When you think of Santorini, Greece, you think of the Blue Dome Church. Everyone is familiar with it as they picture a white building, a blue roof, and the sea. What Boundaries Travel writes about looking for it, and says that it's in Oia, which is in northwest Santorini. The website even has detailed information for tourists who want to see it for themselves.

While this church is definitely gorgeous, there are so many other things that we should know about this Greek island. And it's time to read all about them so we can visit this place for ourselves someday. Read on to find out some other things that the city of Santorini has to offer tourists.


Go Hiking In Santorini From Fira To Oia

According to Greek Travel, you'll find restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Fira with many great places to sit outside, so you can see the island perfectly. Make sure you're on "the caldera side" so you can take in all its beauty.

Santorini Dave recommends going hiking in Santorini -- specifically, hiking from Fira to Oia. The website says that as long as someone in your group is seven years old or older, they should be totally fine, but it will "be a very long walk for anyone under 10." That's definitely something to keep in mind if traveling with kids.

Santorini Dave says that the duration of the hike would be five hours at most and two hours at the least, so plan for somewhere around there. If you're wondering what kind of conditions the ground will be in, it's dirt, cobblestone, and "similar to a sidewalk." It's a little bit less than 6.5 miles (10.5 km) and you'll see Imerovigli, Firostefani, and of course, Oia and Fira. The site says to make sure to pack a water bottle since some coffee shops won't necessarily be open for business.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse and Santo Winery Are Worth Checking Out

Hand Luggage only suggests going to the Akrotiri Lighthouse. What's amazing about this lighthouse is how much you can see: as someone posted on Trip Advisor, "The lighthouse was pretty, but really, it's all about the view."

Santorini View says that while you can't actually go in the lighthouse, you can take a seat on the nearby rocks or the stone wall outside it. In 1892, a French company created it, and the Greek Navy did some work on it in 1945. The lighthouse is located in Akrotiri, a village that is 18 km from Santorini. You can see the water and also a cliff, and it's breathtaking.

Hand Luggage only also suggests that tourists go to Santo Winery. According to Trip Savvy, the winery is located 2.5 miles (4 km) from Fira, and there are many local Santorini wines that you can try. People enjoy coming here because you can see the evening sunset from "the caldera." The website also mentions that since the winery is located on a high cliff, there can be a ton of strong winds at night or at the end of the day, which is definitely good to know.

Eat At Melitini For Greek Mezze And See Byzantine Castle Ruins In Oia

Of course, something else that will make tourists forget all about the Blue Domed Church is trying some food in Santorini. Check out a few places in Oia, Santorini, and you'll be super pleased. Melitini is a great place for Greek tapas (also considered mezze), and the food looks fresh and the outside looks beautiful. Order fried zucchini, fried cheese, a variety of protein, grilled octopus and more. What's better than enjoying the beautiful weather in Greece with a spread of appetizers?

During your time in Oia, you can also see the Byzantine Castle Ruins. Thanks to a Trip Advisor post, we know that a lot of people will likely be looking at the sunset here, but it's still a great idea to see it. Someone wrote, "Hoards of tourists would be here for the sunset, and they will leave once the sun sets. But don’t leave with them! Stay for another 30minutes! Once the lights come on from the cave apartments, you’ll see a beautiful landscape with pretty lights."

Yes, it's true that the Blue Domed Church in Santorini is absolutely beautiful. But there are a lot of other things worth seeing on this Greek island, from going on a memorable hike, seeing a historic lighthouse, visiting a local winery, trying some Greek mezze at an amazing restaurant, and seeing the ruins of an old castle. With these suggestions, you'll have a magical trip to Santorini.