The ability to travel as a family, with small children or even teenagers, is a great memory for families to be able to create together. Excitedly enough, vacations aren’t always about creating memories that will last a lifetime, but studies have even shown that traveling makes children perform better in school and may even extend their love for education into their careers.

Unfortunately, choosing the right location will always be a tough one especially when budgets, accommodations, excursions and dates all play major factors in the final decision. One destination that is a preferred favorite among individuals, couples, and families is the Caribbean, but finding a safe and affordable location is the tricky part. Places like Haiti, Puerto Rico and even parts of Jamaica may not be the best option to accommodate our family whether it may be due to a high crime rate, a surge in illegal substances, major and frequent hurricanes or even shark attacks.


Luckily, we’ve done our research and were able to compile a list of the safest Caribbean Islands for families. 

Discover Barbados, The Island Of Endless Possibilities

The lovely Barbados - the island known to have endless possibilities, countless underwater caves to explore and informative tours of stunning abbeys. However, what most people may not be aware of is that Barbados is considered THE safest island in the Caribbean and very budget-friendly when planning a trip with the whole family. 

Barbados is known for its flying fish which is the country’s symbol and on the national flag. This dish is normally stewed and served on Fridays with cou-cou, tomatoes, onion, and herbs. To pair with this dish, parents can enjoy the finest and oldest rum in the world, Mount Gay Rum, that dates back from 1703.

Attracting nearly a million tourists per year, tourism plays a huge role in the economy and the locals and shop owners are known to be the kindest people in the Caribbean. Many of the beaches are family-friendly and some are even known to have incredible pink sands to contrast the turquoise water. There are a few rules that the US State Department has put in place, such as camouflage clothing is illegal, but once one does their research on the destination they are visiting, they’ll be good to go!

Most importantly, Barbados offers many condo-style accommodations and all-inclusive resorts. On one side, the all-inclusives offer a wide range of child-friendly activities, unlimited food and drink for the whole family and endless entertainment, the condos offers parents multiple bedrooms, a private kitchen and living room, bigger bathroom which makes it easier for the entire family to live according to their needs and those of their children.

Anguilla Is Known For Their Reggae And Beaches, Yes Please!

Considered another one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla is also proud to be known as the island with the lowest drug offenses and drug crimes. Safe to say, this is a definite hot spot among families with young children, but lately there has been a surge in celebrities and wealthy tourists. Luxury tourism is the reason there are many villas and condos that can be rented in Anguilla, similar to the Bahamas. Each villa offers families a private balcony, some with private pools and hot tubs, with a kitchen and multiple bedrooms to accommodate each family member.

For safety reasons, it’s best to avoid hurricane season which generally begins in June and ends in November. Most all-inclusives and tourist attractions will often have their best prices between May and August, so a little Mother’s Day getaway to celebrate is probably the best option to get the most of your money.

Anguilla is filled with child-friendly activities like horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, epic sandcastle contests on the beach and even traveling on a glass-bottomed boat to view the marine life below.

Is It St. Maarten Or St. Martin?

If you’ve ever wondered if people are simply accidentally writing St. Maarten and St. Martin wrong, let us clarify that they are two different islands. St. Martin is the French island, complete with French foodies with Carribean ingredients, and St. Maarten is an English island, that was once run by the Dutch. The English side has a wide range of nightlife activities like rum tasting, dancing, and shows. They also have the majority of the shopping district.

For those looking for excursions and sightseeing trips, the island provides plenty of day-time activities to accommodate the whole family. Both the US State Department and TripAdvisor have also made note that Anguilla has almost no crime, however, to always be careful of petty crime like pickpocketing.

Day trips to Anguilla are also available through a car rental company or through a tour guide. The drive there and back total under three hours. However, to offer a true Caribbean experience, families are encouraged to take the local ferry across.

Celebs Are In Love With St. Barts, Too

It is not uncommon to walk the streets, reside in luxurious villas and bump into a famous movie celebrity. St. Barts’ is considered one of the most expensive and most exclusive islands in the Caribbean, which is why it is also, proudly, the top safest island as well. St. Barts is so safe that some of the locals even leave their cars and homes unlocked.

Unlock most Caribbean islands, the best time to visit St. Barts is between November and June, but it is especially hot in December until April. However, December is so popular among vacationers that in order to book for the month, it will have to be done a whole six months ahead of time.