There are lots of people who enjoy taking trips to various places around the world every single year. In fact, many of them choose to visit Mexico. Those who go there often choose to stay at a resort, and it is not hard to see why.

The resorts that are located in Mexico are beautiful. There is nothing quite like spending some time on warm beaches with beautiful water and numerous fun activities. However, there are also a lot of people who go there without visiting the resorts.


Mexico has a lot more to offer than just some nice beaches. According to, people who go there can check out some things like gorgeous jungles, volcanoes, and some interesting wildlife. They can also go hiking.

But there are some safety tips people should follow if they are not planning on staying at one of Mexico’s famous resorts. Here are just a few of them.

Those Who Don’t Go To A Resort Should Be Careful About What Parts Of Mexico They Go To

Realistically, even people who visit resorts run the risk of meeting some sketchy men and women, and that seems to be true whether or not they are visiting Mexico. But one would think that the people who choose to visit resorts might not risk getting into as many dangerous situations as one who does not stay at a resort while they are visiting.

According to, one of the best things a person can do when they are planning to visit Mexico is to be careful when they decide exactly which areas of the place they are going to go see. There are plenty of safe areas there, but there are also some spots that would be very dangerous for a tourist to go to. One of the least risky spots for one to go to is Cabo San Lucas.

Do Not Eat Anything That Isn’t Served Hot

People should always keep an eye on what foods and beverages they consume whether or not they are on a vacation. But according to, this is definitely something a person needs to be very cautious of when they are visiting various spots in Mexico.

A great example of this is the tap water. Some people might think others are joking when they say not to drink it, but it is actually bad, and no one needs to drink the tap water in Mexico. But another great tip visitors there should follow is avoiding foods that are not cooked and served up hot.

Cold or uncooked foods are not safe to eat because they might have been rinsed in Mexico’s tap water. Another possibility is that the person handling the food might be spreading germs by having dirty hands, which is another risk travelers should not take.

Travelers Should Leave The Flashy Jewelry At Home

There are a lot of people who own some things that are pretty flashy. Jewelry, big sunglasses, and expensive electronics are just a couple of things that usually fall into that category. According to, those who plan to spend some time walking around different spots in Mexico should try to leave things like that at home.

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They do not even need to leave any of those things in their hotel room, because that can be really risky. But travelers also should not wear any of those things, because that can draw the wrong kind of attention to them, which can be quite an unfortunate situation.

Dressing Modestly Helps Female Travelers Avoid Unwanted Attention

Foreigners really need to be careful when they are visiting Mexico. That is because there are a lot of areas of that place that are very risky. All travelers who go there need to be very alert, and they also need to be extremely aware of their surroundings.

But that is even truer when it comes to female travelers. There are some extra measures women need to take in order to remain safe when they go there. According to, one of those extra measures is dressing in a very modest fashion so that they can keep from getting attention from the wrong people.

Watch Out For Scams When It Comes To Apartments

People who visit Mexico can choose to rent an apartment during their stay. That's cool, but that doesn't mean that getting one is easy. According to, there are quite a few scams that some of the locals might try to pull on visitors when they try to rent an apartment.

These scams aren't terribly uncommon, and there are some red flags for visitors to look out for that will tell them if something like that is going on. Cheap prices and sketchy reviews are often pretty good indications that something wrong is going on.

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