When it comes to planning a dream vacation, safety is one factor that almost always comes into play. No one wants to head out to a destination and end up with their life being in danger. Because of safety concerns, South America often gets overlooked when it comes to travel plans. Many people opt out of the warm and sunny Southern continent, assuming that there are no safe places to hunker down in.

And wise travelers are not wrong to consider bypassing parts of the tropical continent. Not all parts of South America are created equally, not by a long shot. There are several places that are not suitable for travel, yet plenty of others that get a bad rap simply by association. When it comes to vacationing in South America, do your research. To help you get started, here are a couple of safe destinations to consider and a few that should probably stay off of your vacation radar.


Santiago, Chili Is Naturally Safeguarded By The Landscape

Santiago is the vibrant capital and largest city located in the country of Chili. Compared to many other mega-cities in South America, Santiago is modern, classy, and full of great places to explore and dine. Sure, you have to be aware of your surroundings, as you would while vacationing anywhere new, but this beautiful destination won't give you the willies like a few others might. It's naturally safeguarded by mountain ranges and ocean and includes plenty of natural space right outside of the city proper. It's one of the more peaceful, clean, and prosperous cities in the Southern Hemisphere and definitely worth checking out.

Natal, Brazil, Is A No Go According To Us

In the northeastern pocket of Brazil, lies the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The capital of that state, Natal, is home to some of the most violent crimes in all of South America, It's not exactly a vacation destination, no matter how adventurous you think you are. Natal is pretty much an organized crime warzone and proves exactly why people assume that a South American vacation will end in tragedy. This particular Brazilian town should be avoided at all costs.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Offers Old World Flair, And Zero Travel Warnings

Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina has often been referred to as "The Paris of South America." That's a decent comparison considering the South American city's distinct European flair. Travelers can safely traverse the city, taking in its history, architecture, and eclectic cuisine without much worry since there are no travel warnings currently in place for Buenos Aires.

It's a good thing this place is considered to be safe because it is one that comes alive at night. While many other South American cities urge travelers to stay put at night, Buenos Aires is best experienced during the evening hours. Restaurants often don't even open their doors until after ten p.m., and clubs keep bumping until the sun comes up. This southern city is somewhere we could definitely see ourselves spending a week or two in.

Avoid Traveling To Any Part Of Venezuela

The vast majority of South American cities have safe pockets and dangerous ones. The country of Venezuela is unique in that it pretty much only has dangerous places. In fact, the entire country is under a level 4 Travel Warning, which pretty much means: don't even think about coming here. The State Department has warned of violent crime, civil unrest, extreme poverty, and the detention of U.S. citizens. It has even gone as far as ordering government employees and their loved ones to leave the country for good.

Knowing this, we are not sure why anyone would choose to book a plane ticket to any part of Venezuela. This feels like the opposite of a relaxing vacation. This South American country is a hard pass for us.

Copacabana, Bolivia Is Full Of Warm And Welcoming Natives

Bolivia might be one of the most impoverished countries in all of South America, but don't count it out when considering your South American getaway! The small country is collectively poor, but it has also garnished a reputation for being a safe and welcoming haven for travelers.

The city of Copacabana sits on majestic Lake Titicaca and offers foreigners incredible sights of the city as well as unparalleled hospitality courtesy of the locals. This small city won't give you that cosmopolitan feel, like Santiago and Buenos Aires will, but it will make up for that with comfort and authenticity. It's worth checking out if traveling to South America is on your vacation bucket list.

South America is worth checking out; just know where you have the best chances of staying safe while having a great time.

Resources: wisebread.com