Thinking about a trip to Africa? Some destinations on the continent are a lot safer than others. The 2020 Global Safety Index ranks all the countries in the world by how safe they are based on metrics such as ongoing conflict, societal security, and militarization. Read on to find out about the safest and most dangerous African countries.

Botswana Is The Safest African Country

South Sudan Is The Most Dangerous Country In Africa

Malawi Is Nearly As Safe As Italy

Somalia Is Often A Target For Terrorist Attacks

Following South Sudan, the next most dangerous country in Africa is Somalia, which has also been given a Level 4 travel advisory. American citizens are warned not to travel to Somalia at all due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, health issues, and piracy.


There is an increased chance of terrorism in Somalia and areas that tourists are likely to frequent such as hotels, restaurants, airports, seaports, and shopping areas are often targeted. American citizens who must travel to Somalia are advised to dress conservatively and avoid displaying their cash or other valuables around.

Water, health, and electricity systems in the country are lacking by American standards and local laws can sometimes be hostile towards foreigners. Violence against women remains a serious issue in the country, where there are no laws against spousal violence. Female genital mutilation also occurs in Somalia, with 98% of girls having undergone the procedure by the age of 14.

Ghana Is Africa’s Third-Safest Country

The third-safest country in Africa is Ghana, which ranks only a few points lower than Malawi. As of 2020, Ghana is considered safer than the United Kingdom , South Korea, France, Greece, Argentina, and several other popular tourist destinations around the world. Ghana is given a Level 1 travel advisory ranking by the U.S. Department of State and American citizens are advised to exercise normal caution while visiting the country. Some areas have an increased risk of danger and crime still does occur. But the country is still considered safe for American citizens to travel to.Visitors to Ghana often enjoy exploring Kakum National Park and Mole National Park. There are also several museums and historic buildings to see, including Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle.NEXT: 10 Of The Best Hotels In Africa