One does not always know what to expect on a journey which is why it is important to get all the knowledge one can get. While travelers have to know what to do when lost or when faced with a wild animal, these safety and self-defense tips will also come in handy in many situations.

11 Know The Wild Animals In The Area and Prepare Accordingly

Threats may come from the least expected place, which is why one has to be prepared at all times. When heading to a destination known to host wild animals, it is important to have a self-defense tool in possession to ward off any attacks. In many parts of the United States where bears inhabit, travelers are often encouraged to go out with bear spray in the unlikely situation of an encounter with the animal.

10 Learn Some Self-Defense Moves

Martial art is an important skill that travelers should have in their toolkits, but even though one does not necessarily have to study Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, muay Thai, or mixed martial arts, one can easily learn some self-defense moves. These simple self-defense moves can give one some advantage when being attacked. Eye gouging, groin kicks, elbow strikes, and other simple moves can be of great help in defending oneself. People would rather help than harm travelers, but one does not always know what to expect outside their home.

9 Ask Questions When In Doubt

The importance of asking questions cannot be overestimated. It can save a life. For travelers heading to destinations, they are unfamiliar with, asking questions is vital to staying safe. Oftentimes, locals have more useful information than one can find on the internet. Locals know when it’s dangerous to swim in the water, which road is too dangerous to follow at night, or which route hosts dangerous things, and they are always willing to give that information to those who ask for them.

8 Know When To Let Go

Courage is important in many situations, but one also has to know when to back off. It’s not all the time one has to show off courage. The last person that died or fell into serious problems perhaps thought they could handle it when in fact, they could have just let it go. When faced with threats that are potentially life-threatening or too dangerous, it is safer to back off and fight the threats with the police or the local security of the area. It is better to lose a few dollars than to get injured.

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7 Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Avoid Suspicious Environments

It is important for one to always be aware of their immediate surroundings, which is why travelers are advised to avoid drinking when in unfamiliar places. While one should be aware of their environment, one should also avoid suspicious places, especially at night. It is generally advisable to stick to the touristy part of a place as other less touristy areas can be dangerous, especially for travelers.

6 Avoid Revealing Your Current Location Or Travel Plans On Social Media

One important tip to staying safe while traveling is being discreet and avoiding sharing too much information on social media. This will make it hard for thieves, stalkers, and other threats to know one’s moves. If one must post, it is safer to do it after returning from the destination.

5 Blend Into The Crowd

Criminals spot their targets by watching their actions, and travelers who isolate themselves from a group of people often become targets. To avoid being potential targets in a foreign destination, try as much as possible to blend in and mix with the population. Dress like the locals and do what they do. If possible, say something using the local language and watch as the people guide and protect you from harm.

4 Be Confident And Don’t Look Lost

Travelers who visit a location and act weak, overly curious, and naive often become easy targets for criminals. Even if it’s one’s first time in a place, one should act confident and walk like a person with purpose.

3 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons Also Work On People

Pepper spray, bear spray, and other non-lethal self-defense weapons are not just made for wild animals. They can also be used to repel attacks from bad people. For this reason, one should ensure to include it in one’s packing list. Every destination around the world has laws concerning carrying such weapons, and one should research the local laws of the desired destination before proceeding to include a self-defense gadget into one’s backpack.

2 Dress Comfortably

Sometimes, one might need to take a dash or defend oneself against an advancing attacker. In such situations, one’s dressing plays a great role in giving one the desired flexibility needed to act. No one can run comfortably wearing high heels or carrying too much load in their backpack.

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1 Vet A Knock Before Opening The Door

Even in hotels, one can be robbed, and criminals often rely on the ignorance of hotel guests to do this. When in a hotel, it is ok to be skeptical about opening the door to a knock. If one must open the door, then thorough vetting should be employed to make sure one is not opening the door to a criminal. Even after the stranger’s identity has been revealed, do not fling the door wide open as the attack might come by surprise. Instead, open the door slowly and take a look just to be sure.