San Francisco's Most Expensive AirBnB To Be Turned Into Hotel

Airbnbs have become a hugely popular alternative to hotels, whether travelers are looking for more affordable options, or something a little more unique for their stay... and the Payne Mansion in San Francisco is definitely unique. but it won't be an Airbnb much longer! This stunning Victorian mansion is far from affordable, though, with a price tag of $10,000 a night. That makes Payne Mansion San Francisco's most expensive Airbnb, and one of the most expensive in the world.

Of course, visitors get a whole lot for that 10K. The Payne Mansion is a historic site, dating back to 1881 when it was built by Theodore Fryatt Payne and his wife Mary Pauline O'Brien, a silver heiress. It predates the great earthquake of 1906 (one of the few mansions left standing from this time), and comprises ten bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two event rooms, and a bar. Now, however, it looks like Payne will be leaving the world of Airbnb behind, to become a boutique hotel.

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The mansion has been on the market for several years, while it has been rented out as an Airbnb, but has now been purchased by Bernard Rosenson. Rosenson is an entrepreneur who owns several restaurants and hotels in California, and reportedly bought the Payne Mansion for somewhere around $12-14million (based on the list price over the past few years). Rosenson will be turning the house into a hotel and restaurant, called 1881 after the year that the property was built. Plans are for 1881 to open this fall.

This isn't a huge change for the Payne Mansion, of course. The building has been a few different things over the years, including a YMCA, art gallery and office building, but it has been run as a hotel for much of that time. Although it is currently listed on Airbnb, it is also a functional hotel right now, and guests don't have to pay the $10,000 to rent the entire thing. Instead, it was possible to book individual rooms through the hotel itself, or through Airbnb, of course.

This means that the biggest change for the Payne Mansion is likely to be the addition of the restaurant, and the removal of the house from Airbnb's website - however, anyone who still wants to stay in the building will be able to do so when it reopens. And for those who wish that they could still rent the entire building for a while? Simply book out the entire hotel!

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Source: Fortune

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