Mexico is both a popular vacation destination and one that many people tend to avoid. It has a reputation for being a party place, and while it certainly is, that’s not all Mexico has to offer! Like many other countries in the world, Mexico also has a reputation for having a pretty high crime rate, which means that many people tend to avoid beautiful parts of this country. Mexico has so much more than partying and crime, though.

Of course, never go somewhere you won’t feel safe, but as long as you do your research when it comes to traveling, you’ll be fine and able to see what this wonderful country has to offer. These cities are not only beautiful, but they’re also safe to visit as long as you exercise caution and common sense!

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8 8. Cancun

Cancun is quite possibly one of the most famous cities in Mexico. With beautiful beaches and a plethora of nightlife, it’s one of those party destinations we hear a lot about—and for good reason. The nightlife and resorts in this city are both pretty incomparable.

It’s always been pretty popular with US travelers but more recently its popularity is spreading across the pond too. European tourism is on the rise! (European visitors also need to know what this place has to offer!)

So if you love beaches and nightlife, Cancun might be a good start for your Mexico travels.

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7 7. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, more commonly known to travelers as just "Cabo," is another great choice if you’re looking to visit Mexico. It used to be a much-overlooked destination, but in the 1980s an international airport was built there and now it hosts a lot of tourism and travelers from all over the world.

Of course, be careful when it comes to the beaches — there’s a pretty strong tide around Cabo, and people are warned to exercise caution when swimming in those seas. But it has a whole host of awesome sights and beaches; it's a great place to go for some amazing views!

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6 6. San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and people love the culture here. It’s not so much a party town as the previous two, but great for some cultural weekend trips. It has a lot of interesting restaurants with various types of cuisine, cute cobblestone streets, and some fascinating things to do such as balloon rides. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and quirky when it comes to your Mexico travels, San Miguel probably has all you’re looking for. It just depends on what type of traveler you are!

5 5. Taxco

Taxco is a place you may not have heard of if you’ve just begun researching your trip to Mexico, looking for potential vacation spots; it’s certainly not as famous as Cancun! It’s a very dramatic place—again not quite the party, beach city that younger people or college students might be drawn to—but somewhere with amazing scenic views. The terrain is mostly filled with steep valley and mountain shots, making it scenic from most angles.

To be honest, if you’re looking to go somewhere and take back Instagram worthy pictures, you couldn’t pick a better spot than Taxco. Don’t overlook this city just because it wasn’t mentioned as one of the more popular destinations!

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4 4. Mexico City

Mexico City has a reputation for being a little unsafe and crime-ridden, that much is true. But it’s one of the largest cities in the world, so it’s going to have its fair share of trouble. The city is actually revamping a lot of its parts, with a bursting scene of cuisine and nightlife now to attract travelers. Again, it’s all about exercising common sense; it’s definitely not a city I’d advise taking random 3am walks alone in, but it’s really not as dangerous as some people make it out to be.

And it really is worth a visit. It has a lot of character, and Mexico is understandably very proud of this city.

3 3. Puebla City

The fourth largest city in the country and also one of the oldest, Puebla City is another hidden gem that you might not have heard of. It’s another UNESCO World Heritage site with some absolutely stunning architecture, so if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, it's definitely worth a visit at some point!

It’s also only two hours from Mexico City, so it's worth a day or overnight trip if you’re visiting the capital. Be sure to try their famous local street-food while you're there! It's the perfect place for foodies to explore. 

2 2. Tulum

Unlike most of the other cities in Mexico who are famous for their nightlife and resorts, Tulum is actually famous for its laid back vibe. It’s become extremely popular in recent years, and the town and beach are considered separate, which is kinda nice. Although the five kilometers between them might become tiring to go back and forth between. It's probably best to decide where you want to spend the majority of your time before traveling here!

Tulum is worth a visit though, hence the tourism boom. The high-end resorts are located on the beach, so you may not even need to go back to the town a lot if you decide to take a trip here.

1 1. Puerto Vallarta

Home to Mexico’s largest natural bay, this is another relatively safe city that has earned its place on the list of Mexican cities worth visiting. With its sandy beaches that are absolutely beautiful and many, many activities to do, it seems impossible to get bored here. Seriously, they have boat trips, day trips, horseback riding… everything. It’s also considered extremely LGBT+ friendly, so it’s worth taking that into consideration if you're looking for a fun place to vacation with groups.

It might be slightly off the grid, but don’t discount it in your options if you don’t necessarily need to be in range to other places. There’s plenty to do here on its own.

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