Once Christmas travel has wrapped up and everyone is setting back into their everyday routines, it's time to think about a popular time of year for taking a vacation: spring break. Some schools are closed for one or two weeks in March and others have this break in February, but no matter when you're taking time off, one thing is for sure: you want to find the best destination that you can.

Florida has always been high on the list of places to go for spring break thanks to its beaches and weather and popularity with kids. Read on to find out why Sanibel Island, Florida is your perfect spring break destination.


It's A Peaceful Place With Sunsets And You Can Bike Everywhere

There are so many warm places where you could go for spring break, but there's something about Sanibel Island that makes it a good pick for people who want more peace and quiet. Someone shared on Reddit that they love Sanibel Island because of "the island life. It’s amazing. Only one chain restaurant (Dairy Queen)." There aren't a ton of places where you feel like it's the "good old days" with smaller restaurants and cafes, and you'll find that on Sanibel Island. You're also able to rent a bike and go pretty much anywhere on the island as it's very bike-friendly.

Another Reddit user shared that the sunsets are epic: "Sanibel has absolutely stunning sunsets. Even after the sun itself has gone down but when there's still some light, the beach is a great place to just take in the view."

The Restaurants Are Unique And Fun (And Offer Great Seafood)

Florida is always a great place to get some delicious seafood, and you'll find some unique restaurants in Sanibel Island that the whole family is going to have a great time.

One fun restaurant is called The Island Cow. Come here for lunch or dinner and you can order Crabmeat Stuffed Gulf Shrimp, "Sanibel Style" (meaning "Coconut Fried") fish with sides such as sweet potato fries and coleslaw, or Seafood Pasta. The menu is super kid-friendly with favorites such as chicken fingers, mac and cheese, pizza, etc. You can even order Starbucks coffee at this restaurant, which is a great bonus, and the breakfast menu has pancakes that look awesome. There's really something for everyone with cocktails, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and even more.

Head on over to The Blue Giraffe (Sanibel Island has very adorable restaurant names) and you'll find a nice, contemporary restaurant with many menu options. Order hearty dishes like tacos, a crab cake called the Giraffe Cake, the Bistro Salad which has fruit in it, creative burgers like the Kona Wasabi Burger, and more.

You'll Want To Stay In A Cottage At The Seaside Inn

Sure, you can definitely find a condo or apartment for your week in Sanibel Island, but there are also a lot of interesting hotel options that should be considered.

With a name like The Seaside Inn, this sounds like a good place to book a stay, right? You'll find charming cottages, lots of palm trees, white lounge chairs set out on the lawn, and easy access to the beach. There are 32 rooms and baskets full of breakfast food that will be sent to each room, which would make your stay easier. You're also a quick drive away from Sanibel's restaurants, so as long as you rent a car, you'll be good to go for the week. Stay in a Gulf Inn Cottage and you get a kitchen and your own deck that you can enjoy.

People really liked their time here: one Trip Advisor review says, "We rode bikes nearly everywhere-very bike-friendly island. Nothing fancy or pretentious. Just olde Sanibel charm!" Others mentioned coming here with their family. And since a pool is a must-have for a spring break destination, the Seaside Inn has got you covered.

There Are Many Things To Do That Families Will Enjoy

Many families travel to Sanibel Island, Florida, and it's easy to see why. There are many activities that children will love, making it a perfect spring break destination.

According to Trip Savvy, kids can look for dolphins and shells. It's worth noting that Sanibel is famous for its shells so this is definitely the place to look for beautifully colored shells. You can also take a kayak in the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and rent them through Tarpon Bay Explorers. You'll be able to see birds, alligators, and more. You can also take your kids to the Sanibel Community Playground and the local library.

Wondering what the perfect spring break place would be? These are the reasons why you want to consider taking a trip to beautiful, peaceful Sanibel Island, Florida.