It can be a lot of fun to be scared. Many people love to watch scary movies and visit haunted house attractions in order to give themselves a little scare. It can also be a lot of fun to try to spot some real-life ghosts instead of just the ones in movies and TV shows.

Around the world, there are a ton of different ghost tours that visitors can go on and learn about the history of that place. Part of learning about history involves finding out about the different ghosts that allegedly haunt these cities or historical sites.

To see 10 of the creepiest ghost tours around the world, keep reading!

10 Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a super spooky tourist destination located in San Jose, California. For people that love bizarre parts of history and ghost stories, this is a must-visit. It has multiple different tours that take visitors through the house and tell the guests all about its history and the ghosts that allegedly haunt the location.

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This house is unique because Sarah Winchester, the heir to the Winchester fortune, believed that she was being haunted by the ghosts of the people that her family's guns took the lives of. She built this house to confuse those spirits with doors that opened outside and stairways that went nowhere.

9 The Rocks Ghost Tours

Sydney, Australia is a city that has a long history and is one of the most popular cities to visit down under. It's no surprise that there's definitely a lot of ghosts around the city. Luckily, The Rocks Ghost Tours take visitors around the city and tell them stories about each location, as well as the stories of ghosts that allegedly haunt these places.

Tours run every night and even take visitors through areas of Sydney that are typically blocked off and not accessible by the general public, meaning that this experience is one that's extra fun and spooky.

8 Bannack Ghost Walks

Bannack is a ghost town located in southwestern Montana. It became a mining town in the 1860s but was abandoned several decades later after the gold reserves in the area dried up. There have been a ton of ghost sightings that visitors have reported during their visits to Bannack in the spring and summer.

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During the super spooky month of October, instead of just visiting the park and roaming around freely, visitors can take one of two different ghost tours at night. The tours will guide the guests through the parks, telling them the history of the ghost town and all about the spirits that inhabit it.

7 Dark Side of Charleston Walking Tour

Charleston, South Carolina is a historic city with tons of rumors of ghosts that inhabit different buildings around the city, but there's no better way to discover the history of Charleston and all the ghosts than to just go on a ghost tour to learn about all of them.

The Dark Side of Charleston is a walking ghost tour that runs twice a night. This tour is restricted to people that are 18 and over because of the dark themes, but it's definitely a spooky one for any adult that is into ghost stories and history.

6 Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum

Zak Bagans is the host of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures and a paranormal investigator that has seen all kinds of haunted locations around the world during his time hosting the show.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, visitors are able to visit Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in order to see some of the infamously haunted items that he has on display there. Items include the Dybbuk Box, the staircase from Indiana's "Demon House," and the wine cabinet that became the inspiration for the movie The Possession. Tours last about 90 minutes and are available to anyone over the age of 16.

5 The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanitorium is known for being one of the most haunted places on Earth. It's located in Lousiville, Kentucky and opened back in 1910. It was designed to hold up to 50 tuberculosis patients while they were being treated so that they wouldn't infect others. But this location ended up being home to up to 140 patients at one time.

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Because this place saw so many people that had this incredibly dangerous illness, it's definitely safe to say that these walls have seen a lot. It's a pretty spooky idea to think about how much must have gone on in Waverly Hills Sanitorium and it's no wonder it's allegedly haunted. Tours run for 60-90 minutes every Friday and Saturday night. Dedicated paranormal fans can book a 6-hour private paranormal investigation session for $75.

4 Savannah's Ghost Encounter Walking Tour

Who thinks they're brave enough to hear the dark history of Savannah, Georgia while they roam the streets of this historic city after dark? In this tour, guests are given a pair of earbuds that help them to hear their tour guide as they're guided through the streets of Savannah. They hear all the dark and eerie history that the city has to offer as they walk for 2 hours through the city.

The tour tells the stories of the most haunted parts of Savannah, including Sorrel-Weed House, Colonial Park Cemetery, and 12 Oglethorpe Ave. This tour is sure to leave visitors wondering if the hotel they're staying in is a haunted one!

3 The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Jack the Ripper is an infamous name in the history of London. Although no one knows exactly who this mysterious figure is, he definitely terrified the residents in the days of Victorian England when he was taking the lives of his victims.

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London is full of all kinds of spooky history, but this tour is definitely one of the most terrifying ones that a visitor can take. This tour takes visitors back to Victorian England when Jack the Ripper was still on the loose and investigators were trying to track him down through the sites of his crimes and beyond.

2 Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tour

There are quite a few mysterious and haunted places in Florida, like the Key West museum that calls Robert the Doll home. But if you're looking for an interactive tour through a haunted city while you're in Florida, check out the Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tour in St. Augustine, Florida.

This tour lasts 75 minutes and takes visitors through the cities of St. Augustine as they learn about this city's dark and mysterious past. The tour guide takes visitors from a cemetery to an ancient funeral parlor and more. This tour is definitely a fun one for people that prefer history over jump scares and the tour guide is a talented storyteller who keeps visitors engaged.

1 Haunted Boston Ghost Tour

Haunted Boston Ghost Tour is a tour that lasts about an hour and a half and takes guests through the streets of Boston to learn about the eerie history of this old city. There are so many strange ghosts and spirits that are rumored to call Boston home and this city takes visitors through the places that all of them are said to roam.

Haunted Boston Ghost Tour is a family-friendly tour that runs every night at 8 PM, no matter the weather. On top of the regular public tours that are offered, they also offer private tours for groups.

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