is somewhat different. The floating floorboards are creaky, every time the noisy fridge comes on, the lights dim, the TV picture was blurry to the point of being unwatchable. The area the motel is located is somewhat undesirable and a long way from the city centre."

There are so many alternatives for hotel rooms to stay in Vancouver, Canada instead of the Days Inn. It's inadvisable settle for a place such as the Days Inn with average reviews and some quite scathing. If you can afford to, choose a 4-star hotel; you won't regret the choice.

6 The Hudson Hotel - hallways smell

User Terri A. from said, "Probably one of the worst hotels; other than good location! It's dark, rooms are small, hallways smell like poop. Elevator buttons are hard to see and only had two working out of six! It's very expensive And the rooms are the size of a box, You cannot even move in the bathroom it's that tiny. If you are a business traveler, this hotel is not for you however if you like all these things mentioned above and you want a good location than an overnight visit is for you good luck!"

The Hudson Hotel in New York receives low reviews from most of its guests. Likely, it's the hotel's preferred location that attracts visitors. A substantial number of people who stayed at The Hudson Hotel are convinced a vampire designed the rooms.