Known as the “Peach State,” the state of Georgia is not just about the deep-flavored peaches that have become a symbol of this historic state. In reality, peanuts easily edge out peaches as the most abundant food item in the Empire State of the South. Away from peaches or peanuts, Georgia is flat-out gorgeous. Many will find the scenery, especially in the northern regions, absolutely amazing. And even for those who don’t enjoy the effervescent beverage that has come to define any social scene, a trip to Atlanta, where the world’s best-selling drink is made, will be a thoroughly rewarding experience.


Coming to the south, Tybee Island, off the charming town of Savannah, has some of the finest beaches in the state. To add to that, the road from Savannah to Tybee is lined with some cool attractions — as if providing a thrilling foretaste of what awaits at the beach.

Road Trip From Savannah To Tybee Island

For a trip to Tybee Island, it’s advisable to arrive in Savannah early enough so that by 9.00 AM, the adventure has begun in earnest. From downtown Savannah, Forsyth Park should be the first stop. The distance from downtown Savannah to Forsyth Park is just about five minutes. Someone on East Bay Street will need to get onto Gwinnett Street from where this idyllic park is just a stroll away. Giant oak trees, with leafy outstretched boughs, shade this historic park, the largest and oldest in Savannah. Overhead, overlapping tree branches form a shaded canopy that extends almost all the way to the fountain, one of the city’s most-visited icons. About an hour here will be enough to enjoy its attractions.

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From Forsyth Park, the next stop should be Bonaventure Cemetery, about seven minutes down the road. The distance is about 3.6 miles (5.8 km) on E Anderson Street. A cemetery would, in many instances, not qualify as an attraction. However, the scenic setting of Bonaventure Cemetery on a picturesque section near the Wilmington River, makes it quite a hot favorite for travelers.

  • What Is The Entry Fees At Bonaventure Cemetery? There is no admission charge at Bonaventure Cemetery.
  • How Much Is The Entry Fees At Forsyth Park? Forsyth Park Is Free.

The beautiful, tree-lined roads; the unique cemetery look and the architecture; and the notable names of those who sleep under; all combine to give the place an aura that is so rustic and charming — that it’ll be easy to forget that this is a cemetery — the quintessential embodiment of human pain and despair. Spend a quiet hour at this destination, walking in the shade of ancient oaks, most of which are now covered in Spanish moss, and taking in the majestic stillness of the environment — that is so very calming and relaxing. This done, it’ll be time to hit the road for Fort Pulaski National Monument. This is an 18-minute drive on US-80 E that will be one of the most tranquil along the entire stretch.

Fort Pulaski, once proclaimed “as strong as the Rocky Mountains,” is just at the mouth of the Savannah River. There’s a lot of interesting history to learn here. Military history. Civil war history. Out on the moat, alligators grin mischievously as eagles and falcons soar high in the sky. Obviously, a camera should be at hand. About an hour here should be enough. It'll be time for a grand entry to Tybee Island, a 10-minute drive away on US -80 E. This is a road distance of about 5.6 miles (9 km).

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Here Are All The Exciting Things To See And Do On Tybee Island

Cascading miles of powder-soft sand; beautifully wrinkled, turquoise waters of the Atlantic; and soft, refreshing breezes that ruffle the palm leaves fringing the restless waters — are some of the defining characteristics of Tybee Island beaches. Tybee Island boasts three public beaches. However, aside from the oceanfront beaches, the island also has two river beaches that, even though lesser-known, are no less charming. The oceanfront beaches include South Beach, North Beach, and Mid Beach. River beaches are Tybee Back River Beach and Savannah River Beach. One can enjoy many splashy activities at any of these beaches, including swimming, kayaking, and paddling. This is because the waters are gentle — and just the perfect state for such boating activities. In fact, Tybee Island is one of the finest boating spots on the east coast.

But when it comes to surfing, the truth is that Tybee Island is not a great place for cruising on a surfboard. While the waters may swell occasionally, and one may chance on some fine surfing moments, these are not as regular or frequent. Away from the ocean, the Lighthouse, the first in the state packs a punch in history —and would be a must-see for history buffs. The pier, with its large pavilion area, is a great place for dolphin watching, fishing, or holding parties.

Here’s the truth: A visit to Georgia’s Savannah will not be complete without a mandatory detour to Tybee Beach.