Sarajevo is Europe's best-kept secret. As the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the stunning city is home to over 200,000 people and has an incredible history. Geographically, Bosnia and Herzegovina are landlocked between Serbia, Croatia, and hovers above Montenegro but travelers don't need the Adriatic Sea to have an amazing vacation. Sarajevo's rolling hills and quaint cobblestone streets in its Old Town are enough to make any outsider fall in love and wonder why they haven't visited sooner. When seeking time in Eastern Europe, explore the depths of Sarajevo!


Bosnian Coffee Is A Coffee Lover's Dream

Calling all coffee lovers, Sarajevo is for you! Europe is known for its amazing coffee because each country has its own spin on the caffeinated beverage. While strolling through Old Town, tourists will see plenty of cafes with people sitting outside enjoying their beverages. Even in the winter months, some cafes offer blankets on chairs for coffee-lovers to bask in the fresh air while drinking something warm.

Instead of grabbing a warm cup to-go, take a seat and enjoy traditional Bosnian coffee. Coffee is served in a copper pot and comes with a glass of water and cubes of sugar. You can pour the coffee in the glass while nibbling on the sugar cubes after each bite or drop the sugar cube in the glass to sweeten in.

Old Town Is Small But Charming

Stari Grad is Sarajevo's Old Town. Historically, it's the oldest part of the city and holds most of Sarajevo's charm. It's in Old Town that travelers can find Sacred Heart Cathedral (Sarajevo Cathedral) and two historic mosques that were built in the 1400 and 1600s.

Travelers will also be able to stroll the streets for souvenirs and take a coffee break when they need to. Shops and cages are open in the winter months but the hustle and bustle of this adorable city shine brightest in the summer months.

A Unique Place For Foodies

Most travelers are looking forward to their time in Europe to eat all the different kinds of local fare. Like coffee, each country has its own unique spin on popular dishes and sweets. And Sarajevo is no different.

One pastry dish that needs to be tried is burek (börek). With a flakey crust, the inside is typically filled with ground beef (or other meats) or cheese. Or sometimes it's a salty and sweet combination of meat, cheese, and apple. But when you're all filled up on burek, try cevapi (kebabs), Bey's soup (chicken and vegetables), or have a taste of tufahija (sugared apple) for dessert!

The Miljacka River Is Both Beautiful And Has A Deep History

There might not views of the Adriatic Sea from Sarajevo but tourists will be able to enjoy the Miljacka River that runs through this gorgeous city. The river is small but thanks to the city's bridges, locals and tourists alike can appreciate the river from up high.

However, the river isn't clean or safe enough to take a dip in, so looking at it from afar is best. If you find the Latin Bridge, you'll be able to see where the notorious assassination of Franz Ferdinand occurred, which triggered WWI!

You Can't Duplicate Sarajevo's Landscape

When planning a trip to Sarajevo, tourists will notice the rolling hills on the outskirts of the city. The architecture is a beautiful mix of religious backgrounds, showing off Sarajevo's dark pasts.

Thanks to the different churches, mosques, and synagogues, Sarajevo has been called the "Jerusalem of Europe." It's a city where locals and tourists can be comfortable in their own beliefs and it's shown in the city's buildings.