The United Kingdom has a bloody history and otherworldly landscape that make the whole country seem like it is full of eerie supernatural happenings. The grisly tales of the victims, serial killers, public executions, and destructive plagues seem to wait around every corner, ready to jump out at you.

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It is said that the ghosts of the United Kingdom do not rest peacefully. Instead, spirits and specters roam the kingdom looking revenge, for justice, and for people who will remember their stories.

Wherever you are in the U.K. here are 10 ghostly tours that are sure to send chills up your spine for weeks to come.

10 St. Andrews Ghost Tour

The medieval city famous for being the home of Scotland’s first university is just as haunted as the rest of the UK. This tour takes you along narrow medieval streets, where you’ll learn the lesser-known history of paranormal sightings around the university. The ruined cathedral has an eerie aura sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

You might just meet the powerful Patrick Hamilton, a 16th century teacher at St Andrews said to still have power over the institution. He was also a Protestant heretic who was burned at the stake for six hours—an agonizing death by any standard. The tour also visits the haunted tower, where you might encounter the friendly monk who helps people up the stairs—or the terrifying White Lady who detests visitors.

9 Ghost Bus Tours of London

On any night of the week, take time off from the loud glitz of Trafalgar Square for a ride through London’s most gruesome history. The city’s long and bloody history will come back to haunt you as the bus makes its way through the shrouded alleyways and darkened streets of London’s terrifying past.

Your guide will recount the Whitehall Mystery, a grisly murder where neither killer nor victim were ever identified. The chilling and bloody tales of Newgate Prison, The Tower of London, and also Sweeney Todd await you. End the night in the oft-neglected Cross Bones Graveyard, where forgotten souls were buried in mass graves until it was too full of bones to bury any more.

8 Creepy Carmarthen Tours

This tour will take you through the horrible history of the oldest town in South Wales. Murderers and their victims call out from Carmarthen’s creepy past. See where villagers burned a bishop, and learn the very dark secret of the hero of Carmarthen. In the old Victorian police station, there are haunted cells clang with the memories of locked away prisoners. Step in if you dare.

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Visitors can even take part in experimental magic and mind-reading—just hope that you don’t become the next person driven to depraved crimes in Carmarthen! This tour will make sure you feel the very strange and very active energies in this ancient town.

7 London Ghost and Infamous Murders Walking Tour

A bus tour is a good way to cover a lot of ground, but nothing beats the scare factor of walking through London’s most haunted streets under the shroud of darkness. Curses, ghosts, and murderer wait to be revealed in the winding alleyways that date back to Georgian and Victorian London. The West End is the place to wander on foot, following the footsteps of the ghosts of yore into haunted theaters and lurid murder sites.

These macabre tours are kept small and intimate, all the better to experience the eerie quiet that makes any supernatural outing just that much more terrifying.

6 The Blood & Tears Walk of London

If the London West End tour wasn’t enough, you can join Declan McHugh, author of Bloody London, on a horrifying after-dark journey through London’s East End. The Old Bailey housed many serial killers who had their trials here, and also includes a tale of a daring escape from prison, though specters are said to still rattle the bars of their cells. Meanwhile Lincoln’s Inn Fields are full of stories of witchcraft that will leave your stomach curdling.

Serial killers, including Jack The Ripper, disgusting grave robbing, brutal and grisly murders—what more could you want from a ghost tour of London? You’ll be remembering the horrors of this one for years to come.

5 Liverpool Ghost Walking Tour

Liverpool has a spine-chilling past that this walking tour will take you on—under cover of dark. See some of the city’s most haunted sites, including Rodney Street, the most haunted street in Northern England. There are eerie tales of murder and mayhem, and restless souls still wander the city, looking for peace or revenge. Ghosts can be spotted wandering the cemetery at the Anglican Cathedral and the tragic tale of Polly usually draws terrifying energies to all who hear it

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Finally, see the unsettling pyramid that marks the grave of William Mackenzie, an inveterate gambler who is said to have been buried sitting up, with a winning hand of cards in his decaying fingers. Rumor has it that he bet against the Devil and lost—dooming his soul to pace uneasily in the dark, sealed pyramid.

4 A Ghost Walk Around Pluckley

The picturesque village of Pluckley was made famous by The Darling Buds of May, which put Catherine Zeta-Jones on the map. However, it also has a dangerous reputation as England’s most haunted village. Take yourself on this terrifying self-guided tour, but be sure to bring a flashlight.

Start with the foreboding sound of knocking coming from inside a family vault in the Church of St. Nicholas. The Watercress Lady died in a torturous ball of flames—it’s said that people who walk along the river can steal hear her agonized howling. Finally, that last desperate battle of a highwaymen and the police that pursued him is often reenacted by their ghosts, to the alarm of passersby.

3 Ghost Bus Tours of York

York, in Northeast England, has the reputation of being one of the spookiest cities in the United Kingdom, if not the world. It should be at the top of every aspiring ghost hunter’s travel bucket list.

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A spooky local guide will take you to many notorious haunts of restless and even angry spirits. The bus stops at many of the city’s most haunted buildings, and you can hop off to try to see a ghost on your own. The city’s frightful past includes the infamous highwayman and murderer Dick Turpin, and on this tour you’ll be able to pass by his grave.

2 Murder and Mystery Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Discover the dark side of the picturesque city of writers. The horrifying tales include witchcraft, plague, murders, and drawn out torture. A ghostly guide will sweep you through the city to visit the scenes of many of these horrific events, including through the creepy courtyards of Old Town and the eerie “closes” (alleyways) that are haunted by dozens of specters waiting for guests.

In case you need to guarantee your fright, this tour ensures a few dreadful actors will appear along the tour route to make sure you jump out of your skin. Just in case none of the ghosts appear for you that night.

1 The Edinburgh Underground Vaults

Nineteen underground chambers are the final resting place of at least five known ghosts. They have no qualms tricking and scaring anyone who takes this terrifying tour through this ancient den of disease, inequity, and crime.

Originally built to be the workshops of craftsmen, the Edinburgh vaults were quickly abandoned to all manner of crime and criminals—gamblers, prostitutes, rapists, grave robbers, murderers. It was the grave of many Irish immigrants who fled the potato famine but couldn’t find anywhere to live in Edinburgh. And infamous serial killers Burke and Hare used the vaults to transport their fresh victims to the Royal College of Medicine for dissection. The spirits trapped down there are not happy to be stuck in the dank underground.

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