The covid-19 pandemic made air travel difficult, and as a result, airlines suffered a blow to their revenues throughout 2021. Even today, there are much fewer passengers and flights than before the pandemic. A product review and airline safety website,, has changed its list of the safest airlines in the world because of the pandemic's effects on air travel safety.

For 2022, the website has put Air New Zealand on the top of its list for the world's safest airlines. selected this particular airline based on various factors, including Air New Zealand's serious incident records, aircraft age, crash record, operational innovation, and covid-19 protocols. monitors 385 carriers worldwide. Here's what to know about taking a trip aboard 2022's safest airline.


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Here's Why Air New Zealand Is Different Than Other Airlines

Many features differentiate Air New Zealand from its counterparts. One of these is the hilarious characterful airline safety videos, such as the Hobbit Safety Video, the Bear Essential of Safety, Men in Black Safety Defenders, and more. Another reason is that Air New Zealand has won more than 60 awards and was chosen as the Best Airline in several international awards. Air New Zealand is also unique because it represents New Zealand culture at its best through its in-flight menus, Māori designs, and more. Air New Zealand also offers yearly museum exhibitions to tourist attractions in the country.

People will enjoy checking out these exhibits when visiting New Zealand. Another characteristic of Air New Zealand that differentiates it from its counterparts is that the airline offers delicious in-flight meals better than its competitors. The food served includes multi-cultural menus and New Zealand brands.

The airline even offered its passengers the possibility to take the covid-19 vaccine on specific flights. They had the chance to do it without any additional charge.

Air New Zealand offers a unique and elevated experience to its passengers traveling on domestic or long-haul flights.

Here Are The Reasons One Must Travel Domestically With Air New Zealand

With around 20 domestic flight destinations in the country with Air New Zealand, people can tour beautiful charming New Zealand through multiple ticket options and a quick check-in process while enjoying the many yummy snacks and soft drinks offered on the flight.

  • Ticket types: Four ticket types are available for domestic flights on Air New Zealand. The cheapest of these is the Seat which features one seat and one carry-on baggage. Other types include the Seat + Bag, Flexi Time, and Flexi Time Plus. The latter features two pieces of check-in baggage, a carry-on, and a seat. It is refundable, and the flight's destination, date, origin, and time can all be modified.

For the check-in process, people traveling domestically with Air New Zealand are requested to check-in to their flight 30 minutes before the departure time. As for those traveling with a connection to an international flight, they should check in 60 minutes before departure. This is possible to complete on the Air New Zealand app, website, or at the airport. The boarding pass generated after checking in on the app or website must be saved on the mobile and can be scanned at the airport. On the other hand, when checking in at the airport, the passenger will be provided with a printed boarding pass.

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Here's What To Know About Flying Internationally With Air New Zealand

Long-haul international flights are unique when taken with Air New Zealand. The airline flies to the United Kingdom and the Americas. There are four experiences that passengers can benefit from when taking a long-haul flight with Air New Zealand. These include the Economy class, which features check-in baggage, a seat, a carry-on bag, and in-flight meals. The Economy Skycouch class offers an upgraded experience with fold-up footrests for economy-style seating.

Another type of experience is traveling Premium Economy, where one can benefit from two pieces of check-in baggage, two pieces of carry-on baggage, and premium in-flight meals. The seats are also roomier here compared to the seats of the Economy Class. The last type of experience is the Business Premier, which comes with Premier in-flight meals, a lie-flat armchair, three pieces of check-in baggage, and two pieces of carry-on baggage.

Long-haul flights on Air New Zealand also feature in-flight entertainment units for each seat, where people can watch TV shows and movies, play games, listen to audiobooks and radio shows, and more. Passengers can also order food and drinks from the touch screen TV situated on the back of the seats. They can also view the flight map on this screen.

Air New Zealand also offers short-haul flights to and from the South Pacific and Australia. There are six types of tickets for these destinations, and many memorable meals and incredible entertainment options.

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