There are a ton of reasons to head to Mexico for an amazing vacation. This country to the south has some of the most stunning beaches in the world, (just take it from these regular tourists.) It is also home to some of the most spectacular lodging options a traveler can come across, including inclusive resorts that treat you like royalty. It's full of fun, sun, adventure, and of course, colorful and mouthwatering cuisine.

The food in Mexico is second to none, and for many, it becomes the highlight of the entire trip. Everywhere you turn, there are bound to be culinary delights to indulge in. How does one know where to begin? What to try? Or what the safest food options are? When it comes to food and safety, not all dishes are created equally. Here are ten of the safest foods to indulge in while vacationing south of the border.

12 Ice-less Drinks And Bottled Water Will Lower Your Chances Of Becoming Ill

Mexico, like many other countries, has safe parts and not so reliable parts. While some areas are considered to be generally low risk, other Mexican places are ones that we would never choose to even step foot in. Even in the nicest locales, people should take certain safety precautions, especially around their food. Travelers are encouraged to sip on iceless drinks since the water supply there is considered to be unsafe.

11 Anything Made With Gloves Will Hedge Your Bets

Street food is all the rage in countries like Mexico. One can hop from street cart to street cart, inhaling just about every and any creation known to humankind. Street food is delicious and typically safe if it is prepared by someone wearing gloves. You don't want to eat a taco that has been manhandled by someone with dirty, bare hands. Basically, the requirements for food preparation are different than what we are used to in the states.

10 Street Foods NOT Contained In Ice Boxes

Many of the street carts and food trucks that you come across on your Mexican excursion will have a cooler or icebox nearby. Try and skip anything in these unless you are reaching for bottled water or a can of soda pop. Foods that linger in iceboxes can heat up in the Mexican sun real fast and cause serious tummy troubles. Go for foods that do not need to be kept cool.

9 Fruits With Peels Could Save You Some Trips To The Bathroom

Mexico has some of the most beautiful, juicy, and scrumptious fruits in the entire universe. When deciding to munch on fruit in Mexico, choose ones that are protected by the natural coating of a peel. Mangos, pineapple, coconuts, and papayas are all solid choices that will satisfy your fruit craving. Foods without peels can be concerning because you can't tell what water source was used to rinse them.

8 Lime Juice Soaked Foods Might Shore Up Your Safety Bets

A ton of foods, like fruits, veggies, and ceviche, will come with a wedge of lime to two, and it is not because lime is a pretty garnish. Limes are thought to help kill bacteria, and dousing food with the tart fruit can help ward away any microbes that might be cause for concern. If you want an extra layer of safety in your meals, throw in some more lime juice and hope for the best.

7 Dairy-Free Does A Body Good

It's a bit sacrilegious to consider going to Mexico and not eating a cheesy quesadilla or enchiladas. Mexican cheese is one of the tastiest things around, but if not stored properly, it can be dangerous. Any dairy items should be considered carefully before ingesting because dairy can turn quickly in the heat. Deciding to skip the cheeses, the cream sauces, and the horchatas might be your safest bet.

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6 Drinks That Come Directly From The Can Or The Bottle

It's important to stay hydrated while basking in the hot, Mexican sun, but be choosy in what you decide to sip on. Always go for bottled or canned beverages when you can over freshly poured ones. These options are sure to not have contaminated water in them. Also, adult drinks in cans and bottles are safer bets as well. You know EXACTLY what is in them when you drink them.

5 Street Food Where People Are Not Handling Food AND Money

Be choosy in your Mexican street carts. There is no shortage of them, so do your homework. Pick one that is serving many local people, including women and children. Also, head over to a cart that has two people working it. This is usually a good sign that one person will be handling the food, and another will be handling the money, meaning a reduction in the possibility of cross-contamination.

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4 Vegetarian Dishes Are Sometimes Safer Than Meat-Based Ones

Mexican dishes with meat options are amazing, but if the meat happens to be undercooked, well, your vacation just might end up coming to a screeching halt. It's hard to gauge the internal temperature of cooked meat when you dine out, especially when you dine on the streets. Spring for vegetarian options instead. There are hundreds of bean and vegetable choices to choose from, none of which will leave your stomach doing flips.

3 Sometimes Sauceless And Soupless Delights Keep You Safer

This is a tough pill to swallow, considering Mexico is pretty much the land of salsa and guacamole. Soups like pozole and spicy Mexican sauces are incredible and out of this world. They are also a roll of the dice when it comes to safety. It is hard to tell just how long a soup or sauce has been sitting in the beating sun. It could be hours or even days! Look at the pot. If the mixture is congealing or if there is a ring around the pot, then decide to pass on the dish.

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2 When It Comes To Fish, Go Fried Over Raw

Fish dishes are everywhere you turn in Mexico. Of course, they are considering Mexico is cradled in between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Ceviche is a popular seafood dish that many people opt for while touring this country, but uncooked fish is a chance that others are unwilling to take. If you have to indulge in seafood while on your Mexican vacation, consider choosing a deep-fried fish dish.

1 Sweet Tooth, Churros Might Safely Hit The Spot

Who doesn't want to end their meal with a sweet treat? Churros are a great option for foodies who want something sugary and warm but don't want to end up praying to the porcelain gods later on. Churros are essentially sticks of fried dough that are then dipped in sugar. Frying the dough ensures that these treats are cooked all the way through. And so long as they are handled with care and stored properly, they are likely to not cause illness.

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