The 10 Scariest Ghost Tours In America

On any ordinary day, the idea for a haunted ghost tour might seem silly. But when October rolls around, the daunting atmosphere takes a universal hold, and people can't help but get into the spooky spirit. Thankfully, there are plenty of ghost tours in America for horror fans and paranormal lovers.

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Ghost tours pop up all around during the festive time of year, but the best ones are the ones with an evergreen ghost story behind it. Cities like Chicago and Boston are known for their haunting encounters, and you can find this kind of history throughout the States. These specific locations capitalize on their haunting reputation, making for some of the most frightening ghost tours. Check out the 10 scariest ghost tours in America.

10 New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour

New Orleans decimating paranormal history should have travelers running for cover, but instead, they are asking the town for more. And they get what they ask for in the form of the New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour.

There are over ten different terrifying options to choose from, but thankfully, you're with a group. Each tour highlights New Orlean's spooky history, including the tales of chilling cries from criminal Delphine LaLaurie's tortured victims.

9 Ybor City Ghost Tour

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Ybor City near Tampa, Florida might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of haunted ghost tours, but theirs is definitely one of the most terrifying.

These historic streets are reputed with apparitional sightings, and visitors get to feel it for themselves during these tours. For anyone feeling particularly courageous, you can take your electromagnetic energy detector and venture off to find some ghosts of your own.

8 Ghost Walk Of Gatlinburg

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Gatlinburg has treacherous tales of murder and loss from the past 100 years. Their ghost tours dig into the old folklore, with the guides even dressing the part of the historic tales. It takes hikers over an hour to get through this venture, so there is sure to be a sighting or two within your group.

Attendees get their own EMF detector as well, which you can use if you think you can handle walking around Gatlinburg's decrepit graveyards by yourself... at night.

7 Ghosts Of Charleston Tour

Charleston, South Carolina's ghost tour is teeming with five-star reviews. Whether this means that guests were able to feel the essence of horror or they actually saw a spirit remains to be discovered. What is sure, however, is that the Ghosts of Charleston Tour is sure to raise up your goosebumps.

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The guides take their group on careful walks throughout the city, making sure to stop by those places most known for their ghostly sightings. The Unitarian Church Graveyard will be your final stop, where you can edge your way through the mass of 18th-century gravestones. Ths resting place is normally closed to the public, but this ghost tour gives you one-night-only exclusive access.

6 Salem Witch Walk

The Salem Witch Walk offers a unique experience as you are taken on a ghost tour with actual paranormal investigators. This small town by the sea is famous for its tragic 17th-century witch trials that ended in the murder of innocent people.

It is said that many of these poor women still haunt the town of Salem to this day. See for yourself as you explore the original witch dungeon. There are even still tombstones of those fallen and of a trial judge at the Old Burying Point Cemetery.

5 Gettysburg Ghost Tours

The Gettysburg Ghost Tours in Pennsylvania are so popular that the city decided to keep the attraction year-round. Named one of America's top haunted tours, this exploration takes attendees to the site of the United States Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Lost soldiers have been sighted on these grounds for decades and this ghost tour helps to draw them out.

You can take part in the less torturous wine walk where you will just learn the history of the Battle of Gettysburg. For the braver souls in your group, however, there is an interactive ghost hunt led by a paranormal professional who will help you communicate with the undead.

4 Haunted Haight Walking Tour

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San Francisco's Haunted Haight Ghost Tours are known to one of the top rates and scariest excursions in California. Guests must be prepared to listen to the city's most morbid stories for the entirety of the two-hour journey.

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Not only will you hear about mass murderers and paranormal sightings, but you will be taken to the bay's most excruciatingly terrifying locations.

3 Sheriff’s Ghost Walk Tours

St. Augustine's historical significance has graced it with popularity when it comes to haunted beings. This seaside town in Florida hosts the famously spooky Sheriff’s Ghost Walk Tours.

The tour explores the streets and cemeteries of Old Saint Augustine while trying to dissolve the mystery of whatever happened to Sheriff Guy White. This trail has paranormal sightings on almost every tour, with pictures on their website to prove it!

2 Haunted Savanah Tours

Savannah, Georgia has earned its name as America's most haunted city. The Haunted Savanah Tours explores haunted mansions and lost cemeteries, but they won't start until after dark.

Hell Hounds are said to guard the cemetery and professional ghost hunters have been able to obtain unexplained voices with their equipment. There are statues throughout the cemetery are said to move around or completely disappear altogether, too!

1 Haunted Heartland Tours

Owned and operated by paranormal researcher Sherri Brake, the Haunted Heartland Tours provide an experience that you might not want to return for. There's a reason why people find this to be one of the scariest ghost tours in America. The West Virginia ghost hunt is probably the most popular, as it takes place inside the West Virginia Penitentiary. As if staying inside an old jail cell weren't enough, attendees will actually stay the night here.

The 1886-built prison used to be called "Bloody Alley" after over 90 executions were held here by hanging or the electric chair. This ghost tour allows fifty people to join Sherri on the massive paranormal research and hunt to get in touch with the edifice's former prisoners.

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