Sandra Oh is one of the most admired and successful actresses from Canada, and wants fellow Canadian to learn how to travel accordingly.

Oh appeared on Air Canada's new "Travel Like a Canadian commercial," and it's unquestionably one of her greatest acting performances yet. The two-time Golden Globe really put the "Canadian" aspect into this ad.

The Grey's Anatomy star refers to multiple friendly and humorous Canadian stereotypes in the commercial. It starts with her and a fellow traveler each apologizing for nearly bumping into one another.


After all, one popular Canadian stereotype is that they say "sorry," even if the other is responsible for bumping into them. Oh and the traveler then offer each other "bagged milk," and "ketchup chips," two of the more well-known and popular products in Canada.

Oh then proceeds to break up an argument between two girls by offering them "poutine," a proud Canadian invention (cheese curds and gravy mixed with fries). The two girls end their quarreling and embrace the poutine presented by Oh.

Near the end, Oh talks about how a Canadian travels by "being respectful to everyone and embracing all cultures." At the very send, Oh and the passenger next to her exchange apologies when she tells him he's in her seat.

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Air Canada is running its "Worldwide Seat Sale" promotion up until Friday the 11th. Travelers can choose from over 200 different destinations for domestic and international flights.

Now, they have one of the biggest names in Hollywood here to show fellow Canadians how to travel ahead of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Certainly, Air Canada should see a large increase in flight sales over these next couple of weeks.

As for all Canadians who are about to embark on a journey, don't forget Oh's advice on how you can travel like a true Canadian.

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