With Halloween around the corner, travelers everywhere are craving the quintessential fall experience. Few regions offer a better escape into an Autumn wonderland than the North Eastern United States. Crisp fall air, changing foliage, and ghost stories abound in this section of the U.S.

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One of the best locations to visit for fall, but especially for Halloween, is the historical city of Salem, Massachusets. Founded almost four hundred years ago, Salem has a long reputation as a center of all things spooky. Planning a trip to this North Eastern gem? Here are a few attractions to save you money while still providing excellent memories.

10 Harbor Sweets Tour

Second only to pumpkins, what's more Halloween than candy? Salem has a one-stop-shop for all of your candy cravings. Harbor Sweets has called Salem home since 1973 when its founder Ben Strohecker challenged himself "to make the best piece of candy in the world." Whether they succeeded in this mission will be up to you!

Guests can tour their Salem location for free. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, tours can be reserved by calling Harbor Sweets directly. Get a glimpse of the process of making delectable chocolates and sweets, and then browse their store to take some home!

9 Explore Downtown

One of the best ways to understand any small town is exploring its center. Downtown Salem is no different. If you're a shopper, there are excellent boutique shops that are perfect for browsing. Eating wise, you can't visit New England without trying some Seafood. Turner's Seafood is some of the best in town, located right downtown.

But if you're still wanting to keep your purse strings tight, simply walking through downtown during the fall is a treat. The black houses and brick buildings are signature Salem. Add that with the beautiful fall colors and you'll feel transported to a classic New England autumn.

8 Track Down Hocus Pocus Filming Locations

One of the most beloved Halloween films of all time is Disney's Hocus Pocus. This spooky family flick tells the story of three kids who bring three witches back to life on Halloween in present-day Salem. The film has become a staple for kids the world over. If you're a fan of the film, you'll need to make a stop in Salem.

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Multiple real locations in Salem were used as filming spots for the film. Max's house can be spotted, rocking the signature victorian charm you remember. Other spots you can visit include Allison's house, the Halloween Party at the Old Town Hall, and Max and Allison's school.

7 Admire The Murals At Punto Urban Art Museum

Need a break from all the witch-themed Halloween spooktacular that seems to overrun Salem? Perhaps you need a taste of the aesthetic on your trip to the North East? Salem's Punto Urban Open Air Art Museum will satisfy your needs!

This hub of murals and public art was commissioned to breakdown socio-economic barriers by gathering local and global artists. Explore these art pieces throughout the El Punto neighborhood and get a bit of insight into those who call this place home!

6 Pay Your Respect At The Proctor's Ledge Memorial

Without a doubt, Salem was put on the map thanks to the tragic events of the Salem Witch Trials. While much of modern-day Salem has taken advantage of these events for commercial purposes, there are still a few sights that honor the tragedy and actual history of the deaths.

If you are interested in the history of the trials, finding Proctor's Ledge is a must. Located on Pope Street behind a Walgreens, this is the site of the trials' infamous hangings. Marked by a small memorial, the ledge is a haunting spot to attend.

5 Visit The Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Salem is one of the oldest settled communities in the United States. History is a primary part of the tourism industry of this town. The Maritim National Historic Site, a joint site with the National Park Service, tells the maritime history of Salem and the surrounding area.

The park plays host to a visitors center, with exhibits and a film for anyone to view and learn. There are also historic buildings and a tall ship to see, bringing the history of yesteryear to today.

4 Salem Heritage Trail

Speaking of history, the Salem Heritage trail is a perfect way to walk in the footsteps of the town's past. This red line stretches throughout the city, tracing the biggest moments and historical sites of the area. While you will have to pay admission to enter many of these sites, it's certainly free to traverse the trail alone.

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The trail will take you past Peabody Essex Museum, which stands as the oldest operated museum in the U. S. Later you will pass by The Witch House, the last surviving structure from the time of the Witch trials. As you pass along the trail, you will see some of the oldest historical sites of the United States.

3 Capture The New England Spirit On Chestnut Street

Speaking of walking, this is one of the best in Salem. Any visit to New England wouldn't be complete without taking in the classic architecture of colonial homes and estates. Chestnut Street in Salem is the best showcase if that's your cup of tea.

Many of the homes in the area were designed by architect Samuel McIntire, who was a prominent figure of his time. The street contains a section of the Heritage trail, hosting the Peabody Museum itself. Other notable homes include the Stephen Phillips House and the Saunders House.

2 Explore Local Cemeteries

Autumn is the season of death. That sounded far less spooky before typing it. But truly, with Halloween and the coming of winter, Autumn is the best time to confront our eventual fate. Salem has such experiences in loads!

Some truly beautiful historic cemeteries are available to view in Salem. Three specifically are must-sees. Howard Street Cemetary is the site of Giles Corey's death, the only individual to die of pressing. Another is Charter Street Cemetary, the final resting place of magistrate John Hawthorne. Finally, Broad Street Cemetary, where the original owners of the Witch House were laid to rest.

1 Visit The Witch Trials Memorial

The final must-see free site is the Witch Trials Memorial. The memorial honors the lives of the 20 people slain during the original Witch Trials. Four foot high walls are adorned with benches symbolizing the lives lost, each with a name engraved.

This simple memorial is located on Charter Street, right next to the Charter Street Cemetary. Keep this spot in mind when you are visiting the local cemeteries, as it is the major spot of reflection for the witch trials.

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