If you love kicking back with a good beer and you're looking for something a little special, Sam Adams' Utopias might be right up your alley.

Wine tasting is a big deal and has been for years. However, beer tasting is now right up there along with it. There used to be a time when beer was the drink of choice to get people drunk, and was a refreshing break from water after a long hard day or week. Today, there are thousands of different beers, some of which have been painstakingly created to taste downright delicious.


From stouts to craft ales to champagne lagers. Yes, that last one really is a thing. Sam Adams' Utopias is not a champagne lager, but it is definitely an incredibly special beer. It's a rare beverage, only 100 casks were made according to Grit Daily, and Sam Adams releases it to the public during odd-numbered years.

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Utopias is not for the faint of heart, though. While Sam Adams' regular and well-known Boston Lager clocks in at 5% ABV, so about the same as most other beers, Utopias is a staggering 28% ABV. When you consider most vodkas are in the 40% range, that should give you an idea of exactly how intense this beer is.

That lofty ABV raises a few issues, making it illegal in 15 states for starters. Sam Adams owners The Boston Beer Company are unable to ship it to those states due to the high ABV, and you can check if one of those states is the one you call home by clicking here. If you do live in a state where Utopias can be shipped, and consider yourself a beer aficionado, now it's time to hear the hard part. The price.

Utopias costs $210 per bottle. However, for that high price tag consumers are getting more than a delicious and rare beer. Utopias comes in a beautiful decanter designed to resemble the iconic copper brew kettles. Each bottle is numbered too so that the one you buy is unique to you. The only numbers beer drinkers won't be able to get their hands on are the lowest ones. Each staff member involved in creating the beverage is given a bottle for their hard work, with the number representing their tenure with Sam Adams.

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