Going on holiday is stressful enough when it's just your standard getaway, but it's even more stressful when you're going on your own. In many ways, it marks a mature step forward in your development as a traveler, but in others, it's just a little bit scary - and we can understand both sides of the coin.

Today, we're going to run through some of the things that would understandably come into your head whilst in the process of actually booking the getaway.

Sure, some may come across as being fairly meaningless, but somewhere out there, we all know someone who has to overcome these hurdles.

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10 Getting To The Airport

Not everyone has the luxury of living all too close to an airport, and in fact, many of us have to travel notable distances in order to reach one – especially if we select the airport based on price as opposed to distance.

If we imagine for a second that the solo traveler is doing the booking completely on their own, perhaps for the first time, then you can start to understand why it would get a bit worrisome.

Will it be a train, car, bus? There are options, but it often feels like there’s only one right answer.

9 Picking The Location

If there’s a very clear idea in your head as to where you want to go and how long you want to go for, then this probably isn’t going to be much of an issue for you.

However, if the idea of a solo holiday to get away from the stress of day to day life is as far as you’ve got, then you could be here for a while.

There are so many wonderful destinations around the world that are there for the taking, and it’s just a case of taking that next step and committing to going there.

8 Not Acting On Instinct

Perhaps a certain offer has come across your line of vision, and your instinct is to go ahead and book without so much as a second thought. The excitement of the situation and the adrenaline of actually booking something takes over, and all of a sudden, you’re completely locked in.

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Taking some time to consider the different deals and options on the table is important, especially if you aren’t 100% convinced by the legitimately of the company in question. Some people may think ‘scamming’ in the world of booking holidays is exaggerated, but it isn’t.

7 Feeling More Vulnerable

All of a sudden it starts to hit you that this is going to be a holiday where you’re entirely on your lonesome, meaning that all of the responsibility lies on your shoulders as you prepare for this maiden voyage.

That can add a sense of vulnerability into proceedings, which always has the potential to alter someone’s judgment.

Safety is always a big concern in moments such as these, but it’s all about trusting yourself. Diving in headfirst at the deep end is what experiences like these are all about.

6 Sorting A Budget

Getting too in-depth about how much to spend on a day to day basis can be both a good and a bad thing because nobody wants to feel like they’re being restricted by what they can and cannot do.

Setting out a standard budget for the entire holiday with some back-up funds if necessary, though, is a smart way to go.

Nobody really knows how much they’re going to need for spending money until they actually get out there, so estimating is the best way forward. Of course, as the title suggests, it’s a bit scary to do so.

5 Getting The Flights Right

There are some airlines that are simple and there are some airports that are a pain in the neck, and it’s all about making sure you do things by the book.

Don’t go through a third-party site, because that’s just a recipe for a disaster. Also, if you can avoid going from and landing at different airports, please do – and the same goes for having too many changeovers.

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It’s all about finding that sweet spot that makes you feel comfortable. Then, it’s out of your hands, which in itself can be a little bit terrifying.

4 Having Second Thoughts

Hesitation is the key to failure in situations like these and once a decision has been made, you need to see it through. Perhaps you’ve added some extra luggage into the mix or you’ve pre-booked for a bottle of champagne to be ready and waiting when you arrive on the plane. Why not?

Yes, these costs all add up in the long run, especially when you take the pesky VAT into consideration (god, we sound so old), but not everyone has the luxury of being able to go on holiday ten times a year.

3 Destination Research

There are so, so many websites out there that are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to researching the right destination for you and your needs.

Unfortunately, it takes some time before you can compile a proper viewpoint, but if someone really wants to jet off that badly, they’ll put in the hours.

Little things like the price of food or what kind of activities are on offer can be really key to your overall experience upon arrival.

We aren’t trying to make it sound like you need to write a full dissertation or anything like that, but instead, that it’d be smart to go in with a clear and direct objective.

2 Booking The Transfers

Arriving at the end destination is one thing, but finding and arranging the transfer is a whole different ball game.

Confidence is key when it comes to actually locating the person that will take you to your Airbnb or hotel, but in the actual booking phase, it’s all about looking for the deal that works best for you.

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Some of the taxi prices may seem a little bit too good to be true and if that’s the case, get your head down and look into it. Or, if necessary, ask someone with a bit more experience.

1 Overthinking

In the same vein as not wanting to rush into a decision, you also shouldn’t get too deep in thought or obsessive about one specific ideology.

A few alternative ideas may pop up as you reach the checkout. Perhaps inviting someone else will make everything a bit easier, or maybe the whole trip is a silly idea and it should be delayed until more research has been conducted.

In reality, there was a reason why you committed to the idea of going in the first place. Backing out is only going to be a regret in the long run.

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