Traveling can be dangerous, especially if a traveler is venturing into unfamiliar territory. The thought of visiting a site in Africa may seem intimidating, but it actually isn't. In fact, travelers should think about Africa as an opportunity to see the world in a unique way.

So, looking for the safest countries to visit in Africa? Worry no more as here are some of the safest countries that travelers will wish to visit in the region!

10 Mauritius

Mauritius, Africa's safest nation, comes in at number 24 on the Global Peace Index. The island nation of Mauritius is a safe haven for families with a diverse population. In fact, crime in Mauritius is quite low, with the majority of cases involving petty theft and other non-violent offenses. This country is also known for its welcoming and safe atmosphere for travelers. The government here provides a safe atmosphere for visitors, despite reports of thefts and criminal activity.

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9 Botswana

Situated in southern Africa, the nation of Botswana is the second safest place on earth. In contrast to its adjacent countries, tourism in Botswana is well established, and the country is relatively isolated from the criminality that plagues much of Africa. The majority of tourists who visit Botswana opt to visit the country's major national parks. Traveling to Botswana is the ideal option for anyone looking to explore Africa because of the low number of disturbances there are. As the country is contemporary and developed, and because the infrastructure is functional, there is no need for cholera or yellow fever vaccination in the towns and cities, and travelers may even drink the tap water without fear of contracting the disease.

8 Malawi

Malawi is now one of the safest countries in Africa because of recent political and economic development. The Great Rift Valley and Lake Malawi are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Malawi because of the friendly locals. The country is also considered a traveler's dream because of its incredible variety of landscapes. In fact, according to GPI rankings, Malawi is the third safest African country and aside from handbag snatching and petty stealing, Malawi's overall crime rate is modest.

7 Ghana

Visiting Ghana at any time of year is an excellent idea because of the country's predictable and steady weather, as well as its safety and stability. Ghana, also known as West Africa's crown jewel, is home to stunning coastal cities, thriving metropolises, and spectacular natural scenery. In general, Ghanaians are kind and inviting, and travelers may notice this as they travel further into the country. In fact, on the Global Peace Index, Ghana is ranked as the 44th safest country in the world. Although Ghana is still deemed safe, it has dropped five points on the GPI over the course of the last year but is still considered the fourth safest country in the region.

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6 Zambia

There are numerous wilderness areas to discover in Zambia. When travelers visit Zambia, they can rediscover their roots and a new appreciation for nature's finer intricacies. Zambia has everything, from safaris to high-octane activities. This is the best country to travel to due to the country's natural splendor, which made tourists flock to the different lodges in the wilderness and hotels in the city to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience. In fact, Zambia and Timor-Leste are tied for 48th place in the GPI rankings in the world. Zambia is the continent's fifth-safest nation, behind only Nigeria and South Africa.

5 Tanzania

The Serengeti Plains and Tanzania's reputation as a safari hotspot are just two of the country's most enduring symbols. In addition to Tanzania's enormous environment, there are several cultural attractions to be discovered. Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is Africa's highest peak, is also located in Tanzania and is a sight to behold. Tanzania is a relatively secure African country to visit, although the usual precautions should still be taken, such as staying away from secluded locations. In fact, Tanzania is the seventh-safest country in Africa. However, it is best to stay away from remote regions, especially late at night, and to only ride in cabs with a single passenger, preferably one from a well-known taxi company.

4 Rwanda

According to many travelers, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel to. The crime rate is low, and the residents are extremely kind and friendly. Gorilla trekking safaris are the most popular reason for visiting Rwanda, which is home to several endangered species, including the silverback mountain gorillas. It is also recommended for travelers to visit Rwanda's volcanoes and tropical forests, which are both beautiful to look at. Due to its history, many people avoid visiting Rwanda. However, travelers can be sure that the country is safe to visit as the current state of affairs in Rwanda is maintained well by the government.

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3 Namibia

Namibia is yet another African country that is extremely safe to travel to. Namibia's magnificent natural beauties are the primary reason for most visitors in the country. This country is considered by many travelers as a quiet and tranquil country as it has a democratic government and a reasonably stable political environment, with a relatively low crime rate throughout the country.

2 Seychelles

According to many travelers, Seychelles is a very different experience when visiting Africa, and is still a paradise. If travelers are looking for an African beach vacation that's both peaceful and relaxing, it is recommended to go to Seychelles, especially if they are looking for a tropical paradise with hundreds of islands to choose from.

1 Eswatini

Eswatini is also known among travelers as one of Africa's safest countries because, despite its modest size, it has a well-deserved reputation for the friendliness and kindliness of its locals. In fact, as a whole, the country of Eswatini is considered a quiet haven for its numerous calming forests and tourist attractions. Just like in any country, as long as the traveler takes the necessary precautions, they should be safe. So, it is recommended to not leave any valuables unattended.

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