New York City is always a place that brings up a lot of excitement. Whether you have a trip scheduled yourself or a friend is going there soon, you're always happy to give recommendations for the best restaurants or hear what someone is planning on doing. The only problem with going to NYC? Some things about it can be pretty expensive. With trendy hotels come high prices, and restaurants with great reputations can mean hefty bills that are a bit tough to swallow.

Thankfully, since NYC is so big, there are a lot of options in terms of how much you want to spend during your trip. Do you want to save or do you want to splurge? Here's your guide to a weekend in New York City no matter how much money you want to spend.


Hotels: Save At Pod 39 Hotel Or Splurge At The Knickerbocker Hotel

If you want to save, check out the Pod 39 Hotel, which is in the Murray Hill area and close to Grand Central Terminal. For three nights in March 2020, you would pay $201.45 USD or $67.15 USD per night. You'll be sleeping in a bunk bed, but the hotel is attractive and contemporary, and there's a really cool rooftop area which is just asking for you to book a trip during the summertime so you can use it. People who have stayed here think that it's worth it: one former guest posted on Trip Advisor, "Room was minimalist, quite comfortable, quiet, neat shower." Another said, "Great value for the price" which is definitely what you want to hear.

Want to spend a bit more on your hotel stay? The Knickerbocker Hotel is located at 6 Times Square and is worth the price as it's very fancy and nice. Staying for three nights in March 2020 would cost $210 USD per night or $868.84 USD in total. The restaurant, Charlie Palmer at The Knick, features dishes by the prized chef of the same name and allows you to see 42nd Street and Broadway. There's also the St. Cloud Rooftop where you can grab a drink and food.

Food: Do You Want Tacos Or Is Steak Calling Your Name?

Everyone loves tacos... and everyone loves tacos that won't break the bank. The prices are Los Tacos No. 1 are awesome: the Carne Asada taco is $3.95 USD, and chips and salsa are $3.95 USD and if you want chips and guac it's a dollar more. Quesadillas cost $4.95 each and the most expensive menu item is a $6 fried quesadilla (and it's $8 if you want meat added to it). You can order a whole bunch and have a totally delicious feast.

Are you a foodie who has saved up for your trip? Definitely book a table at Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn. Start with a Caesar Salad, Iceberg Wedge Salad, and/or Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. Then move onto the main course which you'll order by the number of people you're dining with ("Steak For Two," "Steak For Three," "Single Steak," etc). Desserts include Pecan Pie, Apple Strudel, and Ice Cream. There are no prices on the menu, but Top Restaurant Prices says a single steak is $51.95 USD and Steak For Two is $103.90 USD.

Activities: Take In Some Culture For Free Or Sign Up For A Tour

The cool thing about New York City is there are a lot of things that you can do for free, so if you want to book a weekend in the city and save some money, you can definitely do that. The following places are never going to charge admission, according to The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, American Folk Art Museum, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and more. MOMA (The Museum Of Modern Art) is free on Fridays from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

If you don't mind spending more for some activities, sign up for some tours that will set you back a little. If you sign up for two or three, you'll have part of your weekend planned. The Private Gossip Girl Pedicab Tour sounds really cool: for around $70 USD, you'll get a 90-minute tour of the most famous spots in the city that fans of the TV show will recognize. You could also take a Central Park Pedicab Tour which, according to Trip Adviser, could cost around $39 USD. It's one hour long and will give you a great chance to see this beautiful and famous park.

When you're booking your next weekend in New York City, ask yourself whether you want to save or splurge on your hotel stay, food, and activities. These ideas let you see how you can visit the city for very little money, along with what spending some more will get you.